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April 16, 2011. Ice-Breaker in Webster Park.
Ice-Breaker in Webster Park
April 16, 2011

Who would have thought that after hours of driving rain this morning that I would have had such an exciting day at the Icebreaker? I came home with "an attitude of gratitude" that I wanted to share. And the rain is starting again as I look out the window...

First, thanks to Dick [Detwiler] for the wonderful course setting. I'm sure I get the "most stream crossings" award. But despite some of my poor decisions and very wet boots I had a great day. Thanks, Linda [Kohn], for getting that control moved to the bottom of the spur!

I'm grateful to Rick [Woorkner] and Linda for all the work they did prior to most of us arriving. Tyler [Borden], thank you for all the work you did to streamline the registration process and for sitting at the computer all day. Tom [Cornell], thank you for the T shirts. The color is perfect! Unfortunately I needed a green shirt for St. Patrick's Day, but I'll be ready for next year. Mary [Kolva], thank you for all the wonderful refreshments. Mike [Meynadasy], thanks for checking in about the membership after the meet. Bob [Bundy], thanks for booking the shelter. Thank you to all the volunteers whom I haven't named who came and made our meet possible.

I don't know if the membership sign was especially helpful, but we had a number of new members today and quite a few renewals. For those who didn't renew, some wonderful person has made it possible for us to renew online. I actually don't know who.

Thank you everyone who obliged my request to take your picture.

And it was SO great to see all those RIT students come and participate! Maybe Linda's O course at RIT will bring forth some energetic new members for us? I hope we see them come back again and again. Since I was already losing lots of time between #2 and 3 I got to help one of them twice! Trust the compass. His was still in his pack.

We all contributed to making the meet today possible. I hope you all had as fun a day as I did.

So let's all do Sandra [Lomker] a favor and check our calendars and see how we can help out this season. The schedule looked really empty.

See y'all at Mendon.

Laurie Hunt


Blue | Green | Orange | Red | White | WinSplits | RouteGadget

Brown        4.0k 75m

1Don WinslowB-RecROC58:45
2Richard BurgeyM65+ROC87:26
3Nancy BurgeyF55+ROC90:39
4Bob BundyM65+ROC97:41
5Adam SmithB-RecROC105:12
6Elizabeth HaneB-RecROC140:50
7Laurie HuntF55+ROC148:25
Karl KolvaM65+ROCDNF
Tom CornellM65+ROCDNF

Green        6.700k 115m

1Vince CassanoM45+ROC73:33
2Peter DadyM45+CNYO79:14
3Linda KohnF35+ROC80:25
4Larry ZygoM45+ROC83:39
5Carl PalmerM45+ROC93:37
6Joel ShoreM45+ROC99:28
7R. Victor KlassenM45+ROC103:28
8Marilyn ZygoF35+ROC107:34
9Jim RussellM45+ROC109:37
10Carilyn OrrF35+ROC119:03

Orange        4.400k 75m

1Roger KurtzO-RecROC51:34
2Vince KurtzM-16ROC53:41
3Anne SchwartzO-RecROC75:43
4Jennifer Manley & partyO-RecROC101:57
5Jim & Patty BordenO-RecROC103:39
Tyler SchindelO-RecRITDNF
Rukhsana CoferO-RecROCDNF
David HermansO-Rec DNF

Red        8.300k 155m

1Sergey DobretsovM-21+ROC72:25
2Rob StevensM-21+ROC72:44
3Steve TylockM-21+ROC79:21
4Pavel KornilievM-21+ROC80:01
5Rob HolmsM-21+ROC81:55
6Stina BridgemanF-21+ROC84:59
7Jim PamperM-21+ROC106:42
8Lindsay WornerF-21+ROC117:01
9Ravi NareppaM-21+ROC119:18
10Brian ThomasM-21+ROC132:14

White        1.300k 10m

1David TomlinsonW-Rec 14:26
2Joe ImpellizzieriW-RecRIT16:17
3Abby & Barb SchrooW-RecROC17:04
4Michael RobertsW-RecRIT19:14
5Alex SchrooW-RecROC21:27
6Tim DobretsovM-12ROC21:44
7Jack GriffinW-RecRIT22:15
8Samantha PhillipsW-RecRIT22:21
9Tyler SchindelW-RecRIT23:49
10Michael SussmanW-RecRIT24:35
11Richard RugerW-RecRIT24:40
12Jake VallettaW-RecRIT24:41
13Shannon LowesW-RecRIT31:25
14Colleen ManleyW-RecRIT31:29
15Garnetta & RitaW-RecROC33:09
Philip SchneiderW-RecRITDNF
Theophil SysloW-RecRITDNF

Yellow        2.100k 35m

1Tyler BordenY-RecROC19:30
2David TomlinsonY-Rec 36:11
3Tyler SchindelY-RecRIT44:33
4Paul Duerr Caral ElsmorthY-RecROC54:05
5Shannon LowesY-RecRIT54:21
6Colleen ManleyY-RecRIT54:24
7Richard RugerY-RecRIT54:48
7Michael SussmanY-RecRIT54:48
9Jake VallettaY-RecRIT54:58
Jeff LuellenY-RecROCDNF
Garnetta Ely Rita PelusioY-RecROCDNF
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