Highland ParkROC
2015-07-25created by Ór

Score-O | Sprint | White
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50 starts We had a good meet at Highland Park on Saturday, despite the early showers. When we got the parking lot it looked like it had rained. Rob Stevens said that he was almost done setting the course and there was a quick shower when he got just got started. We got the pop-up and registration was open for business. A couple of other short showers came through. We made a call to have someone bring the tarps and the sun came out for the rest of the day. Volunteers: Course setter – Rob Stevens Meet Directors – Nancy and Richard Burgey Greeter – Carol Moran Registration: Marsha Reed, Laurie Hunt, Patty Borden Start/Finish/E-Punch: Tyler Borden, Rukhsana Cofer Instruction – Jim Borden Food – Patty Borden, Richard Burgey Flag Pick-up - Ed Deller, Don Winslow, Zak Borden, Carl Palmer, Mike Alexander String-O - Stephanie, Faith Reh Rob set courses for a great event, there was a White, Sprint and a Score-O. We had a few new folks, family visiting from out of town, a Girl Scout group all who came out even in the rain. We had 50 starts with many completing either the sprint or white and the score-o. Lost and found: 1 pink child’s jacket was left behind. Also found on the trail a pair of safety glasses clear lenses with Yellow ear pieces that read DeWalt. Also left from the Rotary sunshine meet an aqua blue fleece Columbia jacket size 14/15. Contact Nancy Burgey nburgey@gmail.com


NameClassClubTimeScoreGross ScorePenaltyBonus
1Carl PalmerM50+ROC41:3424024000
2Rick WornerM45+ROC48:2324024000
3Zak BordenM-21+ROC49:0624024000
4Don WinslowM45+ROC51:1024024000
5Jeff AllenM55+ROC52:1624024000
6Chad BordenM-21+ROC52:1824024000
7JustinNewcomer, KevinCarpenterT2 57:2524024000
8Jim BordenM55+ROC59:1124024000
9Tyler BordenM-21+ROC35:2323023000
10Richard DetwilerM65+ROC37:5823023000
11Jonathan ErbeldingM-21+ 46:0623023000
12Kalvin ConnorM-21+ROC46:2323023000
13Doug HallM45+ROC47:1823023000
14Ed DellerM60+ROC47:3123023000
15Ian WebberT2ROC57:2723023000
16Michael AlexanderM40+ROC53:4422022000
17Henry, Andrea WindusT2ROC53:4818018000
18Laurie HuntF60+ROC53:3717017000
18Team KnappT3ROC56:5817017000
20Rukhsana, Rianna CoferT2ROC45:4816016000
21Richard BurgeyM70+ROC46:0516016000
22Victor Girl ScoutsT4ROC53:4716016000
23Marsha ReedF50+ROC42:4315015000
24Heidi HallF45+ROC47:3715015000
25Quinn BannisterM-14 55:2412012000
26Hudson TeamT2 61:43120140200
27Tom McNellyM70+ROC61:31100120200
28Colin BannisterM-12ROC45:20808000
29Barb CaseF75+ 78:31-150401900
Sprint2.200k 50m
1Richard DetwilerM65+ROC17:28
2Jeffrey Mc BethM35+ROC22:20
3Don WinslowM45+ROC23:06
4Carl PalmerM50+ROC25:32
5Linda KohnF65+ROC30:05
6Michael AlexanderM40+ROC33:27
7Mc Beth ROC33:56
8Mc Beth ROC43:40
White1.100k 20m
1Katie CarneyF-14ROC09:19
2Linda, Daniel BurgeyT2ROC13:45
3Stephanie RehT3ROC15:22
4Henry, Andrea WindusT2ROC16:23
5Phillips TeamT4ROC16:41
6Hudson TeamT2 20:13
7Laura, Rory WebberT2ROC20:37
8Casey, Carsten GrannT2 22:06
9Patty BordenT2ROC23:09
10Colin BannisterM-12ROC23:30
11J. Newcomb LoshF60+ 24:50
12Barb CaseF75+ 30:12
13Carol MoranRecROC30:30