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March 29, 2008. Powder Mill Park.
Icebreaker 2008 at Powder Mill Park
March 29, 2008

ROC's annual Ice Breaker event took place in ideal ice breaker conditions- snow, ice, mud and sunny skies. 89 orienteers came out of hibernation to take part in the first, "official" foot orienteering of the year. Everyone seemed fit and ready to GO, ready for some orienteering fun and challenge. Vince Cassano designed courses, with Jim's help, to challenge the body and the mind. Vince lives near Powder Mill Park and knows its nooks and crannies; thus, orienteers experienced new and challenging control placements. He did not guarantee dry feet, however. A few orienteers got more than their feet wet as they dared to cross "swamps" to save a few precious minutes. (It is our recommendation to play it safe , please, always)

Rick Worner tried out a new idea for the finish, a "do it yourself" finish. It made S/F a lot less stressful and this method will probably become a favorite finish method. You will notice in the following results that not many seconds were recorded. We will encourage orienteers in the future to notice the seconds, as well as the hour and minute when they finish) Seconds can make the difference sometimes!

Linda Kohn gave instruction on using the compass before the event. She plans to continue to give navigational tips before selected O events in the future.

Tom Cornell brought the 2008 Rochester Orienteering "T" for members to purchase for the bargain price of $7.Tom began this tradition 3 years ago. This year's color is "stone blue".

We would like to highlight Bob Bundy's contribution to the Club. Bob reserves the lodges and shelters, obtains the special use permits, checks in with Park officials and gets the required insurance documents to them. He has been doing this for at least 17 years! ( Thank You, Bob.)

Thank You Volunteers!
Course Setters: Vince Cassano, Jim Russell
Greeter: Tom Cornell
Registration: Carol Moran, Laurie Hunt, Sandi Willsey-Lemen & Sandra Lomker
Start/Finish: Rick Worner & Joel Shore
Food: Dayle, Linda, & Sandra
Instruction: Linda Kohn & Jim Russell
String O: Sandra & Dayle, and Rob, Tyler & Bryn Holmes
Flag Pickup: Randy McGarvey,Jim Russell, Rick Lavine, Linda K. and Rick Worner, And Kevin McFarland-Porter
Results typing: Dayle

Rick and Dayle Lavine, Meet Directors


WHITE 1.7 km
1. Chris Tylock                                13:00
2. Jessica Snyder                              15:00
3. Steve & Melissa Tylock & Caris Troppe       16:17
4. Luke & Chris Lyons                          20:54
5. Carol Moran                                 30:29
6. Tyler, Bryn, Rob Holmes                     34:16
7. April Miller                                41:00
8. Betsy Garfinkle, Brian, Martin and 
    Patricia Kaufman                           43:00       
9. Kayla, Mira, Rob Stevens                    43:11
10.Doug Tuck                                   51:30
11.Kathleen, Amber, Chester & Michael Doskos   55:00
12.Carol Derkits                               58:00
13.Audrey Romaniw                              58:00
14.Robert & Robie Unger                        78:00 
YELLOW 2.7 km

1. Kameron Holmes                              26:14
2. Zak Borden                                  30:00
3. Brett & Daniel Austin                       31:33
4. Don Winslow                                 37:00
5. Sandi Willsey-Lemen                         37:32
6. Jessica Snyder                              38:37
7. Ann Schwartz                                38:47
8. Richard Burgey                              45:00
9. Eileen Flanagan                             46:12
10.Joel Kirchner                               47:37
11.Cheryl Detwiler                             51:05
12.Marie Heerkins                              51:40
13.Jim & Patty Borden                          52:00
14.Paul & Andy Hutkowski                       53:45
15.Tom Cornell                                 55:45
16.Nancy Burgey                                56:10
17.Emma Gilbert, Patricia Welch & Ian Walters  59:00
18.Catie Jefferds & Al Abonado                 63:00
19.Sandra Lomker                               66:42
20.Elizabeth Hane                              69:02
21.April Miller                                93:00

ORANGE 3.7 km

1. Kevin Mcfarland-Porter                      58.55
2. Alexey Dyakov                               59:00
3. Sylvia Klassen                              65:07
4. Dayle Lavine                                66:00
5. Carl Jones & Reid Palmer                    70:00
6. Joe Seyfried                                76:00
7. Tyler Borden                                80:00
8. Laurie Hunt                                 84:10
9. Scott Heiligenthaler                       103:00
10.Rick, Mandi, Cody & Eammon Brown           151:00

RED 5.6 km

1.  Rob Holmes                                 55:12
2.  Pavel Korniliev                            62:03
3.  Sergey Dobretsov                           64:07
4.  Randy McGarvey                             72:05
5.  Nate Lyons                                 78:00
6.  Linda Kohn                                 82:00
7.  Gary Maslanka                              84:57
8.  Jason Urckfitz                             85:55
9.  Lindsay Worner                             92:00
10. Patty Lyons                               100:00
11. Victor Klassen                            103:51
12. Rick Worner                               104:00
13. Joel Shore                                107:12
14. Michael Meynadasy                         109:00
15. Hugh Lambert                              129:00
16. Rick Lavine                               131:23
17. Jack Wallenhorst                          136:46
18. Bob Bundy                                 137:00         
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