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November 1, 2003. Mendon Ponds Park.
Night-O, Mendon Ponds Park
November 1, 2003

This past Saturday night, 60 people ventured out to Mendon Ponds Park to try night orienteering. White and Yellow courses (the exact same courses used for the A-meet except for slight changes in the start and finish locations) were used. Everyone seemed to have a good time, and no one was out until all hours of the night!!

Many of the participants suggested that we should have more night-O's - I said that I thought that we should have one a year, but others replied that two or more a year would be better!

We were short by one the number of reflectors we needed for the controls, so I decided to let the "GO" control be the one that didn't have a reflector, seeing as how that was in an open field. You wouldn't believe how many people commented on the lack of reflector for that control, that they had some trouble finding it since they were mentally tuned in to looking for the reflector shining back at them! Guess that is an indicator that reflectors DO work in increasing the visibility of controls at night!

Dick Detwiler, meet director

Flag placement: Laurie Hunt and Dick Detwiler
Registration: Carol Moran, Anne and Paul Schwartz
Shelter "clean-up": Eric Barbehenn
Control pick-up: Laurie Hunt
Refreshments: Cheryl Detwiler

1 Perette Barella (without a flashlight!)        33:50 
2 Russell McNear, John Phelan                    34:05 
3 Elizabeth Hane                                 44:58 
4 Rick and Kay Slattery                          48:20 
5 Jeff Nunes, Judi Olivery                       71:15 
6 Frances Kessler, Lois Camphausen, Dirk Redda   74:47 
7 Kathy Eisley, Peggy Deloran, Beth Naukam       84:45 
8 Bert Byfield (started late, time not adjusted) 90:13 
9 Mark and Cort Frey, Crystal Lopez             101:52 
10 Sherry Gilchrist, Tree Clemonds              116:42 

1 Pavel Korniliev                                32:17 
2 Rob Holmes                                     33:29 
3 Eric Barbehenn                                 39:50 
4 Michael Lyons                                  42:15 
5 Benjamin Bundy                                 42:25 
6 Bob Bundy                                      42:25 
7 Stina Bridgeman                                43:30 
8 Joel Shore                                     52:08 
9 Larry and Jenna Colquitt                       55:02 
10 Lincoln Blaisdell                             58:58 
11 Jackie Novkov                                 58:58 
12 Ravi Naroppa, Divya Beren                     60:24 
13 Keith Schnable and Marie Heerkens             60:26 
14 Michael Finear, Liz Grandi                    62:44 
15 Ekaterina Kuksenkova, Dmitri Kuksenkov        65:29 
16 Paul and Anne Schwartz                        69:10 
17 Joe and Paula Seyfried                        75:16 
18 Kim Phillips, Mary Williams, Peter Williams   81:57 
19 Michael, Maureen, Joseph, Angela, and 
  Brendan Gallagher                              83:44 
20 Jack and Hazel Finear                         84:33 
21 Jack Wallenhorst                             107:34 
22 Bob Williams, Gloria Fongine, Barb Marsh     109:33 
23 Louise Cook and Yaromyr Pryjmak              Overtime
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