Webster Park Trail ChallengeROC
2015-06-24created by Ór

5k | 8k
Attackpoint | RouteGadget | Winsplits
What a grand evening it was at Webster Park for Dick Detwiler's artfully designed trail challenge courses. We had 31 starts, many with interesting tales to tell upon their return. Thanks to all the volunteers: Dick Detwiler, course setter Carol Moran, greeter Laurie Hunt , instruction Start/Finish/E-punch: Tyler Borden, Sean Sims, Doug Hall Registration :Mike Alexander, Heidi Hall, Sandra Lomker, Tom McNelly Flag pick-up: Sean Sims, Mike Alexander, Paul Schwartz, Zach Lyons Mary Kolva graciously supplied her home-made goodies for hungry finishers! Our oldest member, Karl Kolva, was there to oversee proceedings. Sandra Lomker is invaluable to the club for always finding enough volunteers to make events go smoothly. A special thanks to Doug and Heidi Hall for helping out on their 21st wedding anniversary and also to Sandra Lomker, Sean Sims and Paul Schwartz for staying to the bitter end to make clean-up a breeze for the meet director. Respectfully submitted, Anne Schwartz, meet director
1Michael LyonsM50+ROC34:05
2Zack ButlerM40+ROC35:32
3Anne SchwartzF55+ROC42:00
4Michael AlexanderT2ROC46:00
5Stephanie RehRecROC46:47
6Tom McNellyF70+ROC47:56
7Janet CranshawF50+ 53:52
8Mustico GirlsT3 55:58
8McBeth MoversT2ROC55:58
10Team KnappT2ROC57:26
11Heidi HallF45+ROC59:09
12Cheryl DetwilerF65+ROC64:04
13Hillary HaasT3 66:22
14Blundering BlindT2ROC69:34
15Chris & Lori BonanniT2 69:39
16Laurie HuntF60+ROC72:15
17Anita EdgemanF40+ROC85:32
1Zachary LyonsM-20ROC34:15
2Carl PalmerM50+ROC38:29
3Chad BordenM-21+ROC45:13
4Doug HallM45+ROC52:28
5Zak BordenM-21+ 52:41
5Jason UrckfitzM45+ROC52:41
7Tyler BordenM-21+ROC53:18
8Will GalettoM-20ROC53:51
9Olga HuberF40+ROC58:37
10Ed HouselM55+ 58:41
11Brian Buttaggi & Kevin KT2 59:34
12Jeffrey McBethM35+ROC59:48
13Mark Salas & Megan GrangerT2 74:52
14Team MusticoT5 88:32