Rochester Map Adventure 2015ROC
2015-05-30created by Ór

3 Hour Foot | 3 Hour Foot Double | 5 Hour Foot | 5 Hour Foot Double | 3 Hour Bike | 5 Hour Bike
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With nearly 150 people braving the forecast of possible thunderstorms the weather was as promised hot and muggy but there was only a brief rain shower. There were 100 checkpoints each worth 2 points for a total possible score of 200 points. Split over 2 sides of the map with a question sheet exchange when you had gotten as many as you wanted on the first side back at event HQ by our wonderful host Fleet Feet Sports. It was decided post event it would have been better to give all those on foot a single sided map with all the checkpoints and questions. Those who took the option of the double sided question sheet are listed in the Double categories. With multiple choice we were able to get the scores up by the end even though it was still time consuming reading the small print needed to fit all the checkpoints for each side of the map. Thank you for your patience and we hope you enjoyed the Rochester Map Adventure 2015! Meet Directors: Rick & Dayle Lavine Course Setters: Rick Lavine, Tyler Borden Mapper and Registrar: Dick Detwiler Publicity: Rick Worner Greeters & Registration plus Instruction: Dick Detwiler, Anne Schwartz, Rick Worner, Linda Kohn, Patty, Jim, & Zak Borden, Sandra Lomker, Nancy Burgey, Jannett Wahl Start/Finish/E-Punch: Tyler Borden, Rick & Dayle Scorers: Rick Worner, Linda Kohn, Nancy Burgey, Dayle and Rick Lavine, Doug and Heidi Hall Flag Pickup: Stina Bridgeman Food: Dayle Lavine, Anne Schwartz, Robert Buraczynski

3 Hour Foot       

NameClassClubTimeScoreGross ScorePenaltyBonus
1Chad Borden M-21+ROC174:04704066
2Hobbs TeamT2ROC130:37404036
2Mitch HansenM60+CNYO175:47402038
4Lost SolesF55+ROC169:31280028
5Russo-Americans T2ROC158:27260026
6Sam Lowenstein, Leslie SimonT2ROC74:28140014
7Liliana Yohonn T2None146:39122010
8Wooly and friends T3ROC171:560000

3 Hour Foot Double       

NameClassClubTimeScoreGross ScorePenaltyBonus
1Glen Tryson M60+EMPO169:01804076
2Janet Tryson F60+EMPO178:38664062
3L&R T2ROC159:06644060
4Russell's T2ROC174:57522050
5Capuchins From Space T5ROC178:41482046
6Hall 1 T2ROC166:33444040
7Carl Palmer M50+ROC173:26424038
8Blundering-Blind T2ROC173:29424038
9Vampire Kittens T2None188:41412948
10The 3 of us T3ROC170:34362034
11Chiesi Sisters T3ROC154:50322030
11wait for gramma! T3ROC176:11322030
13Tim Anderson M55+ROC170:02280028
14Anand, Dawn Choudri T2ROC159:04140014

5 Hour Foot       

NameClassClubTimeScoreGross ScorePenaltyBonus
1Sparkles & Jerkface T2ROC293:25926086
2Zachary Borden M-21+ROC273:24786072
3Control Freaks T2ROC295:36764072
4Katelyn S, Britany DT2 214:30660066
5Lost Parents T2ROC288:18562054
6The Goonies T4None317:545021866
7Jeremy Schwartz M-21+None240:30400040

5 Hour Foot Double       

NameClassClubTimeScoreGross ScorePenaltyBonus
1Eric Smith M70+CNYO300:1511561110
2Mary Smith F65+CNYO298:321006094
3Kristina Modjeski, Stefan ChanT2ROC288:05882086
4Scott Heiligenthaler M55+ROC280:42784074
5Kristin Kelly F40+ROC296:11660066
6Laurie HuntF60+ROC273:11524048
6Aimee Lange F50+ROC291:05524048
8SlowGo T3ROC225:43300030
9Anita Edgemon F40+ROC299:35286022

3 Hour Bike       

NameClassClubTimeScoreGross ScorePenaltyBonus
1ROCers T2ROC180:04992198
2Wolverine Has A Tick T2None178:49902088
3Robert Buraczynski M60+CNYO168:45724068
4Double Nickle Less a Penny T2ROC166:58680068
5Christina Bray F50+ROC169:34640064
6Hall 2 T2ROC178:43580058
7Fear The Owls T2None173:06562054
7Stevens Minus One T3ROC178:37564052
9Michelle Weiler, Jack CreaturaT2 178:05542052
10Team Mink T3None162:36502048
10The Flying Monkeys T4None173:47502048
10Clay, Elijah JohnsonT2 175:54502048
13Mighty Mongoose T4ROC162:23480048
14Mitchall, Alma RosenT2 140:21322030
15Along for the Ride T2ROC119:44260026
Nordquist/Friedel T5ROC175:41 N/C440044
Soccer Sibs T3ROC109:47 N/C262024

5 Hour Bike       

NameClassClubTimeScoreGross ScorePenaltyBonus
1Sergey Dobretsov M40+ROC295:2318660180
2Bill Finan M-21+None294:3816440160
3Stina Bridgeman F40+ROC298:5516060154
4AIR guys T3CNYO277:5315220150
5Georg Nadorff, Jeff AllenT2ROC292:4714640142
6Joel Shore M50+ROC296:0914240138
7Nelson Navigators T2ROC296:5813860132
8BulIrish T2BFLO287:4213020128
9Lanterne Rouge T2ROC285:0811640112
10Bob Bundy M70+ROC291:2511400114
11Gary MaslankaM-21+ROC301:3911022110
12Manley T2ROC298:5110840104
13Orange CrushT2 296:19762074
14The Twins T2BFLO228:24600060