Webster ParkROC
April 19, 2014created by Ór

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We had a great day of orienteering at Webster Park. With 75 starts we saw many new families along with many regular faces. The courses were wet and muddy as promised but the sun was out making it a fun day to be out in the park. Our youngest orienteers also enjoyed a special string-o with egg surprises. Thanks to all those who participated in Earth Month Clean Up by bringing back bags of trash found out in the parks! There was plenty of evidence of ticks in the park so remember to do a thorough check when you get home. Meet Director: Heidi Hall Course Setter: Doug Hall Course Consultant: Linda Kohn Greeter: Laurie Hunt T-Shirts: Tom Cornell, Carol Moran Registration: Patty Borden, Greg Michels, Nancy Burgey, Rukhsana Cofer Start/Finish/EPunch: Tyler Borden, Stina Bridgeman, Flag Pick-Up: Joel Shore, Jim, Tyler, Zak Borden, Anne Schwartz, Doug Hall Instruction: Laurie Hunt Food: Mary Kolva, Sandra Lomker String-O: Linda & Daniel Burgey Earth Month Clean Up: Sandra Lomker Earth Month Clean Up Participants: Anne Schwartz, Laurie Hunt, Richard Burgey, Louise Cook, Katie Rothhaar, Stacey Steward, Kurtz Family, Patty Borden, Ken Steward, Dryden Butler, Burgey Reid, Ranney Family, Zwickl Family, Mundschau (Sorry to anyone we missed)
White2.2k 30m
1Bryn HolmesF-12ROC34:41
2MundschauT3 42:06
3Gary, Carol, Gaje TeamT3 54:40
4Ravi Nareppa, Nikhil ReddyT2ROC59:52
5Girl Scout Troop 4590T6ROC60:08
6McBeth FamilyT5 62:15
7Carol MoranRecROC62:33
8Christine DuRossRecROC62:58
9Sims FamilyT6ROC71:11
10Zwickl FamilyT6ROC73:20
11Ruder FamilyT6 77:19
12Ranney FamilyT3 107:26
13Karen DisljienkovicF50+ 117:20
Caine and Osborne FamilyT6 DNF
Burgey ReidT3ROCDNF
Yellow3.0k 70m
1Jeff McBethRec 43:44
2Tyler HolmesM-14ROC50:49
3The SkirbthhaarsT3ROC52:48
4Carolyn OrrF40+ROC54:38
5Dryden ButlerT4ROC61:56
6Cheryl DetwilerF65+ROC62:03
7Jeff LuellenM55+ROC66:23
8Tom HigginsT3 107:06
Frances Nardia groupT5ROCDNF
Erin GramM45+ROCDNF
Orange3.8k 75m
1Lucas LyonsM-16ROC54:57
2Chelsea LyonsRecROC63:43
3Jeff MonnierM45+ROC71:00
4Marsha ReedF50+ROC76:05
5Ken StewardM-21+ROC76:17
6Zak BordenM-21+ROC79:16
7Patty BordenRecROC81:24
8Kurtz FamilyT4ROC89:28
9Sean SimsM-21+ROC95:03
10Katie Rothhaar, Stacey StewardT2ROC99:47
11Marie HeerkensM50+ 102:55
12April MillerF45+ROC122:01
13Louise CookF60+ROC162:05
Alanna KloseF-21+ROCDNF
John ReighnM65+ROCDNF
Tyler BordenM-21+ROC43:28 N/C
Brown3.8k 95m
1Jeffery RadzyminskiM-21+ROC48:41
2Joe KatzM-21+ROC79:24
3Jim BordenM50+ROC92:23
4Richard BurgeyF70+ROC101:33
5Rukhsana CoferF-21+ROC101:34
6Jamie Mortillaro, Ken MorrillT2 110:23
7Richard LavineM75+ROC112:43
8Laurie HuntF60+ROC122:26
9Reid SmalleyM55+ROC166:42
Green4.5k 105m
1Rob HolmesM40+ROC53:41
2Vince CassanoM45+ROC66:58
3Richard DetwilerM65+ROC71:23
4Thomas StoryM55+ROC75:10
5Joel ShoreM50+ROC81:21
6Linda BurgeyF-21+ROC95:36
7Bob BundyM70+ROC97:33
8Rafael FrutosF40+ROC108:51
9Michael LyonsM50+ROC111:35
10Dayle LavineF70+ROC118:45
11Anne SchwartzF55+ROC133:01
Ian SteadM-20ROCDNF
Jason UrckfitzM45+ROC60:47 N/C
Red6.6k 155m
1Nathaniel LyonsM-21+ROC58:18
2Rob StevensM45+ROC63:06
3Jason UrckfitzM45+ROC67:30
4Stina BridgemanF40+ROC67:37
5Steve TylockM50+ROC73:54
6Zachary LyonsM-20ROC75:49
7Chad BordenM-21+ROC80:44
8Soren LindahlM45+ROC111:35
9Gary MaslankaM55+ROC111:56
10Brian ThomasM-21+ROC113:40
11Don WinslowM45+ROC118:45
12Yaki BarakM50+WPOC132:31