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June 13, 2004. Paddle and Foot Mini-Rogaine
Paddle and Foot Mini-Rogaine
June 13, 2004

What a great way to visit the five parks adjoining Irondequoit Bay and Irondequoit Creek. The day started cloudy and quite pleasant at 12:00. Heavy rain began about 1:00 and continued on and off until about 3:00. At least the possible thunderstorms and high winds did not materialize. It became a bit steamy during the last hour. The Wetlands Center was a beautiful location for the event headquarters. Rick's control placements took us far and wide, high and low. The 30 controls included 11 spurs. (Is there a rule that the control must at the top of a spur?) An additional 5 hilltop controls ensured that plenty of climbing took place. There were seven "cove" controls which except for number 6 were only accessible from the water.

No one collected all 30 controls, but Pete Dady and the Domine's found all but 2 (29 and 30). Eric Barbehenn was the only one to get 5 of the 30 pointers. (He didn't get number 28 in West Irondequoit.) Stina Bridgeman was the only runner to visit Tryon Park, picking up controls 15 and 16. Joel Shore was the only runner to visit 4 of the five parks (All but Tryon). The McCullum's were the only runners to collect number 25 on the island hilltop in East Irondequoit Bay Park.

Did any of the 7 runners getting control number 6 get their feet wet?

The 2 least visited controls were 29 with 6 visits and 30 with 7 visits.

The most visited controls were 1, 5, and 17. All 3 were visited by exactly 14 boaters and 23 runners. Control 11 attracted 15 runners and only 11 boaters. The most visited "water" control was number 4, being picked up by 18 of the 21 boating teams.

My vote for the most under-valued control was number 13. I think that was the steepest, muddiest, slipperiest control that I reached. It was a pleasant surprise to find water jugs at the top. I refilled my camelback before the slide down. Near the bottom I was startled to find the Worner-Kohn team portaging from near number 12 up to the "narrows".

Bonus points were awarded for helping to clean up the environment by collecting trash. According to the meet director, one beer or soda can was worth 1 point. Other stuff was subject to the meet director's discretion.

Bob Bundy

Note from course setter

When I went out to pick up the water controls, I found that because of the earlier rain, (you do remember the rain?) the current was so fast at the Narrows (where the posts are) that I could barely paddle through. If that had happened earlier I suspect some paddlers wouldn't have made it! I saw some kayakers who couldn't. Then just before control 9 (the stream bend just before crossing under Browncroft Blvd.) there was a tree down across the stream. This must have happened between 4 and 6. Being submerged by a falling tree is not one of the catastrophes listed in the waiver you signed, but it's still covered.

Rick Lavive

Huge thanks to the meet workers:

Course setter: Rick Lavine
Meet Director: Dayle Lavine
Registration, finish: Jim Lavine, Laurie Hunt, Carol Moran, Stina Bridgeman
Parking : Karl Kolva
Shuttle: Jack Wallenhorst
Map printing: Jim Russell
Control Pickup: Rob and Kameron Holmes, Rick Worner, Rick and Dayle
Cleanup: Dayle Lavine and Linda Kohn
Results Typing: Bob Bundy




Categories: C1 - Solo Canoe; C2 - Canoe team; mK - Male solo kayak; fK - female solo kayak

 1.  Linda Kohn,                        C2  575 5:00   1st C2 (100 trash pts)
     Rick Worner, Lindsay Worner                       Most creative portaging
 2.  Pete Dady                          C1  550 5:00   1st C1 
                                                       (10 trash pts)
 3.  Mark & Barb Domine                 C2  540 4:54   2nd C2
 4.  Eric Barbehenn                     mK  475 4:54   1st mK (15 trash pts)
 5.  Bob Bundy                          mK  475 4:59   2nd mK
 6.  Dayle Lavine                       fK  435 4:59   1st fK
 7.  Mike Lyons, Bob Maloney            C2  378 4:59   3rd C2 (8 trash Pts)
 8.  Mike Allen                         C1  365 4:57   2nd C1
 9.  Larry Berking, Tong Zheng          C2  365 5:00
     Harry, James, and George Berking
10.  Chad Borden, Tyler BOrden          C2  364 4:57   (4 trash pts)
     Jeff Eggleston
11.  Walt and Patty Lyons               C2  340 4:59   (10 trash pts)
12.  Lincoln Blaisdell                  C2  325 4:55
     and Jackie Novkov
13.  Kathy Bannister                 fK+fK  205 4:31   2nd fK (25 trash pts)
     and Kay Sheehan                                   First dual kayaks
14.  Yar Prymak & Louise Cook           C2  200 4:53
15.  Robert Maslanka,                   C2  195 2:43
     Joseph Maslanka, & Gary Maslanka
16.  Tom Dady                           mK  195 3:20   3rd mK
17.  Ken Herging, Aaron Herting         C2  100 2:45
     and Cullen Wegman
18.  John Furst, Cheri Lewis            C2   94 2:04   (4 trash pts)
     and Penny Behendt
19.  Tim and Mallory McCullum           C2   90  ?      
19.  Carol Moran                        fK   50 1:47   3rd fK (10 trash pts)
20.  Olga & Mikhail Roshal              C2   35 1:45
     Lev, Sophia, and Dalia Roshal
21.  Brian Tomaszewski                  C2   30 1:52
     Michelle Eichelberger


Categories: f - Female; m - Male; Coed

 1.  Stina Bridgeman (Run Amuck)        f   295  4:47   1st f (Only runner to reach
                                                        controls 15 and 16 in Tryon Park)
 2.  Cheryl & Dick Detwiler            coed 260  4:35   1st coed 
                                                        (Do the dogs fetch controls?)
 3.  Joel Shore                         m   250  4:58   1st m (Only runner to                                                        reach 4 of 5 Parks)
 4.  J. Wallenhorst                     m   235  4:33   2nd m
 5.  Ravi Nareppa & Jim Russell         m   215  4:40   3rd m
 6.  Eugene Morreale                    m   160  4:00
 7.  Rob and Kameren Holmes            coed 130  4:55   2nd coed
 8.  Michael Hirsch                     m   125  4:33

 9.  Jack Armstrong, Ryan and Emily    coed  86  2:20   (1 trash pt)
10.  Dave Hoesly, Cynthia Jameson      coed  85  2:14
     and Margie Mitchell
11.  Patty Borden & Kathy Curry         f    85  2:15   2nd f
12.  Lawrence & Katherine Creatura     coed  85  2:17
     Camille, Anne, Jack, Tess
13.  Jeff DeBarr                        m    75  1:17
14.  Dick Specht                        m    75  1:44
15.  Michael & Maureen Gallagher       coed  75  2:08
     Joseph, Angela, and Brendan
16.  Kiran Hegde                        m    75  3:08
17.  Karl Kolva                         m    65  3:02
18.  Jim Lavine                         m    60  2:00
19.  Frank & Linda Armstrong           coed  60  2:02
     Rachel Armstrong
20.  Kim and Eric Phillips             coed  60  2:05
21.  Victor & Susan Klassen            coed  40  1:02
     Sylvia and Nathan
22.  Eileen Flanagan & John Cochrane   coed  40  1:28
     Amelia, Kate, & Pat Cochrane
23.  Gail Schlack, Jorma Schlack       coed  40  1:47
     and Richard Emery
24.  Tom Gagen                          m    40  1:48
25.  John & Linda Nusz                 coed  40  1:53
26.  James Crocker                      m    11  1:20  (1 trash pt)

Special Prizes per Course Setter:

Best Team Name: Stina Bridgeman: Run Amuck
Worst portage:  Worner-Kohn family -- across Empire Boulevard.  No prize 

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