Webster Park Night-O2015-11-14
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The Webster park Night Score-O was a great success. The weather was chilly but dry and we had 60 starts. The Score-O featured 27 challenging controls worth between 10 and 30 points each. A perfect score would have been 430 points and the top score was close at 380! We also had a fun white course. Thanks to all of our great volunteers! Registration and Epunch were very busy but did a great job getting everyone signed in. Flag pickup is extra fun at night so I really appreciate our pickup crew! Thanks also to Rick and Linda for helping with setting out controls. Lost and Found: 1 brown Carhart knit hat, 1 gray fleece vest (EMS men's medium) Thanks, Heidi Hall Epunch unit 116 was on the wrong time 1 hour ahead as it wasn't with the other units when they were resynced for the clocks change. This wiped out the split times for 1 hour after people visited CP 116, but everyone got the right points and it still shows the order visited in the splits. Apologies to those affected. Volunteers Greeter : Carol Moran Registration: Michael Burkett, Sean Sims, Patty Borden, Anita Edgemon Start/Finish/Epunch: Rukhsana Cofer, Tyler Borden Flag Pickup: Sean Sims, Mike Alexander, Patty Borden, Zak Borden, Gary Maslanka, Bob Bundy Food: Anne Schwartz, Katy Kuczek Instruction: Don Winslow Meet Director: Heidi Hall Course Setter: Doug Hall

Score-O        90 Min

NameClassClubTimeScoreGross ScorePenaltyBonus
1Thomas RycroftM40+ROC89:4238038000
2Stina BridgemanF40+ROC92:15350380300
3Tim RatowskiM40+ 88:2331031000
4Steve TylockM50+ROC84:3029029000
5Rob HolmesM40+ROC88:1729029000
6Tyler BordenM-21+ROC85:2427027000
7Kim AbellM40+ROC85:5325025000
8Gary MaslankaM60+ROC88:4324024000
9Zachary BordenM-21+ROC81:3723023000
10Jonathan MeadM-21+ROC87:2322022000
10Hayden JuriusM-21+ROC87:2322022000
12Erin RycroftF-21+ROC82:4521021000
13Richard, Denise BilsbachT2 89:1121021000
13Ellen, Craig MalleryT2 89:1121021000
15Don Winslow Jamie MortillaroT2ROC89:2821021000
16Michael AlexanderM40+ROC87:1919019000
17Sean SimsM-21+ROC88:3518018000
18Michael BurkettM-21+ROC86:2117017000
19Tim HowlandM-21+ROC89:3217017000
20Jim PamperM50+ROC81:3616016000
21Thomas BlasiakM50+ROC90:0016016000
22Rob FeissnerM-21+ROC103:231603001400
23Scott HeiligenthalerM50+ROC77:5115015000
24Michael MeynadasyM50+ 93:46150190400
25Anita EdgemonF40+ROC93:48150190400
26Mitch CollinsworthM50+ROC97:16150230800
27Laurie CollinsworthF50+ROC96:29140210700
28Don, Andrew AustinT2 79:3813013000
29Christina BrayF50+ROC90:0012012000
30Troop 209 Scout AT2 57:2611011000
31Maritime E UrbanT4BFLO81:0911011000
32Maritime B SharpT2BFLO81:1211011000
33Troop 209 Scout CT2 85:1211011000
34Anne SchwartzF50+ROC86:2411011000
35Branden HummerM-20ROC86:5111011000
36Violet SchuttakF-20ROC87:1411011000
37Bob BundyM70+ROC87:3811011000
38Maritime C DingleT2BFLO84:0010010000
39Maritime D LintonT2BFLO84:2010010000
40Team ButlerT4ROC85:2910010000
42James, Ryan CrockerT2 90:0010010000
43Troop 209 Scout BT3 71:28808000
44Meghan SlocumF-20ROC80:08808000
45Erin YostRecROC80:08808000
46Troop 209 Scout DT2 82:21808000
47Hollie SeipelF-16ROC66:53505000
48Sarah WeymanF-20ROC66:58505000
49Jennifer, Paul ManleyT2ROC98:0410100900
50Jeff BaxterM-21+ 109:08-201802000
51Maritime A MorganT3BFLO100:25-30801100
52Martin NovkovM-21+BFLO115:23-1501102600
White1.200k 30m
1Tyler HolmesM-14ROC09:30
2Kameron, Bryn HolmesT2 16:32
3 Burt, Meghan AugustT2 18:02
4Rukhsana Cofer ROC19:45
5Annie FogartyF40+ 21:29
6Team KozakT4 24:49
7Patty BordenT2ROC26:09
8Louise CookF60+ROC29:21
9Fred DetwilerM-12ROC31:12