Webster Park Ski-OROC
February 22, 2015created by Ór

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We had a great sun filled day at the Webster Ski-O/Snowshoe-O/PostHole-O, no shortage of snow and a minimum of broken ski equipment. Stina had impressive stories of her WOC trip to Norway and had the maps to prove it! Nice job Stina, we are all proud of you! Tyler had some very entertaining ski-O and foot-O head cam video and Rick and Linda would have made any Eagle Scout proud in getting a fire started. A big thank you to all who came out and helped out. Course Setter: Stina Bridgeman Meet Directors: Anne Schwertz and Greg Michels Instruction Jim Borden Food: Dayle and Rick Lavine Registration: Sean Sims, Patty Borden, Carol Moran, Ed Deller Greeter: Carol Moran Flag Pickup: Gary Maslanka, Olga Huber, Stina Bridgeman, Greg Michels Results: Tyler Borden, Stina Bridgeman Setup Help: Rick Worner and Linda Kohn Equipment Transport: Rick and Dayle Lavine
1Don WinslowM45+ROC50:12
2Rafael Frutos, Suzanne HengerT2ROC52:03
3Karen DisljenkovicF50+ROC118:04
4Patty BordenRecROC118:17
5Sandra LomkerRecROC118:27
1Ed DellerM60+ROC69:11
2Rafael Frutos, Suzanne HengerT2ROC74:06
3Anne SchwartzF55+ROC77:58
4Sean SimsM-21+ROC96:46
5Reese, Drew HolahanT2ROC96:52
6Jim BordenRecROC97:31
7Michael AlexanderM40+ROC118:27
Louise Cook F60+ROCDNF
1Doug HallRecROC75:18
2Tom HayM55+ROC76:55
3Richard DetwilerM65+ROC89:06
4Dayle LavineF70+ROC136:52
5Richard LavineM75+ROC150:23
Erin, Tom RycroftT2ROCDNF
1Martin HoogendijkM-21+ROC81:54
2Gary MaslankaF60+ROC107:04
3Rick Worner ROC113:00
4Lindsay Worner, Chris JoyceT2ROC113:17
5Chad BordenM-21+ROC135:01
Tim, Matt, AndrienneT3ROCDNF
Olga HuberF40+ROCDNF
Tyler BordenM-21+ROCDNF