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September 13, 2008. Highland Park.
National Orienteering Day at Highland Park
September 13, 2008

NOD stands for National orienteering Day, and every orienteering club in the USA is encouraged to celebrate this event. The main purpose of NOD is to introduce orienteering to the general public, so we ask members to come and socialize with the "newbies" as well as do the score O or Sprint. Rochester's NOD takes place in Highland Park each year. This very beautiful, natural Park in the City is uncomplicated by swamps and thickets and provides a safe area for new orienteers.

Rick and I always volunteer to set up this event because Highland Park is only a few blocks away from our house and we know it well. The South Avenue Recreation Center allows us to use their wonderful facility and we owe them our thanks. This year, our club gave a donation to the " Rec Kids" Slush Fund" to show our appreciation.

Without a lot of publicity, 103 individuals turned out to orienteer, 55 of them were first timers. A good proportion of the 1st timers came from the Wilson School of Excellence's "Outing Club". Linda Kohn spent time with them, giving instruction and encouragement. They are an energetic, intelligent group of High Schoolers and we hope that they will become regular Oers.

One participant of special note was Erko Ounapuu from Estonia who was visiting his American Cousin in Rochester. Erko does not speak much English, but his big smile says it all- he loves to orienteer and he is a very good orienteer in his home country of Estonia. I suspect this because he has done the Finnish Jukula, a famous relay event for the strongest orienteers.

Pete Dady and Shawn Fornay showed up from CNYO (Central New York Orienteering) They came to orienteer and to pick up some epunching units for their A meet. If you missed the CNYO A meet, you missed out on some great orienteering on a fine map, and just a few hours away. If you did the A meet courses- hey, did'nt we have fun , in spite of the rains on Saturday?

We always have a raffle at NOD, and this year's was especially vibrant because we did the draw at the finish where there was lots of action and people. Sylvia Klassen provided the nimble fingers that chose the winners and the winners of our O prizes seemed to be pleased.

We could not do an event like this without our wonderful volunteers. Big THANKS to the following:
GREETERS- Laurie Hunt & Carol Moran ( who stationed herself on the South Avenue entrance to help orienteers find parking because the Little League Football crowd takes up a lot of space.
REGISTRATION- John Nusz, Cheryl Detwiler, Victor Klassen & Sandra Lomker
S/F- Dick Detwiler, Carl Palmer & Sue Klassen
INSTRUCTION- Linda Kohn & Rick Worner
STRING O- Nancy Burgey
COURSES, FOOD, etc. Rick and Dayle Lavine


Sprint-3.1 km

1. Erko Ounapuu                    17:15
2. Will Hawkins                    19:20
3. Rob Holmes                      20:53
4. Chad Borden                     21:59
5. Mike Lyons                      22:10
6. Tyler Borden                    25:14
7. Nate  Lyons                     25:25
8. Steve Tylock                    25:26
9. Carl Palmer                     26:25
10.Victor Klassen                  29:45
11.Sylvia Klassen                  37:50

White-1.5 km

1. Wilson Team B
    Austin Scott, Casey Suhkavong, & Rose Torillo   20:30
2 .Melissa Tylock                                   21:44
3. Kathe, Riley, Regan, Rebecca, &Rowan McGwin      21:50
4. Wilson Team A
    Gabe Trevino,Jayvan Santos, & Kaleb Kruger      22:13
5. Sandra Lomker                                    22:49
6. Dave, Kelly, Kaitlyn, & Lindsay Cuff             22:59
7. Daniel & James Redmond                           23:37
8. Wilson Team G
    Chris Widmaier,  Davin  & Cal Reddington        23:50
9. Carol Moran                                      24:11
10.John Nusz                                        24:20
11.Rob & Kayla Stevens                              26:35
12.Robert Turner & Tod Glassford                    27:30
13.Wilson Team D
     Julius Brown, Olivia Bacot, Giovanni Pajan     27:35
14.Luke Lyons                                       28:38
15.Mark & Bethany Cloninger                         29:13
16.Wilson Team C
     Ian Scott, Johnathon Martinez, Cerene Johnson  29:37
17.Tyler & Bryn Holmes, Alex Angelou, 
      Tate & Grant Castle                           30:02
18.Wilson Team E
     Govanny Martinez, La'lyne Flowers, 
     & Meghan Rodriguez                             30:23
19.Rob & Kameron Holmes                             31:30
20.Wilson Team F
     Matt Clark, Arien Tucker, & Hannah Krueger     31:50
21.Kevin Sloan & Nyheir Oldfield                    33:30
22.Ted Turner                                       36:13
23.Fran Purlane & Nancy Donald                      37:13
24.David Harris                                     37:25
25.Lea Thener & Patti Singer                        39:10
26.Mike, Erin, &Karen Lally                         39:35
27.Renee Phillips                                   50:58
28.Francis & Ishi Nardia                            57:53
29.Edwina Beuhler                                   71:07
30.Dale Evans                                        DNF

Half Random O-12 Controls

1. Sue Klassen                                      31:20
2. Victor Klassen                                   33:00
3. Luke Lyons                                       39:39
4. Don Winslow                                      41:45
5. Donna Budgeon                                    45:30
6. Robert Turner & Todd Glassford                   51:06
7. Melissa Tylock                                   52:10
8. Wilson Team A                                    57:51
9. Nancy Burgey                                     71:40
10.Matt Kirchoff                                    91:32
11.Kathy & Katti Carney                             99:20
12.Chris, Eli, Kaleb, & Noah Pragle, & Ken Watson    DNF
13.Wilson Teams B, C, E, F, & G                      DNF
14.Mike Hirsch                                       DNF

Random O-24 Controls

1. Eric Pieh                                         45:45
2. Pete Dady                                         50:01
3. Mike Meynadasy                                    54:14
4. Tyler Borden                                      57:54
5. Elsbeth Ronnander                                 61:09
6. RIT Outing Club
    Rob Hagan, Chris Guerra, & Patrick Quinn         61:20
7. Dave Ferguson                                     64:30
8. Bob Bundy                                         65:08
9. Sylvia Klassen                                    66:57
10.Richard  Burgey                                   80:20
11.RIT Outing Club
     Chris Sprutta & Ted Furutani                    89:30
12.Randy & Denise McGarvey                           92:15
13.Lori Hunt                                         94:28
14.RIT Outing Club-D Nesnadny                       106:22
15.Linda & Rachel Armstrong & Charlotte Perri       117:40
16.Kathy Curry & Patty Borden                       120:44
17.Mike Yunker                                      123:55
18.Shawn Forney                                     136:00
19.Kinsey, Kirsten, & Keith Ash                       DNF
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