Durand Eastman Park TCROC
July 22, 2014created by Ór

4k TC | 8k TC
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We had a nice turn out for the club's first Trail Challenge of the season held at Durand Eastman Park on a hot day in Rochester! Dick Detwiler did a great job as always designing a 4K and an 8K course for all to appreciate. People enjoyed taking a one loop or two journey around Durand Lake, and one participant even reported he felt like he was sweating the following day! One unfortunate discovery during the race was when control #6's epunch unit was found missing, but we were relieved when Mike Lyons found it after a careful search. I guess the admirer of the box decided it wasn't worth keeping. We had 38 starts and the following volunteers to help out. If you enjoy participating in our meets please consider volunteering in the future. Without the help of our members these events would not be possible. Please contact Sandra Lomker for more information using the Volunteers link on our website. Meet Director: Don Winslow, Helper Drew Winslow Course Setter: Dick Detwiler Greeter: Katie Winslow Registration: Cheri Winslow, Greg Michels, Patty Borden, Heidi Hall Start/Finish/E-Punch: Tyler Borden, Jim Borden, Doug Hall Flag Pick-Up: Sean Sims, Olga Huber, Brian Thomas, Patty Lyons, Dick Detwiler, Mike Lyons #6 Food: Anne Schwartz
4k TC3.4k
1Tyler BordenM-21+ROC29:47
2Christina BrayF50+ROC31:44
3Lucas LyonsM-14ROC36:08
4Jasmine PazerT3 42:13
5Jim BordenM50+ROC43:16
6Diane GrayF50+ROC43:33
7Sean SimsM-21+ROC52:15
8Linda BurgeyF-21+ROC53:24
9Marsha ReedF50+ROC53:56
10Richard BurgeyM70+ROC58:56
11Anita EdgemonF40+ROC59:00
12Patty BordenF55+ROC59:27
13Tammy ZarichnyRec 59:30
14Scott HeiligenthalerM55+ROC60:14
15Ravi NareppaT3ROC62:11
16Taryn BrossF35+ 72:56
17Sarah EiselF35+ROC72:57
18Marco SayersM-18ROC77:59
Richard DetwilerM65+ROC29:44 N/C
8k TC6.4k
1Zachary LyonsM-18ROC47:41
2Jason UrckfitzM45+ROC49:14
3Carl PalmerM50+ROC57:53
4Ed HouselM55+ 57:59
5Chad BordenM-21+ROC58:26
6Greg MichelsM40+ROC59:38
7Brian ThomasM-21+ROC60:48
8Steve TylockM50+ROC61:15
9Rob FeissnerM35+ROC62:15
10Patty LyonsF60+BFLO62:58
11Joaquim FloresM45+ 63:19
12Rick WornerM65+ROC63:26
13Olga HuberF40+ROC63:29
14Zak BordenM-21+ROC67:02
15Peter DadyM60+CNYO67:36
16Anne SchwartzF55+ROC90:02
Linda KohnF60+ROCDNF
Rafael FrutosM45+ROCDNF
Tim RatowskiM40+ROCDNF