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New website switch is in progress, please be patient as we adjust the configuration to maintian this old site and change over to the new site. The new website can be reliably reached at:
and eventually the regular url.

Our old site will be accessible on


Results from the Seneca Park Trail Challenge event are now available on the results page.

We will be in the process of transitioning to a new website in the coming days/weeks. Please stand by, we appreciate your patience during the change over. The web address should all remain the same.


Next event Seneca Park Trail Challenge on Sunday, August 28th, 2016 at the Eagle Shelter starting 1:00 pm. Instead of marking the trail with flags or marshals, participants will be given maps of the park with checkpoints noted. Runners choose how to reach each of these locations after the mass start. This event will feature a 6 km course with an option to reduce the length to 4.5 km.

The challenge starts at 1:00 pm. with on-site registration opening at 12:00 noon. Competitors are encouraged to arrive with enough time to register and prepare. Basic navigation instruction will be available during the registration period, and following is allowed - if you follow people that know where they are going and can keep up!Online Registration is open for the event.


Results from the Genesee Valley Park event are now available on the results page.

Our next event is a collaboration between CNYO and ROC, the CNYO REGAINE in Letchworth State Park on August 20-21. All information and to signup see their Event Page.

2016-08-07 Update

Score-O on Saturday August 13th at Genesee Valley Park. Red Creek Shelter. Start at 10:00 am.
Online Registration is open for the event.

Due to summer vacations, we weren't sure if we could pull off hosting this Saturday's meet. But it looks like WE ARE ON!! Come out to beautiful Genesee Valley Park and get your orienteering fix. The meet will be Score-O format, meaning you can find the controls in any order you choose, but have to return in one hour. Everyone starts at 10am. There will also be a White (beginner) course.

We will be starting at Red Creek Shelter. Be sure to come in plenty of time to be ready to start at 10am.


Guided Map Hike At Mendon Ponds Park
Wednesday, August 3rd at 6:30pm
Starting at the Hopkins Point open shelter

If you are new to orienteering, or would like some help with map reading and navigation skills, this activity is for you. Using the Mendon Ponds permanent orienteering map, Rick Worner will teach you techniques to help you to find your way to several controls. You will learn what kinds of decisions to make and how to observe features along the way. The fee is $10 and the map is yours to keep. You will make the first steps toward earning your way to a certificate and reward from ROC. Meet at the open shelter at Hopkins Point.

Questions and rsvp to Helpline: (585)310-4762. Wear footwear appropriate for hiking and dress for the weather.


Our next meet will be at Irondequoit Bay Park West, starting near the Fish and Game Club.

Parking, Registration and Start/Finish will be at the parking area near the Irondequoit Bay Fish and Game Club on Bay Front South rd. Here are the approximate GPS coordinates: 43.189108, -77.529992. The park is relatively small, but has lots of interesting contours and lots of open runnable woods. Recent dry weather has made wet areas easier to traverse. Formerly swampy areas are mostly firm ground now and the stream is very shallow.

The event will be a Score-O with mass start and a strict 60 minute time limit. There will be an optional map exchange. Maps will be available to view for route planning at 6:30pm and mass start will be at 6:40pm. Runners will start on Map A and whenever they want they can return to the start/finish area and exchange for Map B. You may only punch controls that are shown on the map you are holding. If, for example, you stumble across a control that's not shown on your current map and you punch it anyway, you will not get credit for that control. The map exchange is optional. If you want to just use Map A and then finish, that's fine. If you want to do only a few controls on Map A and then exchange for Map B, that's fine, too. Or you can try for all the controls on both maps, but remember to get back to the finish inside the time limit.

There will also be a White beginner course of approximately 1.0km and 40m climb.


Our next meet will be at Irondequoit Bay Park West, starting near the Fish and Game Club. This meet will be a Score-O format. Details on time limit and course descriptions forthcoming. Please pre-register here to ensure we have enough maps for everyone.

A Score-O differs from a classic orienteering meet in that you can find the controls in any order you choose, but you are under a strict time limit. Severe point penalties are incurred for each minute you arrive late at the finish.


Results from the Highland Park event are now available on the results page.


Highland Park Score-O ... with a twist!
Wednesday July 13, 2016. White course starts 6:30-6:45, score-o maps handed out at 6:30, score-o mass start at 6:45. Both courses have a 60 minute time limit and close at 7:45pm. Parking and starts at the old Cooperative Extension building on Highland Avenue.

Two courses --

White ... with a twist!
Controls 1-8 are close to paths and can be visited in order for those new to orienteering. The twist? There will also be several additional controls a little farther off the paths - the more adventurous can visit these for a higher score!

Score-O ... with a twist!
Challenge yourself to cover the whole park in a traditional score-o, where the goal is to decide which controls to visit and in which order so as to maximize your score. The twist? Bonus points for those who like strategy! (Come to the event to find out the details...)


ROC is designing new club uniform shirts through
C-1 is the current preferred design. Design Link
There may be some minor changes to the logo, to be determined. I have the sizing kit if anyone wants to try on shirts and sizing kit will be at the Highland Park event. There is a sizing chart for the women's shirts and the women's shirts will have a slightly smaller collar. Unfortunately I don't have samples of the women's shirts.

Please let me know if you are interested in a shirt. The cost to members will be $50. ($70 non-member) We are going to try to submit the order as soon as possible so that we can have them for the fall season.

Thanks, Laurie


Results from the Braddock Bay Canoe-O event are now available on the results page.


This Saturday, June 18th ROC will be hosting a Canoe-O at Braddock Bay. This event only happens every few years, and you won't want to miss it! The cost is $5 per boat for members and $10 for non-members. We will have a special prize this year for the best decorated boat (and boaters?). Picnic to follow. Details below.

There will not be on-site rentals this year, although there are a number of places to rent canoes and kayaks in Rochester.

If you have an extra boat that you can share or need a boat email by Tuesday and we will attempt to connect folks.

The address for the meet is 105 East Manitou Road. The sign on the road says marina. You are not going into Braddock Bay State Park. Follow the O-Signs to the canoe/kayak launch. Unload your boat and park in the the large parking area near the bathrooms. The Corp of Engineers worked all winter and created a number of new channels and potholes that should make the map more interesting this year.

There will be a simple picnic after the event at Lindsay Worner's house at 3394 Edgemere Drive. You will be able drive to the north end of the parking lot after loading up your boat and walk to her house.

Poster produced by the Corp of Engineers showing the proposed restoration of the bay. The marina is in the bottom right hand corner. Link

09:00 - Registration opens. Use Online Registration if possible.
09:45 - Maps handed out
10:00 - Mass start
01:00 PM - Finish

1. This is a score O. There are 24 control points. #s 1-6 are 10 points, 7-12 (20), 13-18 (30), 19-24 (40) The groupings of controls will include all point values. Many controls are close to the start/finish. You will need to plan carefully. Competitors getting all the controls will be ranked according to their total time. THE LATE PENALTY IS 10 PONTS PER MINUTE SO PLEASE BRING A WATCH.

2. ALL competitors must have a life jacket or other flotation device in their boats.

3. A cell phone number will be printed on map in case of an emergency.

4. All controls can be reached by boat and no portaging is allowed.

5. When punching the controls please don't pull on the flag. There are lots of cattails for this purpose. If you pull down a control please put it back up.

6. Keep an eye on the weather especially in the open areas near the lake. Go to shore or seek shelter under a bridge if necessary.

7. White swans can get quite nasty and aggressive if you get near a nest so talk to them softly, smile and back up your boat if you encounter a hissing swan.

8. In honor of Earth Day bonus points will be awarded to boats that collect items of garbage from the water and bring them back in the garbage bag. An item must fit in the bag. Concentrate on Styrofoam cups and plastic bottles. ONE POINT PER ITEM UP TO TEN POINTS.

9. Three hours in a boat can make your thirsty. We advise bringing a water bottle. Dress for the weather (who knows this year!) Hypothermia makes it hard to squeeze the punch and make good navigation decisions.

10. The map is pretty good, but probably not perfect.

Let us know if you any questions.

Rick & Linda


Despite the dicey weather, the turnout for the ADK Expo was teeming with die-hard outdoor enthusiasts! ROC did not have a regular type of 'meet', but manned a booth for a 'meet and greet'. Don Winslow devised an easy example of orienteering, that one could do in 15 minutes without a compass. About 35 people tried it. He also led a group of 20 on a hike to some of our permanent course markers. Many thanks to Don!

There was ample help at our display table : Don W, Laurie Hunt, Patty Borden and her mom Jeannette Wahl, and Mike Burkett (who manned the booth for the longest stretch of time with me). Mike and Anita Swett Edgemon picked up the sample course flags.

It was nice to have visits from ROC members as well: Carl Palmer, Tom McNelly, Gil Robbs, and Sean Sims and family all stopped by to chat and/or try the easy course.

Mike B took a break to visit other organizations, and noticed that the Massasaga Search and Rescue had our permanent course map for Mendon Ponds prominently displayed on their table. Well, of course! What other map would have such helpful details, for finding people in distress? It was a great day to reach a group of possible new orienteering members.

-Anne Schwartz (meet dir.)


Results from the Powder Mills Park event are now available on the results page.


Our next meet on Sunday, June 5th, will start from Oak Tree Lodge in Powder Mills Park, which is on the South end of the Park. Start times will be from noon-2pm. Control pick-up will be 3:30pm.

Powder Mills Park has its share of steep hills and plenty of marshy areas. It is a tough park to make technically challenging for the upper levels because of the numerous trails, roads, and linear features. Conditions may be muddy in some areas, especially near marshy areas. Be sure to wear appropriate footwear and protect yourself against ticks with long sleeves and pants. There will be opportunities to get muddy for those inclined to do so. Crossing the marsh area in the center of the map can be quite challenging. If you wish to avoid significant climbs and descent, make wise route choices.

The woods for the most part are fairly open, except for a few of the dark green sections. Some of the longer course will cross over the YMCA property east of the creek. All but the white and yellow courses will have at least two street crossing, so watch for cars. We will have six levels of classic orienteering courses as follows:

White 1.4 km, 55m climb, 8 controls
Yellow 1.9 km, 85m climb, 10 controls
Orange 4.1 km, 145m climb, 14 controls
Brown 3.2 km, 105m climb, 13 controls
Green 4.2 km, 160m climb, 15 controls
Red 5.1 km, 190m climb, 16 controls

Rob Stevens, course setter


Our next meet on Sunday, June 5th, will start from Oak Tree Lodge in Powder Mills Park. Start times will be from noon-2pm. We will have six levels of classic orienteering courses. More details on course lengths and park conditions will be provided shortly.

We are still in need of a meet director (or two people) and other volunteers. Sign up if you can help and Online Registration is open for the event.

2016-05-24 Update

Results and writeup from the ROC the MAP Adventure! event are now available on the results page.


Dear fellow orienteers,

Sad news to report, ROC member, Carol Moran suddenly and unexpectedly passed away on Wednesday this week. Her obituary can be found here and here.

Calling hours are this Monday, May 23, from 4-7 at the Richard H. Keenan Funeral Home (Egypt location), 7501 Pittsford Palmyra Road, Fairport. Funeral Service, Tuesday, May 24, 10 AM at the First Congregational Church of Fairport, 26 E. Church St, Fairport 14450. Interment, White Haven.


ROC the MAP Adventure! Event Details pdf updated.

ROC Hotline please call (585)-749-2088 instead of the regular hotline number to reach Laurie Hunt for questions.


ROC the MAP Adventure! Coming up this Saturday, May 21, at 11:00 a.m.

Register on-line until Thursday May 19 at 11pm.

Event Details pdf

To register on-line, go to:

On-line registration fees:

ROC members: $20 for first team member, $10 for add'l team members
Non-ROC members: $26 for first team members, $12 for add'l team members
$6 for juniors 13-20 years old when competing on a team with adults. No charge for 12 and under.

Day of meet fees (if space available -- there is a limit of 200 people):

ROC members: $26 for 1st team member, $12 for each additional member.
Non members: $30 for 1st team member, $14 for each additional member.
Juniors 13-20: $8 each, when competing with one or more adults. No charge for 12 and under.


ROC the MAP Adventure! (Saturday, May 21) - Event Info

Only 5 days left to take advantage of the lowest entry fees -- fees go up on Sunday, May 15, at 6 pm.

To register on-line, go to: site

Until May 15 at 6 pm, the fees are:

ROC members: $16 for first team member (or solo), $8 for add'l team members.
Non-ROC members: $20 for first team member, $10 for each add'l members.
$6 for juniors 13-20 years old when competing on a team with adults. No charge for 12 and under.

Fees as of Sunday, May 15, at 6 pm:

ROC members: $20 for first team member, $10 for add'l team members
Non-ROC members: $26 for first team members, $12 for add'l team members
Still $6 for juniors 13-20 years old when competing on a team with adults. No charge for 12 and under.

Day of meet fees (if space available -- there is a limit of 200 people):

ROC members: $26 for 1st team member, $12 for each additional member.
Non members: $30 for 1st team member, $14 for each additional member.
Juniors 13-20: $8 each, when competing with one or more adults. No charge for 12 and under.


Results from the Webster Park event are now available on the results page.

2016-05-04 Update

Our next event will be held at Webster Park's Holt Lodge on Saturday, May 7th. This will be a regular event, meaning we will be offering a full range of courses for all ability levels. You can start your course anytime between 10am and noon. Beginner instruction is always available.

Webster Park, located along the shore of Lake Ontario, has 550 acres of evergreen-planted slopes, rolling hills, and a myriad of trails. Conditions may be muddy in some areas. Be sure to wear appropriate footwear and protect yourself against ticks with long sleeves and pants.

Online Registration is now open. Please register if you have any interest in coming. No big deal if you can't make it, but we want to be sure we have enough maps on hand. No need to change your registration if your plans change, and you pay when you arrive. Correct change is always helpful. Beginner and advanced beginner courses (White and Yellow) are $5.

Courses close, and control pickup begins, at 1:30.

Six courses will be offered:

White 1.3 km 7 controls
Yellow 2.2 km 11 controls
Orange 4.5 km 14 controls
Brown 3.8 km 13 controls
Green 5.8 km 13 controls
Red 7.4 km 13 controls

There may be some slight adjustments to courses which could alter the distances, but any changes should be small. Climb hasn't yet been calculated, but it will be minimal compared to many other area parks like Durand, Mendon, or Powder Mills.

The start and finish will be at Holt Lodge. The White course will be entirely on the east side of Holt Rd, but all other courses will cross Holt Rd twice (once in each direction). This is a fairly highly traveled road, so participants must use the utmost of caution when crossing.

All courses will have some controls on the east side of Holt Rd; this is a rarely-used (for orienteering) section of the park. I think you'll like the orienteering and the scenery in this area.

Being relatively early in the spring/summer/fall orienteering season has pros and cons. On the plus side, the woods are fairly open. A lot of areas marked as light green seem more like white woods at this point. Still, it is best to avoid anything mapped medium green except possibly for short distances, and definitely avoid dark green.

On the down side, the park is rather wet. The White and Yellow courses shouldn't encounter much water or mud, but other courses most likely will. So wear shoes/clothes you don't mind getting a bit wet and muddy. :)

Also, Brown, Green, and Red courses will cross Mill Creek in the part of the park that is on the east side of Holt Rd. (Orange participants may optionally choose to cross the creek, although there is an only slight longer route choice that could avoid fording the main stream.) The only bridge in this area is Holt Rd, which would be a significantly longer route choice than going more directly between controls. The stream in this area is wide but not deep. I feel confident that there won't be anyone drowning while trying to cross! Nor even getting wet up to knee or even mid calf level. But expect to be wading through ankle deep water to get across. Since this is late in the course, this might be viewed as beneficial in terms of cleaning mud from your shoes.

Dick Detwiler, course setter


Our first regular meet of the season at Camp Eastman is on Sunday - April 24, with courses from beginner to advanced. We will offer a full range of courses to choose from:

White (Beginner)- 1.5-2.0 K
Yellow (Advanced beginner) - 2.0 -3.0 K
Orange (Intermediate)- 3.5-4.5 K
Brown (Advanced)- 4.0-4.5 K
Green (Advanced)- 5.0 -5.5 K
Red -(Advanced)- 6.0-6.5 K

These distances are "as the crow flies." Your actual route will be longer. We recommend that all first timers do the White course first, and then can trade in their map for a more advanced course for $2 more.

White and Yellow courses will be entirely on Camp Eastman property and the rest of courses will have controls at Camp Eastman and on the West side of Kings Highway. The golf course is likely to be opened so orienteers should not cross any of the fairways or greens. Visibility is good this time of year in the woods and the trails are fairly dry for springtime. You can start any time between noon and 2pm. We always offer beginner instruction.

We ask that you use Online Registration or link in the side navigation. You can call our Hotline at 585-377-5650 to learn more. Remember to dress for the weather, wear appropriate shoes (it may be muddy) and protect yourself from ticks, which are already out this season.

If you enjoy orienteering at Durand Eastman, we will be selling maps for our two new Durand permanent orienteering courses at the meet for $8 each. Mendon, Webster, and Letchworth are also available.


Beginning Orienteering Skills Clinic: April 9 - 9:30am to Noon

This class is held in cooperation with Fleet Feet Sports at the Armory.
Online Registration. (Or see sidebar)

Learn the basics of orienteering! For those who have been hoping for some formal instruction before heading out on the trail, ROC will present classroom instruction in how to read orienteering maps. Then everyone will go out into Cobb's Hill Park to do a short orienteering course. We will regroup to talk about what was learned out on the course. Experienced ROC members will be there to guide you and share their expertise. You will come away from this workshop ready to participate in ROC's many events held throughout the season.

Come dressed for the weather with appropriate footwear for variable trail conditions. We will be working both in the classroom and outdoors.


Course Setter's Workshop by Linda Kohn
Sat. March 19th, 10am-noon

Linda & Rick's house - 874 Edgemere Drive, Rochester (Greece)14612
Open to intermediate (orange) level runners and above.

Skills to be covered:
- basic requirements of each course
- getting started using purple pen, bring your own PC computer if you can, download ppen:
- creating route choice
- avoiding common problems

Please RSVP to Linda 434-2674 or Email


Results from the Harriet Hollister Ski-O event are now available on the results page.


Yay snow! :)

With today's storm, I am hopeful that Sunday's ski-o at Harriet Hollister will happen as (re-)scheduled. However, the current forecast calls for warming temperatures late in the week and so it remains to be seen what results from the storm and how cold it stays at the park. Stay tuned for updates...I'd like this event to happen if it is at all possible, so it may be Sat afternoon/evening before a final decision can be made. Check for the latest information.

Being optimistic --
Registration and starts 12-1 in the winter parking lot at Harriet Hollister. There's no shelter (we'll be operating out of cars) so plan accordingly. There is a portapotty at the parking lot, as well as "indoor" pit toilets a mile or so ski up the road.

I'm anticipating three courses:
- short, a white/yellow course that sticks to the flatter ski trails
- medium, an orange/green course that involves more climb but still only the ski trails (no snowshoe trails)
- long, a red/blue course with climb and some legs potentially involving snowshoe trails

There may also be a recreational scatter-o format for those who want something more freeform. The medium and long courses will count towards the NYSSRA points series. (Come to the NYSSRA Championships Feb 27-28! No qualification required this year. See for info.)

-CS Stina Bridgeman


No snow at Harriet, so Sunday's ski-o is postponed to 2/21. Last night's local news said colder weather after next week, so let's hope for some snow!


Results from the Mendon Ponds Park Winterfest event are now available on the results page.


Next Sunday, January 17 is Winterfest at Mendon Ponds Park. As part of this celebration, the Rochester orienteering Club will sponsor an orienteering event starting at Hopkins Point Lodge. Since it is unlikely that we will have enough snow for ski or snowshoe, most likely we will have a Scatter-o on foot. There will be several courses, each requiring a different number of controls, to be taken in any order. There will also be a normal white course (controls in a specified order, all on trails.) Winterfest starts at 11:00, as does our registration. Starts from noon to 2:00 pm. Winterfest also offers many other attractions if you have extra time!

Use Online Registration to save time at check in and insure yourself a map.


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