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June 28, 2009. Durand Eastman Park.
Durand Eastman Park
June 28, 2009

It was great weather for hanging flags in the morning, but by afternoon, a steady rain had settled in and the orienteering at Durand was slick and wet. The weather probably held the turnout down somewhat, but those who did brave the elements were rewarded by a nicely set Motala course by Rob Holmes. A few intrepid souls also enjoyed the White course. The picnic afterward was enjoyed by all and well-deserved.

Thanks to our volunteers, and I hope I got everyone: Meet Directors: Vince Cassano, Lindsay Worner Course Setter: Rob Holmes Registration: Stina Bridgeman, Elizabeth Hane Start/Finish: Vince(Start), Chris Lyons, Georg Nadorff Flag Pick-Up: Patty Lyons, Mike Lyons, Georg Nadorff Food: Sandi Willsey Instruction: Richard Burgey String-O: Riesa Cassano

Vince Cassano, Meet Director


Motala              Durand ROC Meet
  1.  Mike Lyons       22 controls    45:11
  2.  Rob Stevens      22 controls    50:40
  3.  Steve Tylock     22 controls    51:00
  4.  Patricia Lyons   22 controls    57:20
  5.  Stina Bridgeman  22 controls    68:22
  6.  Joel Shore       22 controls    71:31
  7.  Zach Lyons       17 controls    49:28
  8.  Don Winslow      16 controls    53:28
  9.  Walt Lyons        6 controls    42:18
  10.  Nancy Burgey     6 controls    61:15
  11.  Richard Burgey   5 controls    14:15
  12.  Linda Burgey     5 controls    30:35
  13.  Elizabeth Hane   5 controls    42:56

White              Durand ROC Meet
  1.  Chelsea Lyons                                 31:45
  2.  Paul Campbell, Noah Campbell, Drew Winslow    34:00
  3.  Luke Lyons                                    35:06
  4.  Ella Charlesworth, Noelle Meyer, Katja Meyer  80:57

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