Irondequoit Bay Park West2016-07-27
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44 Starts On a hot, muggy evening we had a great turn out for our 2-lap score-o in Irondequoit Bay Park West. Doug devised a map exchange event with a total elapsed time of 1 hour. Competitors could get as many controls on map A as they wanted and then exchange for map B and go back out to the same areas of the park but looking for a different set of controls. In addition to the heat, the hilly nature of the park made the event a challenge. We also had a fun white course available. Thanks to all our great volunteers who make the meet directing job so much easier: Patty Borden (greeter), Zak Borden (food), Zach Butler, Nancy Burgey, Rukhsana Cofer and Anne Schwartz (registration), Tyler Borden (start/finish), Jim Borden (instruction). Special thanks to our pick up team for working into the dark to bring back controls: Olga Huber, Jim Pamper, Gary Maslanka, and Jason and Kelly Urckfitz Thanks to Doug for setting a fun and challenging course. Heidi Hall - meet director

Score-O Total

NameClassClubTotal TimeTotal ScoreScore BPenaltyScore A
1Zachary LyonsM-20ROC57:475903300260
2Steve TylockM50+ROC58:255201800340
3Thomas RycroftM40+ROC59:425201900330
4Carl FeyM40+ROC60:0652019010340
5Olga HuberF40+ROC58:295001700330
6Erin RycroftF-21+ROC58:395001700330
7Carl PalmerM50+ROC59:315001900310
8Jason UrckfitzM-21+ROC59:294901800310
9Greg MichaelsM40+ROC54:194801900290
10Joel ShoreM50+ROC55:074802400240
11Chad BordenM-21+ROC59:144701300340
12Zach ButlerM40+ROC57:104501600290
13Lucas LyonsM-16ROC57:554402100230
14Jim PamperM50+ROC58:514401000340
15Kim AbellM40+ROC49:584301500280
16Todd SheehanM40+ 59:184301600270
17Jim BordenM50+ROC58:204201600260
18Gary MaslankaM60+ROC59:514201100310
19Jack CreaturaM-20ROC59:064101000310
20Lawrence CreaturaM50+ROC59:564101200290
21Vince CassanoF50+ROC60:144108010340
22Janet CranshawF50+ROC51:564001900210
23Michael LyonsM50+ROC59:34400700330
24Quinn BannisterM-14ROC56:093701200250
25Don WinslowM40+ROC56:49370800290
26Kelly UrckfitzF50+ROC57:22360200340
27Michael AlexanderM40+ROC58:083501300220
28Paul ManleyM50+ROC55:1932000320
29Zachary BordenM-21+ROC55:5932000320
30Tyler BordenM-21+ROC55:17290800210
31Mark SalasT2ROC57:062901200170
32Tom McNellyM70+ROC59:452801700110
33Mcbeth FamilyT4ROC58:3327000270
34Colin BannisterM-12ROC50:0725000250
35Anne SchwartzF60+ROC59:4023000230
36Kathy BannisterF60+ROC60:32220010230
37Chiesi SistersT2ROC55:1020000200
38Matt GilletteT2ROC61:00180010190
39Rukhsana CoferRecROC64:24150050200
40Richard BurgeyM70+ROC64:52150050200

White 1.0k 40m

1Patty BordenF50+ROC18:17
2Lisa & Will PhielpsT2ROC23:15
3Jim TapponT2ROC25:24
4Jackie Alexander 29:20
Score-O Part A
+++ Part A of score-o time and score before map exchange. (sorted by score only - not time) Not additional starts. +++
NameClassClubPart A TimeScoreGross ScorePenaltyBonus
1Carl FeyM40+ROC31:1334034000
1Steve TylockM50+ROC37:1334034000
1Jim PamperM50+ROC43:3234034000
1Chad BordenM-21+ROC45:2134034000
1Vince CassanoM50+ROC46:5634034000
1Kelly UrckfitzF50+ROC50:1334034000
7Olga HuberF40+ROC37:4133033000
7Erin RycroftF-21+ROC42:4433033000
7Thomas Rycroft 30:4233033000
7Michael LyonsM50+ROC50:4933033000
11Paul Manley 55:1932032000
11Zachary BordenM-21+ROC55:5932032000
13Carl PalmerM50+ROC38:1031031000
13Jack CreaturaM-20ROC43:5231031000
13Gary Maslanka 39:1431031000
13Jason UrckfitzM-21+ROC31:3031031000
17Zach ButlerM40+ROC32:4229029000
17Don WinslowM40+ROC44:1929029000
17Greg MichaelsM40+ROC33:5029029000
17Lawrence CreaturaM50+ROC34:2229029000
21Kim AbellM40+ROC35:0428028000
22Todd Sheehan 40:5627027000
22Mcbeth FamilyT3ROC58:3327027000
24Jim BordenM50+ROC34:5126026000
24Zachary LyonsM-20ROC24:3026026000
26Colin BannisterM-12ROC50:0725025000
26Quinn BannisterM-14ROC34:4325025000
28Joel ShoreM50+ROC26:5424024000
29Lucas LyonsM-16ROC31:4523023000
29Anne SchwartzF60+ROC59:4023023000
31Kathy BannisterF60+ROC60:32220230100
31Michael Alexander 37:1222022000
33Janet CranshawF50+ROC51:56*21021000 Not cleared at exchange
33Tyler BordenM-21+ROC36:1021021000
35Chiesi SistersT2ROC55:1020020000
36Mark SalasT2ROC34:5617017000
37Matt GilletteT2ROC61:00160170100
38Rukhsana CoferM50+ROC64:24150200500
38Richard BurgeyM70+ROC64:42150200500
40Tom McNellyM70+ROC10:4211011000