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November 7, 2009. Mendon Ponds Night Orienteering.
Mendon Ponds Night Orienteering
November 7, 2009

We had a very nice turnout for our fifth annual Night-O event. I think having had such perfect fall weather during the day had something to do with it. The format was a bit unconventional and somewhat convoluted, but amazingly everyone understood the concept perfectly. With ROC having hosted an A-meet only seven weeks prior on the same map, the idea was to force some decision making for runners to make it more interesting in a well known park. Participants had to monitor their time out on the course (90 minute time limit) while trying to place well in the category of choice. The category depended on how many score-o controls were visited beyond the mandatory 8 controls which made up the White course, but only multiples of 3 controls bumped you up to the next level. In this event, fastest time won (unlike in a regular score-o where highest score wins). Add the night factor and people had a lot to keep their minds on.

For Control #2 it was by chance that I had chosen to place the control on the east side of the road. I had contemplated placing it in the large field on the west side of the road, in which case it would have wound up smack in the middle of about 500 boy scouts camping that night for their annual District Camporee. I suppose it may have been fun orienteering through a tent city dodging bonfires, but I'm not sure how the scouts would have reacted to a wild horde of 85 people with headlamps charging them unannounced.

It seems that some tight races developed and confusion around one control in particular cost some people a place or two. Between the mandatory controls 5 & 6 (which were connected by a solid line) there was a score-o control (#80). Some people took the order of 80,5,6 (which was technically the proper order but a slight detour), while others took the order 5,80,6 (which is what I would have done myself, but technically improper). I thought this might cause an issue when I set the course, but decided not to lose any sleep over it. Stina actually asked about this possibility during the briefing prior to the start (indicating some supreme awareness), but I did not announce the answer loudly enough for all to hear. Nevertheless, the lesson to be learned is: information is key in orienteering, and gathering information prior to an event can be as important as performing your best during an event. This is especially true at the elite level during international competitions, for those who aspire to this level. In other words, I put it in on purpose as a teaching point (yeah, right).

The Rochester Orienteering Club also hosted the 17th Annual Trail Run Nov 7 at Mendon Ponds prior to the start of the Night-O. Many people worked tirelessly all day and then stayed to help and/or participate with the Night-O. I am grateful for their help to make this event successful and fun:

- Tom Cornell for driving like a maniac to Rick & Dayle's house and back in record time to bring a supply of punch cards (delay of start was only 9 minutes).
- Rick & Dayle Lavine, Rick Worner & Linda Kohn, Sandra Lomker, Carol Moran, Eric Barbehenn (who also printed the maps as usual) did setup, cleanup, and meet directing.
- Victor Klassen, Rukhsana Cofer handled registration admirably.
- Carol Moran nabbed the finishers as they popped through the door.
- Mary Kolva for her gourmet treats (which alone are worth the price of admission) and Marilyn Zygo who graciously left great food from the trail run.
- Pavel Korniliev and Dmitry Sizov, having won Blue and Brown respectively, wanted their money's worth for driving from Corning and ran practically the whole course again to pick up flags.

Georg Nadorff, Course Setter


White (+0,1,2)
 Place	Name                             Time        Controls 
1 Walsh Team:                            50.12        +2
       Kevin Walsh        
       Janet Walsh        
       Jess Seem        
       Casey Seem        
2 Cofer Team:                            50.29        +0
       Rukhsana Cofer        
       Fnayat Cofer        
       Devin Cofer        
       Mark Matts        
3 Paige Sloan                            51.22        +0
4 Pawlowski Team:                        54.04        +2
       Lenore Pawlowski        
       Darlena Ward        
       Becky Muchler        
       Nancy Pawlowski        
5 Lois Camphausen & Fran Kessler         60.38        +0
6 Yencer Team:                           89.29        +0
       Jim Yencer        
       Doug Yencer        
       Christopher Mitschar        
7 Roger Keeney                           90.04        +0
8 Watson Team:                           92.35        +0
       Jim Watson        
       Kenneth Watson        
       Dan Watson        
       Denise Watson          
9 Regina Doran                           DNF    

Yellow (+3,4,5)                            
Place    Name                            Time        Controls
1 Nancy Burgey                           51.22        +3
2 Boy Scout Troop 26, Team #1:           56.50        +4
       Jon Revier        
       Johnathan Lockwood        
       Eric Lockwood        
3 Finewood Team:                         59.56        +3
       Dawn Finewood        
       Spencer Finewood        
       Delaney Finewood        
       Mark Barker        
4 Manley Team:                           70.25        +5
       Jennifer Manley        
       Clayton Manley        
       Clara Manley        
5 David Harris & Paticia Harris          71.48        +4
6 Boy Scout Troop 26, Team #2:           73.11        +3
       Robert Younger        
       Aidan Lewis        
7 Karl Kolva                             75.00        +5
8 Cheryl Detwiler                        78.33        +4
9 Ed Walsh & Elliot Walsh                80.21        +3

Orange (+6,7,8)
Place    Name                            Time        Controls
1 Tim & Sergey Dobretsov                 46.40        +6
2 Stephanie Chiesi Reh &                 80.52        +7
      Danielle Chiesi    
3 Winslow Team:                          85.35        +6
       Don Winslow        
       Drew Winslow        
       Noah Boss        
4 Gary Maslanka                          94.32        +13 -5 = +8
5 Bob Ireland                            96.10        +13 -7 = +6

Brown (+9,10,11)                 
Place    Name                             Time      Controls
1 Dmitry Sizov                            66.05        +9
2 Boy Scout Troop 26, Team #3:            82.04       +10
       Ethan Collins        
       Ben Agnello        
       Jeff Younger        
3 Collinsworth Team:                      85.40        +9
       Troy Collinsworth        
       Fiona Collinsworht        
       Carwyn Collinsworth        
4 Casey Lamb & Augtin Lamb                86.30        +9
5 Elspeth Ronnander & Priscilla Kaufman   87.01        +9
6 Joel Shore & Judy Lombard-Newell        93.59        +15 -4 = +11

Green (+12,13,14)                           
Place    Name                             Time      Controls
1 Doug Kennedy & Jackie Novkova           61.00        +12            
2 Victor Klassen                          72.37        +12
3 Bob Bundy                               79.00        +12
4 Richard Burgey                          84.10        +12
5 Brian Thomas                            87.00        +12
6 Matt Kelly & Amanda Hilleque            89.01        +12

Red  (+15,16,17)                          
Place    Name                             Time      Controls
1 Jim Pamper                              59.43        +16
2 Dick Detwiler                           72.28        +15
3 Jessica Hishman & Chad Borden           83.30        +16
4 Erik Pieh                               84.42        +15

Blue (+18,19,20,21,22)                  
Place    Name                             Time      Controls
1 Pavel Korniliev                         56.07        +18
2 Rob Stevens                             59.14        +18
3 Steve Tylock                            59.29        +18
4 Peter Dady                              68.40        +18
5 Vince Cassano                           75.01        +18
6 Eric Barbehenn                          79.35        +18
7 Stina Bridgeman                         80.42        +18
8 Lindsay Worner                          81.19        +18

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