Powder Mills Park2016-06-05
ROCcreated by Ór

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Despite the daunting weather forecast, 52 starters made their way to Powder Mills Park and were rewarded with a variety of challenging courses from Rob Stevens and showers that mostly stayed away (though the swampiness of the low-lying areas caused a number of competitors to come back rather muddy!). Thanks to all who volunteered, and all who came out to compete! Course Setter: Rob Stevens Greeter: Laurie Hunt Registration: Heidi Hall, Rukhsana Cofer, Patty Borden Start/Finish/E-Punch: Tyler Borden, Stina Bridgeman Flag pickup: Don Winslow, Richard Burgey, Michael Alexander, Dayle Levine, Zack Butler Refreshments: Bordens Rick & Dayle Levine and Zack Butler, meet directors
White1.400k 55m
1Patty BordenRecROC27:10
Yellow1.900k 85m
1Bearcat and the BirdT2 62:12
2Meghan & Bill AugustT2ROC65:44
3Jonathan DaviesM-21+ROC77:10
4Nancy Burgey BurgeyRecROC78:59
5Newcomb LoshF60+ROC80:34
6Dustin Jones, Sara SofiaT2 93:08
Compass KochT3ROCDNF
Orange4.100k 145m
3Kevin M, Ryan B, George VT3 64:04
4Benjamin ChatfieldM-21+ROC92:26
5Rich FurstossM50+ROC93:12
6David OsgoodM40+ROC106:09
1John ReighnM60+ROCNo Time
1Nesbitts 4LifeT3ROCNo Time
Anita EdgemonF40+ROCDNF
Brown3.200k 105m
1Ed DellerM60+ROC70:36
2Rukhsana CoferRecROC74:50
3Richaard BurgeyM70+ROC74:58
4Bob BundyM70+ROC75:51
5Dayle LavineF70+ROC79:00
6Jim BordenM50+ROC81:57
7Maggie HallF-20ROC91:58
8Tom McNellyM70+ROC92:12
9Heidi HallF40+ROC94:05
10Laurie HuntF60+ROC103:38
11Kelley UrkfitzF40+ROC121:48
12Shawn ForneyM50+CNYO137:35
Paul ManleyM50+ROCDNF
Casey GrannM-21+ DNF
Louise CookF60+ROCDNF
Green4.200k 160m
1Vincent CassanoM50+ROC56:41
2Tyler BordenM-21+ROC60:59
3Zack ButlerM40+ROC68:30
4Don WinslowM40+ROC72:05
5Jackie NovkovF50+BFLO78:38
6Joel ShoreM50+ROC85:04
7Jennifer ManleyF40+ROC89:17
8Anne SchwartzF50+ROC111:51
9Mark Salas, Megan GrangerT2 147:54
Red5.100k 190m
1Jason UrckfitzM40+ROC54:22
2Sergey DobretsovM40+ROC67:30
3Peter DadyM60+CNYO67:42
4Hristo MandevskiM-21+ 71:06
5Chad BordenM-21+ROC74:21
6Evghenii VorsinM40+CNYO75:48
7Doug HallM40+ROC82:21
8Stina BridgemanF40+ROC88:06
9Lawrence CreaturaM50+ROC104:40
10Michael AlexanderM40+ROC116:16
11Soren LindahlM50+ROC117:23
12John CreaturaM-20ROC136:42
Erik GrimmM50+ROCDNF