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June 2, 2013. Braddock Bay Canoe-O
Braddock Bay Canoe-O
June 2, 2013

After a stormy night ,the skies cleared in time for the 1pm mass start. Unfortunately, the clearing skies came along with very high winds out of the west. Last night's heavy rain created a strong current in the streams and that combined with the high winds made for a really physical test for everyone. Even the best teams were only able to get just over half of the controls. Teams collected six big bags of trash for Earth Day. We had to use the rescue motor boat to assist a few folks. Special thanks to Patty Borden, Don Winslow, Drew Winslow, Zak Borden, Sandra Lomker, Rick/Dayle Lavine and Greg Michels for helping out.

Meet Director: Rick Worner
Course Setter: Linda Kohn

Photos - Paul Schwartz


1. (380) Russell Nordquist and Mike Kipp
2. (351) Rick Lavine
3. (310) Lindsay Worner and Chris Joyce
4. (308) BSA #26, Jeff Younger and Robert Younger
5. (250) Greg Michels
6. (250) BSA #26, James Yencer, Courtney Yencer, Dean Yencer (10 minutes late cost 100 points)
7. (233) Derrick Hudson
8. (230) Lynn Hudson
9. (211) Kathy Bannister
10.(210) Don Winslow
11.(192) Mitch and Nathan Collinsworth
12.(160) Laurie Collinsworth and Hannah Collinsworth (3:04 finish)
13.(160) Bryan Edwards and Linsay K. (4:15 finish)
14.(150) Heidi, Margaret and Doug Hall
15.(140) Dayle Lavine
16.(110) Jackie Novkov and Doug Kennedy
17.(100) Patty Borden (2:25 finish)
18.(100) Laurie Hunt (2:30 finish)
19.(80) Louise Cook (2:15)
20.(80) Joe Casper, Jackie Marciland and Dianne Chawsiak (2:40)
21.(70) Sue Mears (2:15)
22.(70) Mike King and Anita E.
23.(60) Zach Noyes
24.(30) Zak Borden and Jon Erbelding
25.(10) Oksana Polesskaya, Max,Sam & Michael Reupel
26.(5) Riley Blasiak and Christina Bray Organizer's sportsmanship award.

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