Camp Eastman2016-04-24
ROCcreated by Ór

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97 starts No ice to break through on ROC”s official first of the season event THE ICEBREAKER On the other hand, there were lots of muddy shoes because the course, designed by Linda Kohn, crisscrossed a very wet, swampy low area. There were fallen logs that a few realized could be used as a foot bridge with the help of a big stick for balance­but this was a challenge none the less. There were many first timers because of the Orienteering skills workshop masterminded by Laurie Hunt with Heidi Hall’s great presentation. There were a lot of happy faces when the first timers punched the finish box. The red and green courses had a kilometer run (or walk) between the North and South orienteering controls. It is unfortunate that the Van Lare sewage treatment plant is smack in the middle of some great orienteering, with lots of complicated hills and trails and rough stuff to traverse. Vandalized controls is a rarity at our events, but this time a rowdy group of kids/teens smashed a control box and threw flag, stand and all into the woods­ Ed Deller managed to retrieve it and another control they did not smash. With sunshine, great courses and a super great crew of volunteers, this event was lots of fun. Meet Directors: Rick and Dayle Lavine Course Setters: Rick Worner, Linda Kohn, Steve Tylock Registration: Patty Borden, Nancy Burgey, Carol Moran Greeter: Laurie Hunt Instruction: Don Winslow Start/finish: Jim and Tyler Borden Refreshments: Zak Borden String­o: Dayle Lavine Pickup: Bob Bundy, Richard Burgey, Ed Deller, Joel Shore
White1.500k 25m
1Team TurinskyT2ROC18:14
2Anitolii VorsenM-14CNYO20:42
3Team Turinsky-DeBartoloT2ROC20:54
4Paul & Kerstin NavikT2 22:23
5Burt AugustT2ROC23:15
6Jean SheehanRec 26:39
7Jae ChatfieldT2 31:15
8Kate Leipold-TeamT2 32:22
9Patty BordenRecROC39:53
10Michael BurkettRec 41:03
11Team NordquistRecROC45:06
12Gregory DoskosT2ROC47:00
13Leslie & Olivia LeageT2 49:45
14Rowan NordquistRecROC50:37
15Kate FonticiellaT4 50:52
16Janet MlinarRecROC55:08
17Carol ReddenF60+ROC108:32
Nancy BurgeyRecROCDNF
Stephanie RehRecROC20:43 N/C
Jennifer ManleyF40+ROC16:13 N/C
Yellow2.200k 30m
1Benjamin ChatfieldM-21+ 23:54
2Kerstin NavikF40+ 24:01
3Jeffrey & Nicole HubeT2 30:26
4Zack ButlerT3ROC34:58
5Mia PaganoT2ROC36:14
6David OsgoodM40+ 39:43
7Stephanie RehRecROC47:47
8Marsha ReedF50+ROC55:55
9Benjamin ZwicklT5ROC60:52
10Mike Camp-TeamT5 66:34
11David HarrisT5 72:56
12Hale PietropaoloT6ROC75:14
13The Hunt MenT2 77:38
14Ken Steward TeamT5 79:28
15Ishai NardiaT2 84:31
16Frances Barg NardiaT3 87:16
17Diane GrayT2ROC106:27
Michael TaylorM70+ DNF
Team TurinskyT2ROC42:45 N/C
Jean SheenanRec 48:56 N/C
Jae ChafieldT2 42:56 N/C
Nichole Camp-TeamT5 DNF
Paul NavikM40+ 19:05 N/C
1Todd SheehanM40+ 29:03
2Lucas LyonsM-16ROC37:50
3Jennifer ManleyF40+ROC40:33
4Zak BordenM-21+ROC41:08
5Michael BurkettM-21+ 43:05
6Tom McNellyM70+ROC45:46
7Hayden JuriusM-21+ROC47:12
8Team SnapT4 49:04
9Kelly UrckfitzF50+ROC58:39
10Fear The OwlsT2 60:50
11David Richardson-TeamT4 72:09
12Erik GrimmT5ROC86:14
13Louise Cook F60+ROC87:47
Hale PietropaoloT6 87:00 N/C
Tim HolahanT6ROCDNF
Jeffery & Nicole HubeT2 47:21 N/C
Lowenstein FamilyT3ROCDNF
Jonathan DaviesM-21+ROCDNF
John ReighnM60+ROCDNF
Brown2.900k 60m
1Don WinslowM40+ROC34:21
2Ed DellerM60+ROC41:30
3Burt AugustM60+ROC42:22
4Jim BordenM50+ROC42:25
5Anne SchwartzF50+ROC48:08
6Kathy BannisterF60+ROC52:13
7Scott HeiligenthalerM60+ROC57:46
8Richard BurgeyM70+ROC59:24
9Heidi HallF40+ROC64:22
10Rukhsana CoferRecROC64:43
11Laurie HuntF60+ROC65:21
12Richard LavineM70+ROC76:03
Kevin KeullingT6 DNF
Todd SheehanM40+ 29:20 N/C
Green4.800k 125m
1Carl PalmerM50+ROC46:37
2Hanni HaynesF-21+ROC65:05
3Andrew HallM-20 66:34
4Michael AlexanderM40+ROC79:39
5Bob BundyM70+ROC116:43
Dayle LavineF70+ROCDNF
Jason UrkfitzM-21+ROC32:00 N/C
Tyler BordenM-21+ROCDNF
Red6.500k 185m
1Zachary LyonsM-20ROC49:27
2Rob StevensM40+ROC54:43
3Jason UrckfitzM-21+ROC58:21
4Thomas RycroftM40+ROC60:01
5Chad BordenM-21+ROC72:58
6Russell NordquistM-21+ROC73:33
7Lawrence CreaturaM50+ROC73:39
8Doug HallM40+ROC77:08
9Evghenii VorsinM40+CNYO82:02
10Gary MaslankaM60+ROC86:19
11Joel ShoreM50+ROC103:25
12Shayka JoesphM50+ 110:20
13Soren LindahlM50+ROC121:55