Genesee Valley Park2016-08-13
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Score-O | White
31 Starts The Score-O that almost got cancelled: The score-O in the prime of summer 2016, placed strategically before a major event (Rogaine), almost got cancelled due to lack of volunteers. But persistence paid off and ROC was able to get a quorum to organize the meet. Thanks to everybody who pitched in, ROC was able to put up a challenging Score-O and a White course for about 40-ish participants, including a couple of new and returning O-families. We were prepared for a stormy event, with a 90% chance of rain predicted. The rain did not happen, but the runners did return drenched from sweat in the 90-degree hot & humid weather. As you can see from the results, we had some excellent finish times posted by our young members of the ROC. The kids' parents who introduced Orienteering to the kids a decade ago finished slightly behind them, but nevertheless proud of their children taking up the sport so well. Barring for a slight concern with a teenager separating from his family (who was later found by Tim Dobretsov), the event was smooth and enjoyed by all. Thanks to the volunteers & participants for making this a successful event. Meet Directors: Tom McNelley, Ravi Nareppa Course Setter: Mike Burkett Flag Setter: Steve Tylock Registration: Rukhsana Cofer, Patty Borden, Anne Schwartz Instruction: Jim Borden Start/Finish: Tyler Borden Pick up flags: Don Winslow, Tim and Sergey Dobretsov, Nathan and Mitch Collinsworth Food: Zak Borden
NameClassClubTimeScoreGross ScorePenaltyBonus
1Zachary LyonsM-20ROC28:1837037000
2Tim DobretsovM-16ROC38:5437037000
3Mitch CollinsworthM50+ROC40:1337037000
4Quinn BannisterM-14ROC42:4537037000
5Sergey DobretsovM40+ROC43:1037037000
6Todd & Jean SheehanT2 45:1537037000
7Joel ShoreM50+ROC46:1537037000
8Nathan CollinsworthM-16ROC46:5437037000
9Michael LyonsM50+ROC47:3837037000
10Gary MaslankaM60+ROC47:5337037000
11Don WinslowM40+ROC48:2937037000
12Jim BordenM50+ROC52:2237037000
13Richard DetwilerM60+ROC45:1736036000
14Carl FeyM40+ROC40:1535035000
15Anne SchwartzF60+ROC49:2735035000
16Carl PalmerM50+ROC59:0635035000
17Rukhsana CoferRecROC59:0835035000
18Zack ButlerM40+ROC42:0034034000
19US Olympic HJ TeamT2 58:2030030000
20Chelsea LyonsF-21+ROC58:4530030000
21Tyler BordenM-21+ROC35:3129029000
22Kathy BannisterF60+ROC56:3629029000
23Fear The Owls!T2ROC45:1826026000
24Walter LyonsM70+BFLO59:2921021000
25Jason Lodice FamilyRec 26:2711011000
26Jefferson SvengsoukT6ROC111:11Overtime1001000
1Sarah Turinsky familyRecROC18:38
2Jason Lodice FamilyT5 22:06
3Bethany WebsterT5 33:06
4Patty BordenF50+ROC41:10
Matt WebsterT6 DNF