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June 10, 2007. Mendon Ponds Adventure Run.
Mendon Ponds Adventure Run
June 10, 2007

Beautiful weather prevailed for ROCís first Adventure Run. An interesting 12K course was set by Eric Barbehenn. It included a short trail run after the mass start, to spread the field of 18 teams, followed by a 10-control orienteering course that included extra controls to serve as navigation aids for the less experienced participants. A third stage provided a menu of 11 controls, from which each team had to visit at least 9. A final control required the team to regroup prior to the run to the finish and the refreshments, which included hot dogs grilled by Rick Lavine. The third stage was also used standalone, to provide a shorter option for attendees.

Tom Cornell served as greeter and Sandra Lomker brought food (both helped out in other areas, as usual, despite a long Saturday at the Expo). Also, Gil Robs handled registration, Stina Bridgeman and Elizabeth Hane worked the finish line, Eric gave personalized instruction to the newbies, and Mike Lyons helped out as needed during his first stint as meet director. Will Hawkins single-handedly took care of flag pick-up.


ADVENTURE RUN (12.0 km)                    Time   Class
 1. Team Holmes (Rob & Kameron)             80:11 XO-1
 2. Quando OFM (Mark Dominie)               96:09 MM-1
 3. Nate (N. Lyons)                         99:11 MJ-1
 4. Steve & Vince (S. Tylock & V. Cassano) 101:20 MM-2
 5. Pavel (P. Korniliev)                   105:29 MO-1
 6. M.I.N.O.R. (Peter Dady)                112:40 MV-1
 7. Holahan Hill Climbers (Annette & Tim
    Holahan)                               114:11 XM-1
 8. 3G Allen (Mike, Brian & Ed Allen)      120:00 MO-2
 9. PPA (Dick Detwiler & Anne Schwartz)    130:53 XM-2
10. Let's Not Die (David & Sarah Levine)   135:26 XO-2
11. DNF (Barb Dominie)                     139:16 FM-1
12. Team Defeet (Bob Bundy & Dayle Lavine) 144:47 XV-1
13. Joel Shore                             146:01 MM-3
14. Kate (Lawrence & Kate Creatura)        154:57 XM-3
15. Team Lyons (Walt & Patty Lyons)        156:52 XV-2
16. KSG (Sarah Kline, Ed Schultz & Matt
    Gavigan)                               165:20 XO-3
17. Awesome (Albert Abonado & Catie
    Jefferds) - includes 40 min penalty    312:00 XO-4
--. McGarvey (Randall & Denise McGarvey)   DNF

SCORE-O (13 controls)
 1. Rick Lavine                      (13)  69:40
 2. Puma (Mike Hersch)               (13)  98:48
 3. Richard Burgey                   (12)  83:19
 4. Linda Kohn & Ethel Allman        (12) 133:15
 5. Geriatric Duo (Tom Cornell & Sandra
    Lomker)                          (10) 116:40
 6. Shawn FOrney                      (8) 125:11
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