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August 22, 2008. Camp Eastman.
Sprint and Night-O at Camp Eastman
August 22, 2008

It was a wonderful Friday evening at Camp Eastman for the Sprint and the Night-O event.

Steve Tylock set an interesting Sprint course with 3 loops. Rob Stevens charged through the sprint course with Vince not far behind. There were some interesting comments on the fences and a huge tent where the start area was shown on the map, this was a surprise to the course setter. Camp Eastman is the location of several fall festivals so they would not be normally be there.

After the sprint there was some time before the night-o got started as Steve and Dick went and reset controls. There were lots of route choices to get from one control to another. Tim led the pack for the Night-O, with Vince Cassano, Tyler Borden and Rob Stevens not far behind. There were 8 racers that got all 24 controls.

We would like to say thank you for all the volunteers; give your selves a big pat on the back every thing ran smoothly:

Meet Director Nancy and Richard Burgey
Course Setter Steve Tylock
Setting out Controls Dick Detwiller and Steve Tylock
Registration: Linda Keefe, Tim Gorbold, Kim Thompson and Patty Borden
Start/Finish: Steve Tylock and Dick Detwiller
Flag Pick-Up: Tim Gorbold, Kim Thompson and Karl Kolva
Food: Patty Borden
Results: Tim Gorbold


Rob Stevens                     32:05
Vince Cassano                   33:02
Michael Meynadasy               36:09
Peter Dady                      36:24
Carl Palmer                     39:58
Tyler Borden                    44:14
Jackie Novkov                   48:42
Don Winslow                     54:44
Laurie Hunt                     64:06
Richard Burgey                  66:14
Nathan Sugarman                 75:12

                         Points Time
Timothy Gorbold              24 31:29
Vince Cassano                24 42:02
Tyler Borden                 24 42:12
Rob Stevens                  24 42:15
Peter Dady                   24 45:07
Jackie Novkov & Doug Kennedy 24 47:07
Eric Barbehenn               24 51:28
Michael Meynadasy            24 52:41
Richard Burgey               21 44:18
Don Winslow                  21 44:18
Bob Bundy                    21 44:32
Randy & Denise McGarvey      19 55:40
Karl Kolva                   18 53:45
Richard & Denise Bilsbach    18 54:53
Anne Shwartz & 
 Cheryl Detwiler             18 55:25
Nathan Sugarman              13 59:48
Hanna Jonassee & 
 Jenna Bilsbach              12 57:19
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