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June 25, 2006. The Apple Shed.
The Apple Shedk
June 25, 2006

This impromptu event was set up at the request of the Sanctuary at Crowfield Farm in an attempt to bring an orienteering event to the folks in the Newark area. The map was fairly easy to make since large portions of the area are orchards and cultivated fields. The courses still proved to be challenging despite the simplicity of the area. We are hoping to do additional events and hopefully attract more local people. Many thanks to Gary and Barbara Wells at The Apple Shed for sharing their incredible farmland with us.

The day was warm and everyone appreciated the availability of ice cream and fresh strawberries at the finish. Special thanks to the following volunteers who ran the meet: Jim Russell - meet director & map drafting assistance; Elizabeth Hane - registration; Carol Moran - registration; Tim Holahan - registration & control pick up; Linda Kohn - mapmaker & course setter; Rick Worner - control pick up.


1.	Zach Lyons                                   20:20
2.	Carol Moran                                  39:05
3.	Sandi Willsey-Lemen                          39:42
4.	Joe and Samantha Cepulo                      44:37
5.	Palmer Family                                55:48
6.	Collinsworth Family                          65:30
7.	Annette, Reese, and Drew Holahan             69:33
8.	Madelyn Vander Lyche and Amy and Ben Johnson 73:25

1.	Joe Kirchner                                 45:24
2.	Lauren and Chris Collins                     46:28
3.	Richard, Nancy and Cindy Burgey              59:10
4.	Pat Russell                                  65:55
5.	Mary Ann Smith                               89:37
6.	Tom Higgins, Jared Klepacz, Mike Rivera-Thomas DNF

1.	Jon Fleig                                    53:22
2.	Steven Russell                               62:31
3.	Steve Aman                                   73:35
4.	Karl Kolva                                   84:05
5.	Vince and Riesa Cassano                      91:27
6.	Elizabeth Hane                              108:37

1.	Gil Robs                                     39:18
2.	Sergey Dobretsov                             41:07
3.	Rick Worner                                  48:03
4.	Mitch Collinsworth                           48:29
5.	Randy McGarvey                               54:29
6.	Patty Lyons                                  57:06
7.	Jim Russell                                  59:53
8.	Walt Lyons                                   63:45
9.	Kathy Bannister                              99:59
10.	Nate Holahen and Nico Porter                  DNF

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