Camp Eastman Vampire-OROC
October 18, 2014created by Ór

It was a dark and stormy night. Actually, it wasn't terribly stormy - clouds and a light mist made it perfect for vampires lurking in the dark without putting a damper on the orienteering. Folks arriving early played guessing games and word games hosted by Nancy Burgey. We had many orienteers in costume which made judging the costume contest a real challenge. The judges loved all the costumes, so deliberation continued while course setter Greg Michels explained the rules for the Vampire-O. A new twist this year was the use of ghost controls that could only be visited during a short time window. These controls used e-punch so the vampires couldn't steal the points runners received for visiting these controls. However, vampires knew when and where there would be plenty of victims so they could trade being a vampire for a partially filled paper punch card. After 60 minutes of visiting controls and attempting to avoid vampires everyone returned to the lodge to enjoy lemonade, hot cocoa and delicious baked goods courtesy of Mary Kolva. Prizes were awarded for the judges' favorite costumes, and everyone in costume received bonus points added to their Vampire-O score. People who finished the event as a vampire were awarded booby prizes from our cache of amazing goodies. Top scores from the Vampire-O were given a choice of prize. Thanks to everyone who helped: Nancy, Greg, and Mary, also Karl Kolva for pitching in with set up, Patty Borden and Carol Moran for registration, Heidi Hall for greeter and awards, Jim Borden, Greg Michels and Maggie Hall for flag pickup, Tyler for scoring. Also "thanks" to all the "behind the scenes" people like Bob Bundy, Sandra Lomker, Steve Tylock, Linda Kohn, Lindsay Worner and others who magically make things happen like reserving shelters, recruiting helpers, printing maps and providing advice and guidance. Meet Director: Doug Hall Course Setter: Greg Michels Greeter: Heidi Hall Games: Nancy Burgey, others Registration: Patty Borden, Carol Moran Start/Finish/E-Punch/Scoring: Nancy Burgey, Heidi Hall & Tyler Borden Flag Pick-Up: Jim Borden, Greg Michels, Maggie Hall Food: Mary & Karl Kolva


NameClassClubTimeScoreGross ScorePenaltyBonus
1Rob and Bryn HolmesT2ROC55:335201000420
2Kim and Deb AbellT2 59:174201000320
3Carolyn,Natalie,Kathryn,BethT4 56:264001000300
4Anita EdgmonT2ROC56:5440000400
5Kameron and Tyler HolmesT2ROC60:5940010010310
6Tyler BordenM-21+ROC60:0939010010300
7Steve TylockM50+ROC58:033701000270
8Team KnappT3ROC57:02360500310
9Rob Mundschau FamilyT4 56:483301000230
10Maggie HallF-18ROC58:303301000230
11Frances NardiaT6 55:4131000310
12Olivia,Noelle, EllaRec 57:0231000310
13J Manley TeamT2ROC56:08300500250
14Patty and Jim BordenT2ROC62:5526010030190
15Corpse CrushersT5ROC65:44230060290
16Julianne KarrT4 55:1120000200
17Cindy Goodwill FamilyT3 55:08160500110
18Jeff McBeth FamilyT5 56:16160500110
19ShutUp Legs!T2 55:1615000150
20Scary OffspringRecROC51:4310000100
21Joel ShoreVampireROC60:3290100100
22Sarah Parker, Josef BartelsVampire 63:161050400
23John and Cathy NewtonVampireROC63:41-400400
Tom McNellyM70+ DISQ32010010230