Mendon Ponds ParkROC
2015-08-30created by Ór

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47 starts Today we ran a slight variation on courses used for the World Deaf Orienteering Championship earlier this summer. The courses were great fun and we had 47 starts. Many returned tired and damp due to the high humidity and large number of hills! It was also difficult at times to stop and take a bearing quickly enough to keep the mosquitoes at bay but overall it was a beautiful day. We had a few items left at the shelter after the meet today: a blue baseball cap (BlueJays?) and a Red Sox jacket. Let us know if these items belong to you. Thanks to all our great volunteers, many of whom helped out in multiple capacities. Meet Directors: Jim Pamper & Heidi Hall Course Setter: Tyler and Zak Borden Vetter: Lindsay Worner Greeter: Carol Moran Registration: Tom McNelly, Ed Deller, Sandra Lomker, Heidi Hall Start/Finish/EPunch: Tyler Borden, Stina Bridgeman Flag Pick-Up: Rob Stevens, Joel Shore, Doug Hall, Zak Borden Food: Jim Pamper, Richard & Nancy Burgey Instruction: Gary Maslanka String-O: Nancy Burgey
White1.800k 85m
1Tyler HolmesM-14ROC14:43
2Kasia KozakT2 21:03
3Anna TurinskyT2ROC23:21
4Kameron HolmesT2ROC25:53
5Team AlexanderT3ROC34:33
6Burton AugustT2 35:50
7Sarah TurinskyT2ROC36:02
8Newcomb LoshF60+ 36:19
9Teague RoderT5 41:47
10Susan SkarzynskiT2 42:44
11Zwickl FamilyT4ROC44:28
12Carol MoranRecROC56:46
13Nancy BurgeyRecROC67:40
14Christine DuRossF45+ROC77:45
Orange2.700k 140m
1Janet CranshawF50+ROC46:12
2Hannah, Laurie CollinsworthT2ROC57:53
3Butler FamilyT4ROC75:11
4Hayden JuriusT5ROC75:57
5Vivian Roessen groupT4 82:16
6Casey GrannM-21+ 90:07
7Louise CookF60+ROC92:18
Brown3.600k 155m
1Joel ShoreM50+ROC75:05
2Christina BrayF55+ROC75:10
3Kasia KozakT2 96:28
4Richard BurgeyM70+ROC111:44
5Tom McNellyM70+ROC125:26
Heidi HallF45+ROCDNF
Katie RothaarT2ROCDNF
Ed DellerM60+ROCDNF
Green3.900k 185m
1Vince CassanoM45+ROC59:31
2Jim PamperM55+ROC62:23
3Don WinslowM45+ROC80:24
4Bob BundyM70+ROC135:28
Red4.700k 205m
1Rob StevensM45+ROC57:19
2Edward DespardM-21+CSU62:16
3Stina BridgemanF40+ROC65:27
4Rob HolmesM45+ROC66:18
5Carl PalmerM50+ROC69:46
6Mitch CollinsworthM55+ROC72:17
7Tyler BordenM-21+ROC73:00
8Michael LyonsM50+ROC77:58
9Chad BordenM-21+ROC78:03
10Russell NordquistM35+ROC80:47
11Doug HallM45+ROC84:40
12Lawrence CreaturaM45+ROC87:51
13Zachary BordenM-21+ROC112:45
Rick SlatteryM60+ DNF