Powder Mills Park Night-OROC
November 15, 2014created by Ór

White Score-O Score-O 90
It was a great day (night) for a Night-O! It was dark and cold with a few snowflakes in the mix. There were 41 starts - individuals or groups who enjoyed either the White or the Score-O course. The Score-O was originally for 60 minutes but there was a change to add a 90 minute class. So everyone headed off on there planned route and came back in; those that were in by the 60 minutes were in the 60 minutes and after 60 minutes were automatically in the 90 minutes. There was hot coco, soup and other goodies waiting when they returned. Thanks to the following volunteers: With out them the meet would not happen. Course setter: Richard and Nancy Burgey Course consultant: Linda Kohn Control Setters: Linda Kohn, Rick and Dayle Meet Directors: Nancy Burgey and Christine Duross Greeter: Don Winslow Registration: Sea Sims. Heidi Hall, Christine Duross Start/Finish/Epunch: Tyler Borden, Doug Hall, Mike Meynadasy Food: Sandra Lomker, Linda Kohn, Christine Duross Instruction: Linda Kohn Flag Pick-up: Stina Bridgeman, Brian Thomas, Rob Stevens, Gary Maslanka Thanks for making a fun event, hope you had fun. Nancy Burgey (meet director)
1Team BasallaT3 30:12
2Team MavinatorsT3 30:13
3Tim AndersonM50+ 34:55


NameClassClubTimeScoreGross ScorePenaltyBonus
1Jason UrckfitzM-21+ROC58:481280128000
2Zach LyonsM-21+ROC58:081270127000
3Steve TylockM50+ROC59:301120112000
4Rob HolmesM40+ROC54:311110111000
5Riesa CassanoF-16ROC53:2986086000
6Joel ShoreM50+ROC58:0975075000
7Don WinslowM45+ROC57:2163063000
8Michael BurkettM35+ROC57:0762062000
9Christina BrayF50+ROC53:5256056000
10Jeffrey McBethT5 56:3756056000
11 Anne Schwartz, Dick DetwilerT2ROC57:0654054000
12Lucas LyonsM-14ROC54:2953053000
13Scott HeiligenthalerM55+ROC57:0252052000
14Michael LyonsM50+ROC55:1351051000
15Mundschau FamilyT4 55:4944044000
16Doug HallM45+ROC48:4839039000
17Heidi HallF45+ROC54:3536036000
18Butler FamilyT4ROC51:5528028000
19Sean PowersT2 30:5418018000

Score-O 90       

NameClassClubTimeScoreGross ScorePenaltyBonus
1Rob StevensM45+ROC61:511280128000
2Tim HowlandM35+ROC69:161280128000
3tim ratowskiM40+ROC69:221280128000
4Stina BridgemanF40+ROC71:241280128000
5Vince CassanoM45+ROC74:091280128000
6Brian ThomasM-21+ROC74:281280128000
7Bulirish BulIrishT2BFLO86:071280128000
8Peter Miller, Greg SchmidtT2 71:321270127000
9Olga HuberF40+ROC84:271270127000
10Tyler BordenM-21+ROC64:251250125000
11gary maslankaM55+ROC83:071130113000
12Michael MeynadasyM50+ROC86:331120112000
13Ian WebberM40+ 85:071110111000
14Lawrence CreaturaM45+ 92:419801010300
15Kim, Deb AbellT2 88:0986086000
16Jennifer ManleyT2ROC79:4282082000
17Anita EdgemonF40+ROC88:1981081000
18Sean SimsM-21+ROC83:1658058000
19Stephanie RehRecROC83:2155055000