Harriet Hollister Ski-O2016-02-21
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HH, a Ski O that happened with a little luck and a determined course setter. The 2016 winter was a big disappointment for skiers. ROC’s first Ski O (Mendon Winterfest) was a Foot O. Our second Ski O was cancelled for lack of snow and postponed till February 21st. We did not know if there would be sufficient snow cover on this date; but Stina, always an optimist, worked out courses that would be challenging and safe- courses that she finalized the night before the event. When Stina set controls early Sunday morning, the trails were icy, not skier friendly. Then the groomers went out and rilled and rolled the trails. This helped and then the temperature rose above freezing, which helped a lot more. 24 skiers showed up to take on the challenge of just enough snow cover, and not “too” bad conditions. Three individuals registered from New Jersey. How and why did they find our Ski O? Because they are DVOA orienteers and were visiting relatives in Rochester. All in all, there were some awesome performances by some great athletes- for the rest of us, it was a real challenge getting up and down the HH hills- but what fun it was to be out skiing in the beautiful HH woods. There is a spectacular view of Honeoye Lake that always makes the trip to HH worthwhile. There is no shelter at HH, so our dedicated volunteers were grateful for the temperature to rise above freezing. We had to work registration and start/finish from the backs of our cars. Thank you volunteers! And congratulations to the orienteers who showed up for a really fine orienteering adventure. -Dayle Lavine Volunteers: Meet Director: Rick and Dalye Lavine, and Doug and Heidi Hall Course Setter: Stina Bridgeman Registration: Ed Deller Epunch: Tyler Borden, Stina Bridgeman Flag Pickup: Stina Bridgeman, Gary Maslanka
1Alyson CourainF-21+ 53:47
2Patty BordenF50+ROC66:17
Tyler BordenM-21+ROC33:47 N/C
Louise CookF60+ROCDNF
Heidi HallF40+ROCDNF
1Jim PamperM50+ROC56:41
2Nathan CollinsworthM-16ROC61:06
3Ed DellerM60+ROC79:08
4Dayle LavineF70+ROC81:31
5Sandi WillseyF50+ROC90:32
6Jim BordenM50+ROC90:51
7Richard LavineM70+ROC105:36
Zachary BordenM-21+ROCDNF
1Matt BellizziM40+ 41:19
2Pavel KornilievM-21+ROC54:29
3Sergey DobretsovM-21+ROC55:36
4Mitch CollinsworthM-21+ROC58:44
5John CourainM-21+ 63:34
6Arron CourainM-21+ 63:41
7Gary MaslankaM60+ 64:27
8Doug HallM40+ROC72:34
9Chad BordenM-21+ROC96:26
10Burt AugustM60+ 99:08
Rob StevensM40+ROCDNF