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March 29, 2008. Powder Mill Park.
Irondequoit Bay Park West
May 18, 2008

A scary forecast did not deter a throng of orienteering enthusiasts from taking advantage of the challenging courses set in beautiful Irondequiot Bay Park West. Yes, we got a little wet, but there was no wind, the rain was not that hard, and the forest canopy made it seem like it was hardly raining at all. A big thanks to Bob Bundy for arriving early and setting up his 10'x25' tent!

Mike Meynadasy cut his teeth with Meet Directing with the help of a great group of volunteers. Rick and Dayle Lavine set 4 courses that made the most out this relatively small, but challenging park. Carol Moran was our Greeter for most of the mee. The registration desk was manned in two shifts, first by Carl & Reid Palmer, and then by Nancy Burgey. Rick took the first shift of start/finish, followed by Sandi Willsey-Lemen and Paul Scwartz. Jim Pamper stole away from a juggling conference to do flag pick-up and Mike followed him around with a bag for the controls. Jim Tappon attended the meet to let people know about the American Cancer Society Walk in early June (contact Jim for more info) and offered to do the reults typing. Thanks to all the volunteers for helping out and making this a memorable visit to IBPW.


White - 8 Controls, 1.12 Km
   1.Kimberly McGann                                20:22
   2.Rob Chamberlin                                 21:22
   3.Karen Condello                                 27:23
   4.Riesa Cassano                                  27:38
   5.Carol Moran                                    32:40
   6.Virginia Cumine, Leah & Jacob Cooney           34:22
   7.Kathy & Quinn Bannister & Owen Beck            38:46
   8.Neil & Evan Parry                              47:50
   9.Anne & Bill Ashley                             100:50

Yellow - 11 Controls, 1.55 Km
   1.Patrick Cochrane                               33:20
   2.Patty & Tyler Borden                           40:19
   3.Don Winslow                                    42:10
   4.Amelia & Kate Cochrane                         48:19
   5.Sandi Willsey-Lemen & Lisa Redding-Davies      49:53
   6.Kimberly McGann                                51:15
   7.Kelly & Alex Behlok & Kyle DePalma             57:52
   8.Nancy Burgey                                   81:15
     Virginia Cumine, Leah and Jacob Cooney         DNF

Orange - 10 controls, 2.7 Km
   1.Vince Cassano                                  36:01
   2.Rob Stevens                                    37:10
   3.Paul Schwartz                                  52:27
   4.Rick Slattery                                  52:47
   5.Bob Bundy                                      59:40
   6.Richard Burgey                                 59:45
   7.Victor & Sylvia Klassen                        61:56
   8.Ravi Nareppa                                   64:58
   9.Doug Brooks                                    68:34
  10.Mike Yunker                                    92:47
  11.Scott Heiligenthatler & Jameisha Page          98:45
  12.Albert Abonado                                 98:56
  13.Eileen Flanagon                                98:58
  14.Laurie Hunt                                    160:57
     Tom Cornell & Sandra Lomker                    DNF

ZigZag - Same 10 Orange controls, 3.8 Km
   1.Stina Bridgeman                                59:40
   2.Jess Snyder                                    59:56
   3.Joel Shore                                     69:42
   4.Carl & Reid Palmer                             83:05
   5.Dean Tucker                                    93:56
     Rob Chamberlin                                 DNF                                           
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