Webster Park2016-05-07
ROCcreated by Ór

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84 Starts Saturday's Webster Classic had 84 starts- not surprising considering the beautiful weather! Dick Detwiler set a full complement of courses for all levels to enjoy. Greg Michels and Anne Schwartz shared meet director duties. Faith and Stephanie Reh set an exciting string-O course for our young beginners to feel the thrill. Thanks to Jim Borden for being on site to answer any orienteering questions that people had. Food was provided by Anne Schwartz. Thanks to Laurie Hunt and Carol Moran for greeting, and so much more! Actually, Laurie helped put out controls early Saturday morning. Heidi Hall, Nancy Burgey, Rukhsana Cofer, and Patty Borden made registration go very smoothly. Tyler and Zak Borden, and Stina Bridgeman handled the electronic entries and finishes. Thanks to Zak Borden, Bob Bundy, Richard Burgey, Doug Hall and Olga Huber for retrieving all the controls after everyone had finished. And an extra thanks to Olga for going out again to find the e-punch box that didn't land in her bag the first time! Lesson learned the hard way, that it's best to double check before moving on! -Greg Michels + Anne Schwartz
White1.300k 10m
1Dave JonesM50+ 17:17
2Christine DuRoss & DanielF40+ROC26:55
3Nancy BurgeyRecROC27:50
4Team HayesT2 28:40
5team coykendallT2 32:56
6Jonathan DaviesM-21+ROC33:27
7Carol MoranRecROC34:30
8Team ThomannT2 35:27
9Patty Borden, Jeannette WahlT2ROC36:56
10Vicki & Terry JamesT2 38:05
11Carol ReddenF60+ROC39:36
12Traggis LoughmanT4 53:10
Yellow2.200k 35m
1Kerstin NevikF40+ 30:45
2McBeth FamilyT5ROC30:47
3David OsgoodM40+ 34:04
4Stephanie RehT2ROC37:25
5Marsha ReedF50+ROC45:55
6Antje BrooksF-21+ROC56:23
7Jason NataleRec 56:35
8Donna NataleRec 56:36
9Pietro ClanT2ROC93:11
10michelle hernandezF40+ROC93:20
11Bill HengstlenM60+ 93:24
Carol ReddenF60+ROCDNF N/C
Team CoykendallT2 54:59 N/C
Orange4.400k 80m
1Tim DobretsovM-16ROC51:50
2Danne Polsin, Russell FollettT2 72:04
3Fear The Owls!T2 75:03
4Paul NavikM40+ 85:33
5Clara ManleyF-16ROC90:33
6Team LowensteinT2ROC101:13
7Paul ManleyM50+ROC104:10
8Stevens ClanRecROC112:10
9Mia PaganoT2ROC154:30
Carolyn OrrF40+ROCDNF
Carol MarshallF50+ROCDNF
Cheryl DetwilerF60+ROCDNF
Zachary BordenM-21+ROCDNF
Brown3.700k 70m
1Don WinslowM40+ROC43:12
2Lindsey WornerF-21+ROC52:17
3Anne SchwartzF50+ROC63:03
4Laurie HuntF60+ROC70:00
5Bob BundyM70+ROC70:22
6Paul SchwartzM60+ROC73:22
7Kathy BannisterF60+ROC75:53
8Dayle LavineF70+ROC78:29
9Heidi HallF40+ROC80:34
10Jim BordenM50+ROC80:55
11Richard LavineF70+ROC101:51
12Douglas BrooksM70+ROC103:45
13Eric & Evan PhillipsT2ROC112:31
14Louise CookF60+ROC133:32
Dmitry BondarT4 DNF
Richard BurgeyM70+ROCDNF
Green5.800k 90m
1Kim AbellM40+ROC71:10
2tim ratowskiM40+ROC78:13
3Tyler BordenM-21+ROC78:18
4Joel ShoreM50+ROC84:14
5Michael AlexanderM40+ROC93:24
6Jennifer ManleyF40+ROC108:19
7Andrew HallM-21+ROC112:30
8StormyT2 113:10
9Kelly UrckfitzF40+ROC126:14
Rukhsana CoferRecROCDNF
Red7.600k 120m
1Stephen BrooksM-21+ROC70:40
2Polina ZakharovaF-21+ 77:26
3Steve TylockM50+ROC80:29
4Doug HallM40+ROC84:00
5Rick WornerM60+ROC84:26
6Stina BridgemanF40+ROC85:13
6Carl PalmerM50+ROC85:13
8Chad BordenM-21+ROC86:12
9Sergey DobretsovM-21+ROC87:57
10Mitch CollinsworthM50+ROC89:36
11gary maslankaF60+ROC90:38
12Michael MeynadasyM50+ROC91:48
13Chris JoyceM-21+ROC97:24
14Olga HuberF40+ROC99:17
15Linda KohnF-21+ROC107:39
16Wandering RocksT2 114:19
17Soren LindahlM50+ROC118:17
18Jeffrey McBethM-21+ROC126:36
Hanni Haynes, Matt BlairT2ROCDNF
Greg SchmidtM-21+ DNF