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December 12, 2009
Results from the Scrooge-O event at Brighton Town Park are now available on the results page.

December 3, 2009
Annual Membership Meeting (including Election of Board Members and Awards, Potluck Supper & SCROOGE-O*) will take place at 5:00 PM, Saturday, December 5, 2009 at Brighton Town Park Lodge, 777 Westfall Road, Brighton, NY

Directions: from 390, exit East Henrietta Rd., north to Westfall Rd., East (right) on Westfall to the park. Follow “O” signs to the lodge and a great time! 4:00 PM Board of Directors meeting, ALL WELCOME!

Bring a flashlight, compass, dish to pass and a place setting. For more information, call the ROC Hotline at 377-5650

*Scrooge-O: An orienteering Score-O event in the dark that combines the fun of hide-and-seek and tag. One or more people are designated as Scrooges and given red flashlights and blank punchcards. When a Scrooge’s flashlight is shone on an orienteer they must exchange their completed punchcard for the red light and blank card thus becoming the scrooge. Individuals, family groups and especially children love it! Everyone Welcome!

November 10, 2009
Results from the Saturday Night-O event at Mendon Ponds Park are now available on the results page.

November 3, 2009
This Saturday we are pleased to offer a Night-Orienteering event at Mendon Ponds Park. Start/Finish will be at West Lodge (this is where HQ for the trail run the same day will be, and where HQ for the Mendon A-meet in September was). There will be a mass start at 6:05 pm and a 90 minute time limit to complete the courses. Bring headlights or flashlights. It will be total darkness. We offer options to compete in White, Yellow, Orange, Brown, Green, Red, Blue. The White will be a bit more like a Yellow course in terms of difficulty.

Here is how it will work:

Please come early, so we can get everyone registered and ready for a mass start. There will be a briefing at 6:00 pm, at which time maps will also be handed out. You will have 5 minutes to study the map. Mass start will be at 6:05 pm.

* All runners/walkers/groups will have the identical first four controls. (controls 1,2,3,4 are connected by a line on the map)
* Following is encouraged!
* All runners/walkers/groups will have the identical last four controls leading back to the start/finish. (controls 5,6,7,8 are connected by a line on the map)
* These 8 controls comprise the White course = 2.8 km distance.
* Punch these in boxes 1-8 of the punch card.
* After the fourth control, it is a "Free-for-all O": (controls 4,5 are connected by a dashed line, indicating "Free-for-all" is possible)
* If you choose to simply go on to controls 5 through 8, you will be ranked in the White course, based on your finish time.
* If you choose to go further, you can visit any control in any order (like a Score-O).
* Punch in any box other than 1 through 8.
* Unlike a Score-O, controls have no point value.
* visit 3 additional controls, you will be ranked in the Yellow course, based on your finish time.
* visit 6 additional controls, you will be ranked in the Orange course, based on your finish time.
* visit 9 additional controls, you will be ranked in the Brown course, based on your finish time.
* visit 12 additional controls, you will be ranked in the Green course, based on your finish time.
* visit 15 additional controls, you will be ranked in the Red course, based on your finish time.
* visit 18 additional controls, you will be ranked in the Blue course, based on your finish time. (since there are only 16 additional boxes on our punch cards, Blue runners will need to make two punches outside the boxes)
* NOTE: if you visit any other number of controls, you will only be ranked in the course below your total which is evenly divisible by 3. (example: if you visit 10 Score-O controls, you will still only be ranked in Brown, if you visit 14, you'll be in Green, etc, so visiting extra controls is just a waste of your time)
* you must visit controls 5,6,7,8 to return to the start/finish.
* there are 22 total Score-O controls in the woods (so no one needs to visit all).
* bottom line--it's important to keep track of how many controls you have visited so you don't waste your time!
* there is a 90 minute time limit to return to the start/finish.
* you lose 1 score-o control for every minute you are overtime (dropping you to lower catagories, but you will still be ranked).

Controls 1 through 8 are mandatory = White course
There are 22 total Score-O controls (# 59-80):
  +3 = Yellow     +6 = Orange     +9 = Brown
+12 = Green     +15 = Red     +18 = Blue

October 19, 2009
Results from the Saturday event at Powder Mills Park are now available on the results page.

October 15, 2009
At this Saturday's meet (10/17, starts from 12 noon-2pm) at Powder Mills Park, we will have six courses, as below:
 Course Color      Distance    Controls    Climb Course nickname

White 1.3km 9 50m

Yellow 2.6 11 80 "Hey Mom, Another Hill"

Orange 3.3 11 130 "Squishy"

Brown 3.1 11 170 "Do you really want Karl to go up this hill?"

Green 4.6 12 230 "Happy as a J-Bird"

Red 5.9 14 265 "Ziggy Played Guitar"

There are lots of hills and swamps on some of the courses. The swampiness of course will depend on the amount of rainfall we have before the meet (course setter self-preservation note: controls were initially picked well before the recent rains!). The amount of climb depends a lot on route choices.

The course starts at the North lodge, which is off of Woolston Road (driveway up the hill to the south).

- Entrance is FREE to members of the Y (we are using their grounds for some of the courses)
- Some courses cross active park roads. Although the speed limit is low, please take care crossing the roads!
- Only cross the main stream at designated crossing points (bridges).
- It is a relatively small park – please be aware of the park boundaries.

October 7, 2009
Results from the Sunday event at Letchworth State Park are now available on the results page.

September 30, 2009
The final event of the Club Series will take place this Sunday, October 4th. Meet starts at the Parade Grounds on the southeast side of Letchworth Park. From 390, take the Mt Morris exit, turn left in the town and then right on 408. Look for a sign announcing Brooks Grove, and turn right on Short Tract Rd. Follow this road to a T intersection with 436, and turn right on 436. ( If you miss Short Tract, 408 eventually joins 436.) Turn right at the park entrance. This entrance has no admission fee. The Parade grounds are about 750 meters on the left.

There are bathrooms, running water and a shelter. (The water apparently has been found not to meet the official standards, but they say it is safe unless you have a compromised immune system.) There is a large mowed field with picnic tables and a playground.

There will be 6 courses: White 2 km, yellow 2.2 km., orange 4.6 km., brown 3.9 km, green 4.8 km, red 6.3 km. The orange is long, but its navigation is less challenging than the brown, green and red. We will not be e-punching. The courses visit some very nice terrain, some of which we haven't used before.

IMPORTANT: All courses go close to the gorge, which does not have a fence on this side. The trails used by the courses are safe, but children and pets should not go on these trails unless you can trust them to stay on the trail and not engage in horseplay. There are some spectacular views into the gorge, especially on the white and yellow courses, if you go carefully to the edge at the lookout points.

September 20, 2009
Results and e-punch splits from the US Sprint and Ultra Long Championships and ROC A-Meet are now available on the results page.

September 17, 2009
The Rochester Orienteering Club is hosting a championship A meet this weekend. On Saturday we will also offer the opportunity to run the white, yellow or orange courses recreationally, starting at Evergreen Shelter (northern entrance off Clover St.). Please note that the STARTS WILL BE FROM 2 to 3, rather than 12-2 as usual (and as stated in our schedule.)

In the morning the sprint championships will offer the chance to watch some of the best orienteers in the country competing. You might also see them out on courses in the afternoon.

September 12, 2009
Results from the National Orienteering Day event at Highland Park are now available on the results page.

September 11, 2009
Club and Sprint series standing have been updated on are now available on the results page. September'09 vesion of the club's newsletter The Wild Times is now available as well.

September 10, 2009
We observe National Orienteering Day this year on Saturday, September 12 in Highland Park. Registration is at the recreation center behind School #12 on South Avenue, opposite Highland Hospital. Starts, as usual, are from 12 to 2 pm.

There will be white (1.5 km.) yellow (2.5 km.) and sprint (2.6 km.) courses. The first two are intended for newcomers and will be free. Club members are encouraged to come, bring some newcomers, help out in welcoming newcomers, and do the sprint (or any other course), which shouldn't take long, even if your sprint is at walking pace. Running shoes may work better than O shoes; there may be some pavement, and not much running in the woods.

It appears we won't have access to the building due to circumstances beyond our control. We are looking into restroom options. There will be prizes courtesy of USOF.

August 23, 2009
Results from today's event at Brighton Town Park are now available on the results page.

August 20, 2009
Please join us this Sunday, August 23, in Brighton Town Park for a fun afternoon of orienteering. Course setter, Rob Stevens, has cooked up 2 Sprint courses, a White course, and a special Score-O done in Memory-O format. Don't know what that is? Read on through the course notes below for full details.

The White and Sprint starts will be from 1:00 to 2:15. The Score-O will start promptly at 2:00 and last for 60 minutes.

Hope to see you there!

Mike Meynadasy - Meet Director

Course Setter's Notes (Rob Stevens)

The orienteering meet this Sunday (8/23) will be at Brighton Town Park. The meet will include a sprint A (2.3 km, 16 controls), a sprint B (1.6 km, 12 controls), a white course (1.8 km, 11 controls), and a Score-O. Sprints and white courses starts will be between 1 and 2:15 pm. There will be a mass start for the Score-O at 2:00pm. Brighton Town Park is located at 777 Westfall Road, just west of Clinton Ave. Parking is limited. Additional parking is available just West of the park entrance in an adjacent office park.

We will be using a new map of the park with a scale of 1:5000. There are limited elevation changes in the park. No contours are provided on the map, although form lines are included for some features. The park consist of a mix of wooded area with a dense trail network, a lake, and many open areas. A base map will be provide for review. There is poison ivy in some sections. The sprints feature a range of leg lengths, a lot of direction changes, and crossing legs, so read your maps carefully. Epunching will be used for the sprint courses.

Because the park is small, designing a one hour traditional Score-O was not an option. So to make things more interesting the Score-O will be done in a Memory-O format. How this will work is at the time of the mass start, 2 pm, each participants will receive a map which he or she can review and memorize before leaving the start area. Once a participant is ready to head out he or she must leave his or her map in the start area. All maps must remain in the starting area at all times. Participants can return and memorizing another set of controls throughout the one hour Memory-O. The scoring is as follows:

Controls 1-12: 1 point
Controls 13-21: 2 points
Controls 22-24: 4 points (These control locations will only be on maps that can be found at three other designate controls. These will generally require greater distances.)

August 8, 2009
Results from Basil Marella and splits from the 6/14 Mendon event are now available on the results page.

July 28, 2009
Results from the Seneca Park event are now available on the results page.

July 24, 2009
The orienteering meet this Saturday is at Seneca Park, near the Zoo. Follow signs to the zoo, then continue on the road past the zoo parking areas. You'll find the registration area just past the first lodge parking lot on the one-way loop road. Please note that parking on the grass is not allowed. There are parking lots around the lodges, shelters and in some dirt areas.

This meet includes individual sprints, a mass start score-o, and a beginner (white) course. You can start the sprint and white courses between 10AM and 12PM, and the score-o mass start is at 11AM. If you're competing in the Sprint Series, you need to do the Sprint A course. Here are the course details and notes from the course setter:

Start Times:
   Score-O 11AM
   White & Sprints 10AM-12PM

Course Summary for Seneca Park 7/25/09

Course       Controls      Length          Climb  

 White          10          1.7 km          15 m  

 Sprint A       19          2.7 km          45 m 

 Sprint B       12          1.8 km          25 m  

 Score-O 24                 5.5 km         105 m  

White – 1.7k 15m climb: This is the beginners course. Less trail junction controls = more fun and interesting course.

Sprint A – 2.7k 45m climb (16-18min winning time): This is the longer sprint, a little less traditional design with fewer route choice legs and focusing on quick map and clue reading and change of speed and direction at a high speed sprint.

Sprint B – 1.8k 25m climb (10-12min winning time): This is the shorter sprint intended for beginners after the white who want more, first time sprinter to introduce them to the format and style of sprint courses, and those that don’t have enough left for a full sprint course after the Score-O, or even as a second sprint. It is designed in the traditional sprint format focusing on route choice, and quick direction change in a high speed sprint.

Score-O – 5.5k 105m climb (35-40min winning time): The score-o challenges participants to collect as many points as they can within the 60min time limit. There are 24 controls spread throughout the park each worth 1, 2, or 3 points for a total of 42 possible points. Like all score-o the controls may be visited in any order the participants choose to get the most points and back to the finish within the time limit. Because of the size and nature of the park those running the course should be able to get all if not most of the controls before time runs out and those walking should be able to get a fair number of points as well.

Are you interested in volunteering for this meet? We could use help with Registration and with the Start and Finish. Please let me know if you can help in any of those areas. Remember that those who volunteer get to compete for free!

I would also like to remind everyone that the board of directors is interested in gathering feedback on club membership. You may fill out the membership survey online or fill it out at the meet this Saturday.

See you Saturday!

July 10, 2009
Results from the Ellison Park event including e-punch splits are now available on the results page.

July 1, 2009
Results from the Durand Eastman Park event are now available on the results page.

June 25, 2009
The next Rochester Orienteering Club meet will be this Sunday, 6/28 at Durand Eastman Park, Magnolia Shelter. There will be a MASS START at 5:00. Courses offered will be a Motala (see notes below) and a White course. The meet will also feature the Club's picnic. The club is providing hamburgers/hots/rolls/condiments, so everyone should bring a dish to pass, chips, or dessert and place settings. Families are welcome, so feel free to bring soccer and bocce balls, frisbees, etc. for after the meet.

Here are the course-setter's notes:

The orienteering event for the Picnic Event will be a Motala – which is essentially a one-person relay. The relay will consist of a series of 4 loops and up to 3 map exchanges. You will be assigned a loop at the beginning of the event, and after completing the loop, you will come back to the map exchange area and get a map for your next loop. You can choose to run any loop you have not already run. The loops range from 1.0 to 1.5 km in length and if you do all 4 loops, the total will be 4.90 km. Please note that it will be a MASS START at 5:00PM and map exchanges will be allowed until 45 minutes after the start.

There will also be a WHITE course available. You can start the white course any time between 5:05 and 5:45.

Directions to the meet:

From the West of Rochester, NY: Rte. 104 East to St. Paul Blvd; proceed North 4.5 miles to Lakeshore Blvd; turn right; Right onto Log Cabin Road.

From the East of Rochester, NY: Rte. 104 West to Culver Road; turn right and head North 2.4 miles to Lakeshore Blvd; turn left and proceed West to Log Cabin Road.

From the Southeast of Rochester, NY: Rte. 590 North to Durand Blvd; turn left and proceed West to Lakeshore Blvd; Left on Log Cabin Road. See you there!

June 19, 2009
Results from the Mendon Ponds Park event are now available on the results page. E-punching splits are forthcoming.

June 13, 2009
The next ROC Board meeting will be held at 7:15pm on Tuesday, June 16th at Carol Moran’s house. As always, all ROC members are welcome to attend. E-mail or call Mike Lyons at 787-0088 for directions.

June 12, 2009
On Saturday we will be holding a Scout event with training and practice courses starting at Stewart Lodge. This event is open to all youth groups (not just scouts)

The next in the club championship series will be held on Sunday starting at Cavalry lodge. Starts are at the usual times between 12:00 and 2:00.

A full set of courses will be offered:
  Red: 6.4K
  Green: 5.5K
  Brown: 3.7K
  Orange: 3.7K
  Yellow: 2.6K
  White: 2.3K

June 2, 2009
Results from Abraham Lincoln Park are now available on the results page.

May 26, 2009
Sunday, May 31st, we will have a meet at Abraham Lincoln Park, formerly known as Irondequoit Bay Park East. We will start near the parking lot of the BayView Y, in Webster, off Bay Rd, just north of Empire. NOTE: Much of the open field behind the Y is a construction site; we are starting at or near the picnic shelter to the south-west of the main YMCA building.

There will be five courses:

White, at 1.5 km, 7 controls, with 55 m climb;
Yellow, at 2.7 km, 11 controls, 220 m climb;
Orange, at 4.0 km, 14 controls, 335 m climb;
Brown, at 3.9 km, 8 controls, 340 m climb;
Green, at 4.6 km, 14 controls, 510 m climb.

Thanks to Dick Detwiler for many updates to the map.

Be prepared to encounter poison ivy. With care, on White you should be able to avoid contact. On any other course, you really should wear long pants, as it encroaches into many trails. The mosquitoes haven't been too bad yet, but that might change.

May 10, 2009
Results from the Webster Park event are now available on the results page.

May 8, 2009
The next event of the Rochester Orienteering Club is this Saturday, May 9, at Webster Park. The meet starts at Parkview Lodge, which is near the corner of Holt Road and Lake Road. Park in the lot at the southwest corner of the Holt/Lake intersection. You can start any time between noon and 2:00 pm.

Six courses are offered:
  White: 8 controls, 2.1 km
  Yellow: 11, 3.6 km
  Orange: 14, 4.8 km
  Brown: 9, 3.4 km
  Green: 14, 5.5 km
  Red: 22, 7.2 km

This is the second of five events in the new "Club Series", which will crown club champions based on category winners in these designated events. Anyone can still enter any course, but to be eligible for the club series, a person (and the series only applies to individuals, not groups) needs to enter a course appropriate for his or her age.

Electronic punching (e-punching) will be used for all courses. If you own an e-punch stick, please bring it. If not, the club has ones that you can use. Remember to clear and check before the start (the start person can explain what to do), to punch at the "start" box when starting the course, to punch at the "finish" box when finishing, and to take the e-punch stick inside to download your results and to return the stick if it is borrowed from the club.

The map of Webster Park has been updated to include two newly-mapped areas (both relatively small). The trail that leads to Whiting Road, and the fairly narrow parkland that goes with it, is now part of the map. Also, recently the town of Webster has acquired, for public access, some formerly private land to the southwest of the park land (The "Midnight property", after the person who used to own the land, and who still owns land south of this parcel.) Participants on Orange, Green, and Red will have one or more controls in the Midnight property, and people on Green and Red will have a control in the land leading to Whiting Road.

One note about the Midnight property: Since the Midnight property is not part of Webster Park, the park boundary is still shown, and the boundary of the Midnight property which adjoins the park boundary is also shown. Be assured that if you have controls shown in the Midnight property, it is OK to cross the park boundary line, into the Midnight property, also with boundary lines marking the end of public land. There are no "No trespassing" signs that you need to pass (which would make for an uneasy feeling). There are, however, prominent No Trespassing signs at the southern (far) edge of the public land.

Control description sheets are printed on the front of all maps. White, Yellow, and Orange will have IOF symbols and text descriptions. Brown, Green, and Red will have only IOF symbols. There will also be "loose" control description sheets available, for those who like to have one on your wrist, for example, or have one in advance of getting the map to ask about any IOF symbols you might be unclear on.

Because of the additional mapped area, it was not easily possible to fit the legend on the map. Orienteering legends are quite standard, so if you're familiar with the mapping symbols used in orienteering, you most likely have no need for a legend. For those who do need a legend, ones will be available on small sheets that you can take along in the map case.

As of today, the park is not exceptionally muddy, but as is typical for Webster park in the spring, there is certainly SOME mud that might be encountered depending on the course you're on, and your route choices.

Any questions about the courses, please e-mail me and I'll do my best to help out (without giving away any specific information about the courses, obviously!).

Dick Detwiler, course setter

May 6, 2009
Results from the Saturday event at Letchworth are now available on the results page.

April 29, 2009
Orienteer this Saturday in Letchworth State Park!

Starts from 12pm ( there will be a Park entrance fee). For the serious orienteer, this will be the first club championship event in a series of five races! Age will determine your course BUT you can come and do any course you desire .

   White-2.2 km
   Yellow-2.8 km
   Brown-4.0 km

It is a jounrney of 55 miles to Trailside in Letchworth, but please consider the pleasure you will have orienteering in Letchworth State Park.

April 9, 2009
Results from the 2009 Icebreaker event at Cobbs Hill park are now available on the results page.

April 3, 2009
2009 ROC Annual Icebreaker will take place on Sunday, April 5th at Cobbs Hill. Park-start at Tay House on hillside Ave.

  White 1.9 k 35m climb 11 controls
  Yellow 2.8k 45m climb 14 controls
  Orange l 3.8k 75m climb 12 controls
  Orange 2 1.9k 30m climb 6 controls (an optional additional challenge to Orange 1)

We are going to try out a Self Registration for members:
1. Bring exact change--$3 for map (free for volunteers)
2. Fill out Registration Form (you can do it at home and be ahead of the game)
3. Sign-up sheet will be numbered and this will be your tracking number you will put it on your waiver and on your punch card.
4. You are ready to GO. Maps will be handed out at the start!

Cobbs Hill is a Rochester City park. You will enjoy the orienteering. It will not be too difficult, but it will be interesting and it has great views and a little bit of woods and a little bit of open, just right for our first "leg stretcher"!

March 8, 2009
ROC 2009 Schedule is now available!

February 9, 2009
Results from the Webster Ski-O event are now available on the results page.

February 6, 2009
The next ROC ski-o will be held at Webster Park this upcoming Sunday February 8th at Webster Park. Starts will be from 12:00-1:00 from the Parkview lodge at the corner of Lake Rd and Holt road.

As of Tuesday night there was good coverage in the park, though it was very icy on high use trails with a crust in other areas. Though with 6 + inches of new snow on Wednesday night, that has probably changed... Unfortunately the weather is supposed to be very variable Saturday with highs in the 40's/possible rain and then sliding below freezing overnight Saturday night. What does this mean you ask...well simple, I have no idea what the conditions are looking to be like on Sunday. All I can say is there should be enough snow, and that odds are it's going to be pretty fast conditions.

There is no grooming in the park, so classic will probably be best. Double poling is possible but there will be significant distance advantages to going off trail in some areas. The map used is the regular O map with no modifications for ski-o, trails are well represented, but please be cautious of hills as they are not marked for skiing direction!

5 courses: Distance are trail distances, best skiable distance not going off trail:

   White - 2.4 km
   Yellow - 3.4km
   Green - 6.0 km
   Red - 7.5 km
   Blue - 8.5km

Eric Barbehenn
Course Setter

January 19, 2009
Results from the Mendon Ponds Ski-O event are now available on the results page.

January 15, 2009
The ski-O is on for Sunday at Mendon Ponds - many trails were icy (but skiable) last Friday, but the weekend's snow should have taken care of that - and it's unlikely anything is going to melt between now and then!

Registration and starts are noon-1:30pm at Hopkins Point Lodge. (Note that the Hopkins Point Road park entrance is not open in the winter.) The Mendon Winterfest is also going on from 11am-4pm, so there will be lots of other activities - come make a day of it!

There will be five courses: (straight-line/shortest skiable distance)

white - 2/2.5km - 6 controls - recreational
yellow - 3.1/4.5km - 8 controls - recreational
green - 5/8km - 7 controls - ESG FS, FM, FG, MG
red - 6.6/10.5km - 8 controls - ESG FO, MS, MM
blue - 8.2/12.5km - 10 controls - ESG MO

There will be a mix of groomed, wide tracked, and narrow trails.


January 4, 2009
Results from the Letchworth Ski-O event are now available on the results page.

January 2, 2009
The Ski O is on for this Saturday at Letchworth. Starts are from 12-1:30. The Castile entrance is only one open this winter. Trailside is closed for the winter so we will be starting at Inspiration Point just south of the Trailside turnoff. Heated bathrooms are available, but there are no other indoor facilities so prepare for being outside. Letchworth got about 6 inches of snow and the skiing is fair to good with some brush and leaves on the trails. A couple of trails have some downed trees and branches from recent wind storms. Most of the trails have been tracked by other skiers with a few short sections where snowmobiles have gone. Caution is needed on some of the downhills due to limited snow cover. There is, however, enough snow to allow some off trail routes. Sorry, but nothing is groomed for skating.

The courses offered are;

BLUE 11.65K ESG MEN'S OPEN (2 Map exchanges required)

Since we will be outside you may want to fill out the attached registration form ahead of time and bring it with you so that your are ready to go.

See you all on Saturday.

Rick Worner Linda Kohn


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