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July 12, 2003. Black Creek Park.
Black Creek Park
July 12, 2003

This meet was a bit of an experiment, to see how well summer weekend Score-O meets would be received (for years, the only meets in the summer have been week-night Score-O's). A total of 89 people turned out for the meet, a bit more than we typically get for week-night Score-O's, so the experiment certainly wasn't a failure.

Plus, the meet was at Black Creek, a park which some club members have sworn off or sworn at! This is due to a high portion of the park being either swamp or dense vegetation! But head course-setter Larry Zygo used the park very effectively. He recognized the negatives about the park, which make any off-trail travel over significant distances either impossible or extremely unpleasant, and made good use of the positive features of the park, which are that it is very large, and that it has an extensive trail system. Due to the size of the park, the time limit for the Score-O was 90 minutes instead of the more common 60 minutes. He thoughtfully set controls either on trails, or off of trails but accessible through open woods. In fact, it was possible to do every control in shorts without getting your legs scraped up!

In addition to the Score-O, two White courses were offered: a short White (1 km) which made use of the fields near the starting location, and a much longer White (3.5 km) which was all on trails but made a loop around a large swamp that was to the east of the start. The long White was intended mainly for runners, who might be interested in a good workout but had little orienteering experience, but most of the runners who showed up opted for the Score-O.

The Score-O was won by Sergey Dobretsov, who got all 25 controls with 5 minutes to spare. The second official finisher was Pavel Korniliev, with 22 controls (670 points), and third was Hugh Lambert with 570 points. Dick Detwiler had 680 points (23 controls) but was an unofficial participant because he set out a few of the controls plus had seen the map in advance.

The short White course was won by Steven Russell in a fast 20:45 time, with the Long White being won by the team of Tyler and Zak Borden, in 47 minutes.

Thanks to the meet helpers:
Laurie Salladin, meet director, registrar
Jim Russell, clinic, start/finish, results
Sandra Lomker, registrar
Carol Moran, registrar
Larry Zygo, course setter for score-O
Dick Detwiler, course setter for short and long White
Mitchel Hansinger, control hanging for short White

      COURSE                                        TIME      POINTS      
      Short White  1.0 km                  
1      Russell, Steven                                20:45            
2      Robert, Debra, Jake, Alyssa & Brianna Hill     31:00            
3      Ellen, Lowell, Nick, Erinn & Micaela Ferguson  33:08            
4      Gerry & Linda Vanderstarre                     33:08            
5      Laura, Steven & William Lawson                 31:00            
6      Tina & Riley Blasiak                           no time            
      Long White  3.5 km                  
1      Tyler  & Zak Borden                             46:59            
2      Daniel Burge                                    77:00            
3      Carol Moran                                     78:03            
4      Judi, Jaycee, Joey, Courtney and Kelly Oliveri 105:00            
5      Cindy, Matt, Josh & Joe Sokolowski             106:25            
6      Jim & Dan Hahn, Eric & Kyle Stevens            132:12            
7      Laura, Steven & William Lawson                 135:27            
8      Debbie & Eliot Schwartz                        142:00            
      Clare Lagiewski                                   DNF            
      Janice & Emma Daitz                               DNF            
      Shane & Paula Pye                                 DNF            
      Jared & David Cooper                              DNF            
      90-minute Score - O                  
1      Sergey Dobretsov                                85:36      750      
*      Dick Detwiler (unofficial participant*)         85:12      680      
2      Pavel Korniliev                                 87:25      670      
3      Hugh Lambert                                    91:48      570      
4      Jackie Novkov                                   91:31      560      
5      Erin Colquitt & Matt George                     86:50      540      
6      Chad Borden & Jeff Eggleston                    86:40      510      
7      Lincoln Blaisdell                               88:10      500      
8      Eric Barbehenn                                  85:01      480      
9      Bob Bundy                                       88:04      480      
10      Victor & Nathan Klassen                        88:30      470      
11      Emily & Rick Cira                              87:10      460      
12      Mike, Joe, Angela & Brendan Gallagher          88:50      460      
13      Sandra Lomker                                  90:20      450      
14      Howard Silvers & Penny Rinaldi-Silvers         91:02      450      
15      Jim & Mike Curry                               91:55      450      
16      Jacob Roeland                                  84:30      440      
17      Edward Edington                                86:48      430      
18      Jack Wallenhorst                               95:58      410      
19      Bob Williams & Barbara Erdle                   87:45      380      
20      Jeff BeBarr                                    97:54      380      
21      Bill & Seth Morris                             92:50      370      
22      Ben Bundy                                      87:27      350      
23      Steve Givas                                    77:38      330      
24      Gabriel Horowitz                               86:30      290      
25      Mark Frey                                      99:30      270      
26      Andrew & Meghan Elder                          72:52      270      
27      Kathy Curry & Patty Borden                     87:55      150      
28      Laurie Salladin                               127:10       60      
*  D. Detwiler was an unofficial participant as he saw the map in advance                  
and set out several controls.

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