Cobbs Hill Park | National Orienteering WeekROC
September 21, 2014created by Ór

White | Yellow | Orange | Green
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54 starts Throughout the country orienteering clubs celebrate National Orienteering Week to encourage new people to participate in this fun outdoor map-and-compass “thinking sport”. Individuals, families, and groups enjoy getting out in the woods for a “treasure hunt” to walk, run, or amble through parks to find orange and white controls. ROC celebrated their special day on Sunday September 21 at Cobbs Hill Park. The weather was not looking good with rain and wind in the forecast. Fortunately ROC has pop-up tents which were used to protect the registration and finish areas. Also ROC used School #1’s parking lot and large trees to protect food and other items. To make the event a little more festive there was a drawing for prizes. Thanks to The Map Shop for a 1895 map of Rochester, EMS for a Gift Certificate to be used for a rental, USOF for a 1-year membership, ROC for a 1-year membership, permanent maps of Webster and Mendon, 2 tech shirts, inexpensive compasses and whistles. Most persons waited for the drawings and other persons were mailed their winnings. There were 54 starts including groups from the Tay House Boy Scouts and the Wilson Outdoor Club plus new people and many club members. Many returned soaking wet and yet happy and looking forward to next year’s event. Many thanks to the Volunteers who helped make this day special: Meet Directors: Patty Borden, Sandra Lomker Course Setter: Tyler Borden Greeter: Rick Worner Registration: Nancy Burgey, Carol Moran, Anne Schwartz, Marsha Reed Start/Finish/E-Punch: Heidi & Doug Hall Flag Pick-Up: Bob Bundy, Joel Shore, Sean Sims, Marsha Reed, Richard Burgey Instruction: Don Winslow String-O: Turinsky Family Food: Jim Borden
White1.4k 60m
1Tay House Team 3T6 11:04
2Wilson 1T5 16:23
3Tay House Team 2T6 19:46
4Wilson 4T4 20:47
5Doug HallRecROC20:48
6Butler FamilyT3ROC24:26
7Tay House Team 4T6 26:08
8Wilson 3T5 29:21
9Tay House Team 5T6 29:28
10Gaje BasallaT4 32:39
11Team BleisenbergT4 39:31
12Tay House Team 1T6 51:09
Mark Hughes and TeamT6 DNF
Team TurinskyT4ROCDNF
Vivian, Marcia RoessenT2 DNF
Wilson 2T4 DNF
Dan McNellyM65+ DNF
Yellow2.4k 60m
1Christine BrayF50+ROC21:06
2Michael BurkettM35+ 30:11
3Tom McNellyM70+ 32:20
4Evan, Kevin RoessenT2 40:02
5Wilson Team 74T3 40:56
6Paula, Lucas Lewyckyj, Duncan T3 56:58
7Carol MoranF65+ROC59:48
8Nancy BurgeyT2ROC60:10
9Greg DetwilerT3 60:14
10Lunch ClubT4 65:51
11Patty BordenT3ROC74:25
Wilson 12345678T4 DNF
Emily HeiderT2 DNF
Wilson 96T3 DNF
Orange3.5k 120m
1Zachary BordenM-21+ROC30:06
2Sean SimsM-21+ROC40:15
3Marsha ReedF50+ROC52:46
4Richard BurgeyM70+ROC55:20
5Heidi HallF45+ROC57:59
6Joe KatzM-21+ROC59:15
7Team McGannT2 59:41
8Laurie HuntF60+ROC65:12
9Alanna Klose ROC65:20
10Team KnappT2ROC67:02
11Paula LewyckyjT2 73:29
12Anita EdgemonF40+ROC77:34
Green5.1k 135m
1Carl PalmerM50+ROC31:13
2Rob StevensM45+ROC35:01
3Chad BordenM-21+ROC37:24
4Rob HolmesM40+ROC41:21
5Steve TylockM50+ROC41:44
6Don WinslowM45+ROC47:20
7Jim BordenM50+ROC50:32
8Rafael FrutosM45+ROC51:39
9Joel ShoreM50+ROC58:29
10Anne SchwartzF55+ROC59:11
11Bob BundyF70+ROC64:51