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May 23, 2004. Letchworth State Park.
Letchworth State Park
May 23, 2004

The O must go on!
by Rick and Dayle Lavine

When we returned from the meet, our answering machine was full of messages asking whether the meet would be cancelled. Our answer is the following (imagine it sung in a loud annoying voice with a New Yawk accent):

There's no business like O business,
There's no business I say,
What if there is lightning when you're hanging
Flags for the meet set for the next day?
What if there's no Velcro to hold on numbers?
Masking tape may make those numbers stay!

There's no people like O people,
They smile when they're in a depression.
What if it is pouring in the morning?
Maybe it will stop before we run!
What if Trailside's filled with Studebakers?
We can set up tents and have more fun!

There's no meet like an O meet,
There's no meet I maintain,
What if there are no control descriptions printed?
We'll copy them, but what do those symbols mean?
What if our feet are wet and muddy?
A stream crossing will make them wet and clean!

There's no people like O people,
There's no people I know.
If you can't beat Gil or Sergey,
You still can surely go
Faster than somebody
So let's go on with the O!

The Cast

Kathy Bannister: course setter, start/finish
Jim Russell: maps, tentmaster, instruction
Bob Williams, Donna Foster and Louise Cook: registration
Carol Moran: greeter, cookies, registration
Mike, Joe, and Brendan Gallagher: string-o, pictures
Lincoln Blaisdell: start/finish
Perette Barella: results
Bob Bundy: flag pickup, results posting
Eric Barbehenn, Gil Robs: flag pickup
Chris Bannister and Jennifer Beck: setup
Rick and Dayle Lavine: meet directors
Sandra Lomker: casting


White (distance 3km climb 30m)
    1)   42:34  Carol Moran
    2)   50:40  John Kozik, Greg Clark, Patrick Cooke, Lynn Stromquist,
                & Melanie Krebs
    3)   64:54  Kitty Jospe  
    4)   95:27  Clinton & Mark Hodnett; Don Thomas
    5)  102:00  Jenifer & Owen Beck

Yellow (distance 3.46km climb 95m)
    1)   35:32  Berit Nordskog
    2)   66:33  Sandra Lomker
    3)   74:39  Michael, Joe, & Brendan Gallagher
    4)   93:06  Elizabeth Hane  
    5)   93:50  Bob Williams & Donna Foster
    6)  129:00  Bill & Anne Ashley
   DNF          Eileen Flanagan; John, Kate, Amelia, & Patrick Cochrane

Orange (distance 5km climb 120m)
    1)   48:28  Mike Lyons
    2)   57:00  Robert Holms
    3)   64:28  Chris Bannister
    4)   65:11  Perette Barella
    5)   75:01  Lincoln Blaisdell
    6)   77:21  Walt & Patty Lyons
    7)   77:52  Bob Bundy
    8)   84:07  Kim Phillips
    9)  100:35  Tom Cornell
   10)  133:48  Amy Jacoby
   11)  137:28  Louise Cook
   12)  146:50  Simon Cuadrado
   DNF          Mary Miller
   DNF          Lynette & Jim Blake

Red (distance 6.9km climb 295m)
    1)   61:33  Gil Robs
    2)   66:07  Sergey Dobretsov
    3)   93:02  Gary Maslanka
    4)   95:08  Ed Despard
    5)   97:15  Alex Jospe
    6)  106:09  Linda Kohn
    7)  109:28  Ravi Nareppa
    8)  113:10  Doug Brooks
    9)  116:31  Gaelle Kermabon
   10)  117:51  Rick chaelLavine
   11)  119:52  Eric Barbehenn
   12)  127:28  Jim Russell
   13)  132:50  Stina Bridgeman
   14)  137:18  Rick Slattery
   15)  137:57  Dayle Levine
   DNF          Ansis Robs
   DNF          Jackie Marchand, Dan Katz, & Mark Tierno
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