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January 17, 2010. Mendon Ponds Ski-O.
Mendon Ponds Ski-O
January 17, 2010

What a surprising and delightful success of this event. , Jim Russell our resourceful Course Setter sent out a message that

"the trail conditions are far from ideal. Most trails have at least some snow cover…although it may be icy by morning…but many have rocks, sticks, or leaves showing through. Some areas can be "sticky" so care should be taken on downhills-watch for ice and debris or just ground that will grab your skis. Most trails are quite wide (either groomed or walked on a lot) with no tracks so skating is a viable option for most of the area." ROCK SKIS ARE DEFINITELY THE ORDER OF THE DAY"

HEY!!! What a surprise and delightful success of this event (again said). The skiing was great with just enough snow cover, above freezing temperatures, and with enough snow cover to skate and thin enough for those of you on foot. So, if you decided not to do this ski O - guess what! You missed lots of skiing fun. Hurrah for you who came out to ski for fun or the ESG ( Empire State Games). Jim did a masterfully designed Score O course. I won't go into the logistics here, but it worked, and it was a perfect fit for the conditions and the need to have this event be an ESG qualifier. This Ski-O happened because of Jim Russell who set out the perfect number of controls on sketchy snow for the required courses.

ROC thanks Ken Hann of the Nordic Ski Club for including our event in "Winterfest".

We had a welcoming registration crew of Rukhsana Cofer, Carol Moran, Laurie Hunt, and Sandi Willsey Karl Kolva gave newcomers the basics. The S/F crew were heroes of stamina in the cold, Bob Bundy & Stina Bridgeman, you are both classic stoics and the Vikings would be proud of you. Then there were the recovery refreshments, the delicious goodies provided by Mary Kolva ,Sandi Wilsey, and Dayle Lavine. Last but not least, flag pick-up-those who stayed on to help with the final details- thank you Steve Tylock, Rick Lavine, Randy McGarvey,and Jim Pamper , even though he had broken through the ice on a bushwack and had wet socks, he stayed to pick up flags and fulfilled his commitment- What a Club!!

Rick and Dayle, Meet Directors


Score-O, 90 min time limit

Male Open (23)
1. Pavel Korniliev     23    70:10
2. Randy McGarvey      23    72:36
3. Erik Pieh           23    73:26
4. Sergey Dobretsov    23    75:10
5. Eric Smith          14    76:07

Female Open (20)
1. Stina Bridgeman     19     89:24

Male Masters  (20)
1. Steve Tylock        20     83:47
2. Jim Pamper          20     85:11
3. Gary Maslanka  17-4=13     91:45

Female Masters (17)
1. Sandi Willsey        11    78:59

Male Grandmasters (17)
1. Rick Lavine          16    86:02
2. Edward Deller        11    76:30

Female Grandmasters (15)
1. Dayle Lavine         15    72:46

Male Scholastic  (12)
1. Timothy Dobretsov    12    74:24

Score-O (non ESG)

1. Mike Lyons                      23  76:07   foot
2. Nate Lyons                      21  55:45   foot
3. Dick Detwiler                   21  79:21   foot
4. Rob Stevens                     20  82:17    
5. David Levine               18-2=16  90:26
6. Jessica Hishman & Chad Borden   14  87:10
7. Anne Schwartz & Cheryl Detwiler 13  79:56   foot
8. Laurie Hunt                     12  83:30   foot
9. Jim & Patty Borden              10  77:10
10. Ken Vail                       10  77:10    ?
11. Inayah & Rukhsana Cofer         9  46:30   foot
12. Don Winslow                     5  44:00   
13. Zack Lyons                      4  69:48   foot
14. Patrick Rault             16-12=4  95:55    foot  

White 2.8 km.
1. Diana & Neal Melveney               53:00
2. Barb, Alex & Abby Schroo            64:00
3. Pat Young, 
     Ron, Laurel & Heather Wellman     73:00
4. Brian Tomaszewski                   75:50
5. Katya & Kayla Stevens               76:27
6. Carol Moran                         71:58
7. Regina Doran                          DNF
8. Virginia & Mina Stevens               DNF

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