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Aplil 1, 2007. Camp Eastman.
IceBreaker 2007 at Durand Eastman Park
April 1, 2007

It was a dark and stormy morning… and the afternoon didn't get any better. The only ones who got a rain-free run were the real late runners and control picker-uppers (Joel Shore, Jim Russell and Linda Kohn). Registration was quite smoothly handled by Richard & Nancy Burgey, Elizabeth Hane, Carol Moran and Joel Shore. Refreshments were superb with luscious brownies from Sandra Lomker, Linda Kohn and Sandi Willsey-Lemen. Sandi also made the tasty banana bread which was made even more delicious by popping it in the microwave for 10 seconds. Sandra Lomker took care of bringing the rest of the refreshments. Looks like everybody liked them since there wasn't much left at the end of the meet. Karl Kolva and Jim Russell helped out with clinics for beginners. Dayle Lavine put out the string-O and Rick Lavine worked the finish, taking over from his former math student Lindsay Worner. Stina Bridgeman got everyone started on time. Rick Worner was meet director which means he filled in wherever he was needed but mostly was responsible for talking to everyone, a job that was rivaled only by Lindsay Worner, the official greeter. The most fun job went to Linda Kohn who set the courses. That means she got to spend a few sunny afternoons and one thunder-stormy morning course setting and putting out controls.

Jim Tappon was on hand to publicize the Relay-for-Life event (fund raiser for the American Cancer Society) that will be held on Friday, June 1st. Come and join him and other club members as they walk/run throughout the night in memory of Tom Moran and Pege Brooks (ROC members who passed away from cancer) and in support of our ROC cancer survivors.

The highlight of the entire meet came when Tom Cornell revealed the new 2007 ROC t-shirts. If you missed out on getting one today he has some left and will be selling them ($7) at the next meet at Mendon. …and now, what you've all been waiting for…


WHITE (2.3 km)
1. Carol Moran                            36:16
2. Gregg Redmond                          42:20
3. Elizabeth Hane                         44:14
4. Andrew, Alison, Cory & Meghan Elder    49:44
5. Frances, Avi & Ishai Nardia            56:05
6. James Mault, Jared Golden, 
   John Hollister, Owen Peters            58:14
7. Steven Baker, Bryan Dubois, Ray Baker  59:14
8. Ben Graves, Brian Graves, 
   Andrea & Andrew Burkhartzmeyer         63:06
9. Gary Mault, Eric Wing, Matt Church     65:06

YELLOW (3.3km)
1. Carl & Reid Palmer                     36:58
2. Vince & Cole Cassano                   46:48
3. Sandi Willsey-Leman                    53:59
4. Richard & Nancy Burgey                 56:32
5. Sandra Lomker                          63:47
6. Gail & Bob Hohman                      68:42
7. Jennifer, Paul, Clayton & Clark Manley 70:04
8. Mike Yunker, John Frater               70:48
9. Alain & Adam Leblanc                   91:22

ORANGE (4.3km)
1. Jim Tappon                             43:04
2. Rick Slattery                          58:30
3. Dayle Lavine                           74:55
4. Sylvia Klassen                         78:29
5. Sue Klassen                            80:34
6. Karl Kolva                             90:00
7. Tom Cornell                            94:14
8. Jack & Liz Finear                     110:22
9. Jim Sovich & Matt McGarvey            111:50
10.Dmitry Sizov                          127:00
11.Mark Wade                             172:10

RED (6.9km)
1. William Hawkins                        55:55
2. Gil Robs                               67:10
3. Pavel Korniliev                        78:17
4. David Levine                           84:17
5. Pete Dady                              87:55
6. Stina Bridgeman                       100:39
7. Eric Barbehenn                        104:03
8. Patrick Quinn & Alex Buell            111:28
9. Jim Pamper & Mike Meynadasy           119:00
10.Brendan Evans, Matthew Moyak, 
   Carter Stritch                        126:25
11.Joel Shore                            130:09
12.Victor Klassen & Ben Price            133:00
13.Rick Lavine                           143:54
14.Michael Finear                        144:07
15.David Fergusson                         DNF
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