Mendon Ponds Park Winterfest Ski-OROC
January 18, 2015created by ”r

Score-O | White
Attakpoint | RouteGadget
A week before the Winterfest meet the ground was bare, with no substantial snowfall predicted. It looked as though it would have to be a foot-o, but then a little snow started falling each day. With the uncertain future, we decided on a score-o that could be done on foot or skis depending on conditions (or snowshoes, as had been advertised.) We were excluded from most of the groomed ski trails because of dogsled, snowshoe, and cross country ski races. Controls were set around both ponds either on or not far from trails or open fields, though some bushwhacking could save considerable distance. On the day of the event the temperature rose, as predicted, and there was a little rain later in the afternoon. The bushwhacks to controls and ungroomed trails seemed to favor going on foot. The fastest times, led by the three Borden brothers, were on foot. Several people managed to get all 20 controls well within the 90 minute time limit. Twenty groups, including a number of newcomers, did the white course on the esker north of the lodge. One group lost a finger stick, and were charged $40 for replacement. By some miracle, it was found by skiers who ran into Gary Maslanka with his ski-o map holder. They asked him about it, and it was returned. Itís surprising that we havenít lost these more often. -Rick and Dayle Lavine 53 starts Meet Directors & Course Setters: Rick & Dayle Lavine Greeter: Carol Moran Registration: Don Winslow, Patty Borden Start/Finish/E-Punch: Tyler Borden, Stina Bridgeman Food: Dayle Lavine Flag Pick-Up: Gary Maslanka, Zak Borden, Olga Huber, Mark Wade Instruction: Rick Lavine, Jim Borden Stewart Lodge: Nancy Burgey, Sandra Lomker


NameClassClubTimeScoreGross ScorePenaltyBonus
1Chad BordenM-21+ROC61:5220020000
2Zak BordenM-21+ROC66:2620020000
3Tyler BordenM-21+ROC70:1620020000
4Martin HoogendijkM-21+ROC70:2220020000
5Stina BridgemanF-21+ROC70:3420020000
6Sergey DobretsovM40+ROC75:2420020000
7Richard DetwilerM65+ROC77:2420020000
8Olga HuberF40+ROC78:0020020000
9Justin NowcomerM-21+ 78:3520020000
10Tim DobretsovM-14ROC83:1520020000
11Gary MaslankaM60+ROC81:1519019000
12Lindsay WornerF-21+ROC86:4119019000
13Jim PamperM-21+ROC90:4917918010
14Maritime DeltaT3ROC87:0116016000
15John, Mike PatchenT2 130:44159200410
16Mitchel HansenM60+CNYO71:4615015000
17Jim BordenRecROC72:1915015000
18Jennifer ManleyF45+ROC96:2314315070
19Maritime CharlieT3ROC73:2914014000
20Michael AlexanderM40+ 81:4814014000
21Maritime EchoT4ROC83:1214014000
22Eileen FlanaganF50+ROC88:4114014000
23Anita EdgemonF40+ROC80:4313013000
24Maritime BravoT4ROC82:3413013000
25Doug, Heidi HallT2ROC86:5113013000
26Peter, Ryan CayorT2 88:3213013000
27Sandi WillseyF50+ROC82:3012012000
28Christina BrayF50+ROC84:2410010000
29Eric, Evan PhillipsT2ROC111:0398120220
30Charlene Spoth, Anna, Laura FT3 90:20798010
31Butler FamilyT4ROC75:10606000
32Louise Cook RecROC69:15404000
Mackenzie G, Katharine B,Dan TT2ROCDNF0000
White2.1k 40m
1Martin HoogendijkM-21+ROC13:00
2Don WinslowM45+ROC17:39
3Catalin DemianT4 30:01
4Maia VanBeuren, Jeremy WolfangerT2 32:16
5Jessica S, Roland S, Daniel VT3 36:30
6Patrick SwansonRec 37:18
7Felicia LambardRec 37:21
8Erin DragonRec 37:26
9Syriana SarkisRec 37:31
10Amanda WadeRec 38:21
10Roxanne MurthaRec 38:21
12Jenn Suba, Mark ErcegT2 40:54
13Patty BordenT2ROC42:41
14Carol MoranRecROC62:31
15Eugene BinderRec 66:07
Mark HopkinsRec DNF
Daryl, Noah GauckT2 DNF
Team Turin-skiT2ROCDNF
Team Tu-run-skyT2ROCDNF
Karen DisljenkovicF50+ROCDNF