Camp PiperwoodTeam Challange
December 7, 2014created by Ór

Team Challenge and Annual Meeting

Our annual meeting and celebration took place on a cold but sunny day in a spacious lodge at Camp
Piperwood.  After a brief meeting to elect officers for 2015, we ate (too much as usual) great potluck 
food, and then went out in 10  teams of two to four to try several challenges provided by Rob Stevens. 

In The Gridmania-O, participants had to execute a sequence of increasingly complex zigzag routes connecting 
flags set in a rectangular grid.

In the Memory-O, maps could not leave the start area.  Competitors had to find controls without the 
map, by memory and return to let the next team member do the same.  Orienteers feel naked out there 
without a map in hand.

In the Straight competition, a card was attached to each control.  Team members went out to check all 
the controls, and returned to identify a straight (for the innocent, 5 cards in sequence) out of all the 
cards, and then at least one member to punch those controls in order. 

For fast teams, if there was any time left, there was the Cell-O, where some team members out in the 
field without maps are directed via cell phone by others with a map at the base. This was complicated by 
spotty cell coverage in the area!

This was all great fun.  It was nice to co-operate in the sun with team members chosen at random , 
instead of trying to trick everyone in the dark in the Scrooge-O. 

Many club members helped to return the lodge to its initial state and pick up controls, as well as 
providing great potluck fare.

Meet Directors - Rick and Dayle Lavine

Team Challenge Straight-O Memory-O

Team Challenge       

NameClassClubTimeScoreGross ScorePenaltyBonus
1B-Stina, Elizabeth, Carl, GaryT3ROC61:57393009
2E-Maggie, Heidi, Doug HallT3ROC64:18363006
3A-Zack Butler, Simon, Nathaniel, ChristyT3ROC73:18333003
4D-Lindsay Worner, Chris JoyceT3ROC74:38313001
5C-Chad, Tyler, Zak BordenT3ROC77:34303000
5I-Dayle L, Patty B, Don WT3ROC90:37303000
7H-Jeff, Steve T, Mike BT3ROC67:09252005
8J-Raefel F, Jim B, Rick LT3ROC73:50222002
9G-Linda, Daniel Burgey, Sean ST3ROC77:46202000
10F-Nancy Burgey, Sandra LomkerT3ROC90:000000
1Team CT3ROC23:12
2Team AT3ROC23:34
3Team DT3ROC27:03
4Team ET3ROC28:16
5Team BT3ROC28:22
6Team JT3ROC38:05
7Team HT3ROC45:23
8Team IT3ROC132:08


1Team B 14:54
2Team ET3ROC18:18
3Team DT3ROC28:59
4Team AT3ROC30:00
5Team JT3ROC34:04
6Team IT3ROC36:30