Cobbs Hill Park2015-09-19
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ROC represented the Orienteering community well by putting on a great late summer meet at Cobbs Hill Park for National Orienteering Week that luckily finished before the rains came. Sean Sims deserves a lot of credit for designing the courses, as well as setting every control out early Saturday - and finishing with time to spare before the first start. The courses were very well received, and several took 'full advantage' of the park's namesake hill. Linda, Rick and many other ROC members gave instructions to new orienteers who were trying it out for the first time. Many of the new orienteers liked it so much that they decided to try a second course. Thanks goes to Boy Scout Troup 19 and Beverly Dollinger for reserving and hosting us at the Tay house, and for their help with set-up and clean-up. The troup had quite a large contingent that tried their hand at the sport. Another group came from Roberts Wesleyan as part of an Orienteering class they were taking. And Olga Huber shepherded a large group of youngsters as part of a birthday party activity. Several people came to the meet after seeing it on There was a little confusion about signing up - signing up on meetup is not the same as pre-registering through the website. We'll try to clarify the meetup in the future. :Lost and Found: -Water bottle blue tint -Sports glasses blue lense white frame Meet Director: Carl Palmer Course Setter: Sean Sims Greeter: Carol Moran, Rick Worner Registration: Heidi Hall, Anne Schwartz, Patty Borden, Sandra Lomker Start/Finish/E-Punch: Tyler Borden, Rukhsana Cofer, Doug Hall Flag Pick-Up: Ed Deller, Zak & Chad Borden, Martin Hoogendyk Food: Beth Turinsky & Family, Sandra Lomker Instruction: Don Winslow, Linda Kohn String-O: Sandra Lomker and Troop 19
White1.400k 60m
1Benjamin ChatfieldRec 13:37
2Grant, Connor, Drew, SimonT4 20:25
3Thamos PappasRec 23:49
4Team Turinsky TooT2ROC24:06
5Teague RuderT5 26:24
6Anna TurinskyT2ROC26:40
7Maria's Birthday Party HuberRecROC30:51
8Antje BrooksRec 34:08
9Judy OverholtRec 34:57
10Patty BordenRecROC43:24
11Fred DetwilerT2ROC57:04
12Amanda SandelliRec 70:23
Adam, Bill TylockT2 18:33 N/C
Cheryl ShepardT3 DNF
Yellow2.500k 95m
1AnJillo AnJilloT2ROC42:32
2Kurtz FamilyT2ROC46:11
3Nate Kulp teamT4 47:15
4Richard BurgeyT2ROC47:52
5Michael AlexanderT3ROC51:53
6Team LowensteinT3ROC57:00
6Tray Graham Adam, AlexT4 57:00
8Sandra LomkerRecROC68:37
9Mia PaganoRec 76:54
Team NataleT2 DNF
Zack, Nathaniel ButlerT2ROCDNF
Adam TylockT6 DNF
Benjamin ChatfieldRec 29:37 N/C
Theo Macgowan groupT4 DNF
Teague RuderRec 26:51 N/C
Orange4.600k 120m
1Hayden JuriusM-21+ROC49:13
1Jonathan MeadM-21+ROC49:13
3Ed DellerM60+ROC51:36
4Janet CranshawF50+ROC57:48
5Mitchell JuriusM-20ROC58:20
5Joshua PeaveyM-20ROC58:20
7Tom McNellyM70+ROC59:24
8Carolyn OrrF40+ROC62:46
9Team McGannT2 62:57
10Anita EdgemonF40+ROC67:19
11Sandi WillseyF50+ROC69:23
12Violet SchuttakT2ROC71:26
12Branden HummerM-20ROC71:26
14Team KnappT3ROC92:19
15Jennifer ManleyF40+ROC108:58
16Sarah WeymanF-20ROC116:37
16Hollie SeipelF-20ROC116:37
18Meghan SlocumF-20ROC167:47
19Erin YostRecROC167:53
Martin HoogendijkM-21+ROCDNF
Rukhsana and Rianna CoferT2ROCDNF
Green5.0k 160m
1Chad BordenM-21+ROC41:29
2Stephen BrooksM-21+ 41:43
3Tyler BordenM-21+ROC45:57
4Rick WornerM60+ROC46:34
5Doug HallM40+ROC47:14
6Jim PamperM50+ROC48:39
7Don WinslowM40+ROC48:45
8Zak BordenM-21+ROC50:43
9Danae PolsinF-21+ 54:48
10Joel ShoreM50+ROC59:58
11Bob BundyM70+ROC68:46
12Anne SchwartzRecROC69:39
13Soren LindahlM50+ROC69:46
14Christina BrayF50+ROC72:53
15Bill FinanM-21+ 84:02
16Heidi HallF40+ROC86:56