Zarpentine FarmsCorn Maze-O
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ROC hosted a corn-maze based Orienteering meet at Zarpentine Farms in Hilton, NY. The club had the maze to themselves prior to it being opened to the general public for the day. After the previous day of rain, the weather was initially cool, but turned into a beautiful sunny day. The map was a completely non-standard black, grey and white. Bridges were added by hand in red later. Corn was in grey. Open areas were white. The summer/fall weather added a twist of changing some 'corn features' to non-existant, or spotty, and added some water features (a.k.a the 'lakes' in the northeast and southwest areas). There were 39 'starts' (groups), with 60 total people attending - which was a bigger crowd than expected, given the location. Multi-generation orienteers who participated included the Burgeys, Halls, and Bordens. There were also a number of first timers - who knows what they'll think when they go to a 'normal' meet. The event featured a quasi-mass start (~15s intervals), with the instruction of 'please return before 10:45'. Some attempted to get all controls in order, some attempted to play by the rules by staying on 'paths', and some (like one of the Meet Directors) blatantly ignored some of the less than present corn walls. However everyone did the maze, it appeared that everyone had fun. And what could be better than being able to buy fresh doughnuts when you finished? Thanks again to all the great volunteers who make these events happen. And thanks to those who both set out and retrieved controls from the muck. I mean maze. Some photos of the event will be posted on -Carl Palmer Thnaks to our volunteers Meet directors: Rukhsana Cofer and Carl Palmer Course setter: Tyler and Zak Borden Greeter/registration: Patty Borden, Don Winslow, Sean Sims, Ed Deller, and Sandra Lomker Flag Pickup: Chad Borden, Sean Sims, Maggie Hall, Rob Stevens, Rukhsana Cofer Special thanks to Zarpentine Farms for allowing ROC to host this event.


NameClassClubTimeScoreGross ScorePenaltyBonus
1Patty BordenT2ROC64:0316016000
2MePa and BooT3ROC49:4615015000
3Chris, Jackie, Shaun AlexanderT3 49:1911011000
4Rowan, Zack NordquistT2ROC63:4511011000
5MALU NUNEST2ROC69:0911011000
6Roger KeeneyM70+BFLO55:48808000


NameClassClubTimeScoreGross ScorePenaltyBonus
1Bengamin ChatfieldM-21+ 39:3424024000
2Team KnappT3 46:4124024000
3Beth, Lana KarniskyM-12 55:3124024000
4McBeth ClanT5ROC36:2223023000
5Rukhsana CoferT2ROC58:2423023000
6Kelly UrckfitzF40+ROC63:5123023000
7Anne SchwartzF50+ROC69:4723023000
8Stephanie RehT2ROC52:1922022000
9Zack ButlerT3ROC58:4922022000
10Derrick & NicholeT2 69:3422022000
11Violet SchuttakF-20ROC55:2221021000
12Erin YostRecROC55:3021021000
13Ed DellerM60+ROC58:0721021000
14Anita & Connor EdgemonT2ROC60:2018018000
15Meghan SlocumF-20ROC73:2918018000
16Heidi HallF40+ROC55:1517017000
17Halloweenies T3ROC62:0517017000
18Newcomb LoshM60+ROC75:2517017000
19Jim BordenM50+ROC44:5515015000
20Louise CookF60+ROC82:4213013000
21Stephanie RehT2ROC30:5111011000


NameClassClubTimeScoreGross ScorePenaltyBonus
1Chad Borden, Jess HishmanM-21+ROC36:3524024000
2Carl PalmerM50+ROC45:0424024000
3Don WinslowM40+ROC47:3224024000
4Michael AlexanderM40+ 49:0724024000
5Russell, Val NordquistT2ROC51:1024024000
6Sean SimsM-21+ROC52:0624024000
7Jason UrckfitzM40+ 54:5924024000
8Rob StevensM40+ROC66:0624024000
9Maggie HallF-20ROC67:5924024000
10gary maslankaM60+ROC71:4924024000
11Zak BordenM-21+ROC40:1523023000
12Doug HallM40+ROC70:2917017000