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December 16, 2011
The date for the Harriet Hollister Ski-O has been changed to Saturday, January 14th, to avoid conflict with the Empire State Winter Games and the Worldcup Ski-O event at Lake Tahoe. Now with have a fully packed Ski-O weekend with Harriett Hollister on Saturday and Mendon Ponds Winterfest Sunday!

Saturday, January 14th - Harriet Hollister - Starts 12-1:30 from the parking lot.
Harriet Hollister canceled and may be rescheduled to 1/21 due to lack of snow.
Sunday, January 15th - Mendon Winterfest - Starts 11:30-2 from Hopkins Point Lodge.
  Courses CLOSE and pick-up at 3:30 both days.

November 28, 2011
The Rochester Orienteering Club Annual Membership Meeting (including Election of Board Members and Awards, Potluck Supper & SCROOGE-O*) will take place at 5:00 PM, Saturday, December 3, 2010 at Brighton Town Park.

Brighton Town Park is just West on Westfall Road from the intersection at South Clinton. Look for the orienteering signs.

Schedule of events:
  4:00 Board of Directors meeting (all are welcome to attend)
  5:00 Annual general membership meeting (which will be brief), followed by a potluck dinner
  6:00 (approx) Scrooge-O starts

Bring a flashlight, compass, dish to pass and a place setting. For more information, call the ROC Hotline at 377-5650

If you are planning on coming PLEASE pre-register by going here or clicking on Online Registration on the left side of the page. You may still register at the event but this saves everyone time and is very much appreciated.

*Scrooge-O: An orienteering Score-O event in the dark that combines the fun of hide-and-seek and tag. One or more people are designated as Scrooges and given red flashlights and blank punchcards. When a Scrooge's flashlight is shone on an orienteer they must exchange their completed punchcard for the red light and blank card thus becoming the scrooge. Individuals, family groups and especially children love it! Everyone Welcome!

Also, ROC started a tradition a few years ago to collect clothing items to donate to the St Joseph's House of Hospitality on South Ave ( It serves the needs of homeless men) This year, we are asking for donations of SOCKS, men's socks. So, if you can, please bring a pair of new, men's socks for the homeless ( no need for fancy socks, any style will be appreciated).

Rob Holmes   ROC President

October 31, 2011
Results from the October 30th event at Powder Mills Park and Club Series - Final standings are now available on the results page.

October 23, 2011

On Sunday, 10/30/11, we host a regular meet at Powder Mills Park. There will be a range of course options for those that want to take a nice family stroll to those looking for fierce competition. This event is the 6th in ROC's club series and offers White, Yellow, Orange, Brown, Green, and Red courses.

If you are planning on coming PLEASE pre-register by going here or clicking on Online Registration on the left side of the page.

Starts will run from noon until 2pm from the Wadhams Lodge, which is on the North side of the park.

Courses will close at 3:30pm.

Courses offered:
White: 10 controls, 1.9 km, 45m
Yellow: 10 controls, 2.6 km, 65m
Orange: 14 controls, 4.1 km, 140m
Brown: 14 controls, 4.1 km, 175m
Green: 16 controls, 5.0 km, 225m
Red: 20 controls, 7.2 km, 325m

All map scales are 1:10,000 with 5m contours.

The Red course is split onto two maps. After punching control #12, the map should be flipped for the remaining controls. For the Brown, Green, and Red courses, the control placement will tend to be lower to the ground than typical for local meets. This may require paying careful attention to the clues and locating the control features before finding the flag. This is to add some challenge to the more advanced courses in a park with minimal technical route options.

The map is scheduled for an update in the coming year, but for the most part it is still in good shape. Please abide by park property boundaries which are marked with a thick pink line. No course will enter the YMCA property, since this is off-limits because of an event taking place on the same day.

Not all rootstocks are mapped and some that are mapped are quite weathered. I tried to update critical ones in the vicinity of controls. The contour features are course so all smaller reentrants won’t necessarily be apparent on the map. For some parts of the southern end of the park, using contour lines for general navigation is OK, but don’t rely on them for precise navigation.

There is a new trail under development with some markers just east of the North-South road running through the park. This trail is not marked on the current map. Some areas that are marked as “impenetrable” are passable this time of year, but not all.

Have fun!

Rob Stevens, course setter

October 17, 2011
Results from the October 15th event at IBPW and updated Club Series standings are now available on the results page.

October 12, 2011
This Saturday we host a regular meet at Irondequoit Bay Park West (IBPW). This event is the 5th in ROC's club series and offers White, Yellow, Orange, Brown, Green, and Red courses.

Starts will run from noon until 2pm, and the courses will close at 4pm.

Parking is at the main lot immediately to the West of the Irondequoit Bay Fish and Game Club. Please take care to park efficiently, and once the lot is full park only on the North and East sides of the road (to avoid cars parking on both sides of this narrow street). We will have the use of a portable restroom (no permanent facilities on site). We will supply water for participants, but the site lacks a source of drinking water; you won't be able to fill water bottles at a nearby spigot as is often available.

Courses offered:
White 1.1 km, 65m
Yellow 2.0 km, 110m
Orange 2.6 km, 110m
Brown 2.7 km, 130m
Green 4.8 km, 250m
Red 7.5 km, 380m

L1 2.7 km, 130m
L2 2.7 km, 150m
L3 2.1 km, 100m

The park fits completely on 8 1/2 x 11 paper at a 7,500:1 scale with room for the legend, so we're making the most of the terrain. We've constructed the event similar to our May meet in Mendon by employing several shorter loops.

The Red course will run loops L1, L2, and L3. Green will run L2 and L3, and Brown will run L1. Red and Green participants should finish, download, and rest before clearing and heading back out onto the next loop, All participants will have the same opportunity to rest between, but starts for subsequent loops should happen before 2pm. For this event, please compete in the loops in order, L1 before L2, and L2 before L3. (Brown and Green are welcome to run on the additional loops after completing their required loops if time permits)

Dick Detwiler has recently updated the map due to the addition of many bike trails, and these are worth a note. There are many trails - all over. Taking the time to follow a trail may not make sense, and given the falling of leaves, you may cross a trail in these open woods without realizing it.

Because the park is relatively small, we have placed controls closer together than normal. You should not find a control on the same feature as yours within 90m, but do check control numbers to verify you are at the proper control. White does not, but other courses will pass controls not on the course - don't be distracted.

White (in particular): This course will have more climb than normal, but will compensate by being shorter in length. You will be rewarded for the climb with some great views.

All other courses will be somewhat shorter, but include more climb than normal, and the advanced courses allow for resting between loops.

Difficulty: The park is dominated by a creek that runs through the center, and I've tried to offer the most challenging navigation exercises possible for loops 1-3. In some situations, you will be challenged to find the optimal route where the direct challenge of navigation may not be quite as difficult.

I hope you enjoy this.

Steve Tylock, course setter

September 10, 2011
This Saturday we celebrate National Orienteering Day with a meet in Highland Park. The main purpose is to introduce orienteering to newcomers, so it would be great if you could bring someone out who's never done it. There will be White and Yellow courses free to newcomers, as well as prizes.

We encourage club members to come and help welcome newcomers and enter one or more of the courses being offered (see below for course descriptions).

We'll be starting at a new location for us, at the Cornell Cooperative Extension, 249 Highland Avenue, a little bit east of South Avenue.

Courses offered:
White 2.5 km (free to newcomers)
Yellow 3.3 km (free to newcomers)
Sprint 2.3 km
Trail Challenge 6.0 km

If possible please register by using the Pre-registration site or click on the Online Registration link on the side. You may still register at the event but this saves everyone time and is very much appreciated.

The park has been completely re-mapped since last year's meet, using LIDAR contour data. The main portion of the park was mapped by Joe Brautigam from Connecticut, who not only mapped that section of the park to very high standards, but he set the course for the US trail-O championship which was held here in early August. Trail-O requires high precision in both mapping and course setting, so this map is truly very high quality.

The portion of the park to the west side of South Avenue, and north of Pinetum Drive, was not mapped by Joe as that wasn't needed for trail-O. The mapping standards of those portions are not quite trail-O quality, but should still represent a significant improvement over the previous map, due to the availability of LIDAR contour data. These portions of the map will only be used for the Trail Challenge (see description below); the White, Yellow, and Sprint courses will stay within the portions of the park mapped by Joe.

The White, Yellow, and Sprint courses will use a 1:4000 scale map, mapped to Sprint Orienteering standards. The Trail Challenge will use a 1:7500 scale map, also mapped to Sprint Orienteering standards, other than the map scale (sprint maps need to be 1:4000 or 1:5000).

Trail Challenge: A TRAIL CHALLENGE is a mass start cross-country race over fields and trails with a difference. The course is not marked out by marshals and cones but is instead defined by checkpoints that are marked on a specially made color map. The TRAIL CHALLENGE arises from choosing the fastest route between them.

The format was pioneered in ROC by Tyler Borden at the Genesee Valley Park meet, where it was very well received. The technical difficulty is roughly Yellow, but the distance is much longer than a typical Yellow course.


Sprint, White, and Yellow: Start any time between noon and 2:00 p.m.
Trail Challenge: MASS START at 1:30 p.m.
All courses close at 3:00 p.m.

Safety note: All courses involve road crossings. Sprint, White, and Yellow courses will be crossing Highland Avenue and Reservoir Avenue. Please use caution when crossing these roads.

The Trail Challenge will be crossing those streets plus South Avenue. The South Avenue crossing is the most potentially dangerous crossing, because it is a highly traveled street, with curves and hills limiting visibility. There is only one legal (from an orienteering standpoint) crossing point, the crosswalk at Reservoir Avenue. This is shown on the Trail Challenge map as a crossing point, with the rest of South Avenue marked as out of bounds (vertical purple lines). The course is designed so there is little advantage to crossing South Avenue anywhere other than the cross walk, so please obey the rules of the game (which are there for everyone's safely) by only crossing at the crossing point shown on the map.

August 9, 2011
The next event will be held at Genesee Valley Park at Dogwood Shelter on Saturday, August 20. Sprint and White courses will start beginning at 10 and the Trail Challenge courses will mass start at 11. For information on the Trail Challenge see event flyer. Please pre-register for the event by following the online registration link, to pre-register for the Trail Challenge courses head to the Trail Challenge pre-reg site.

July 15, 2011
ROC members and participants,

The club is organizing the 2011 Canal Cities Orienteering Festival from July 30th to August 7th in conjunction with the Central New York Orienteering Club and the Buffalo Orienteering Club.

This Festival includes nine days of Orienteering, with education, training, racing, and two different nation championships in the Western New York area – based along the Erie Canal. The festival starts in Syracuse, runs through Rochester, and ends in Buffalo.

As part of that festival, we are holding events in Rochester throughout the week of August 1st.

We have setup a week-long "convention" registration rate but you may participate in any of the individual race events per the usual ROC price structure and members may attend one of the four afternoon sprint and training sessions for a nominal cost.

For information about the convention's educational program, overall festival and the events in the Syracuse and Buffalo areas, please check the festival web site at

We will be sprinting and training Monday through Thursday afternoons from 1:30pm to 4:30pm at the following parks:
   Monday - Mendon Ponds Park
   Tuesday - Durand Eastman Park
   Wednesday - Letchworth State Park
   Thursday - Webster Park

Members that have not registered for the convention can show up and pay $5 for any one of these events. (Members only, limit 1 - otherwise register for the convention)

The ROC orienteering events are set as:

   Monday 1st at 8 pm: Night Orienteering at Mendon Ponds Park, mass start
   Wednesday 3rd at 4 pm: Mountain Bike Orienteering at Dryer Road Park
   Friday 5th 10 am: Canoe Orienteering at Genesee Waterways Center, mass start (any paddle type)

These three events are open to the public with the standard rate of $6 per individual or group, $3 for members, free for volunteers.

In addition, the National Trail-O Championships will be held on Friday July 5th. A Demonstration event will follow the championships at Highland Park with a short introduction before hand.

We hope your schedule allows you to participate, and we'll see you in the woods.

July 11, 2011
Results from the July 9th event at Ellison Park and updated Sprint Series standings are now available on the results page.

July 6, 2011
Come and join us at Ellison park Saturday moring July 9th. We will be at Roadside shelter on the north side of the park. Watch for the "O" signs.

There will be White, Score-O, and Sprint Series #4. The Sprint and White start from 10:00 to 11:00 a.m. The Score-O mass start at 11:00 a.m.

As always, please pre-register online to make it easier for everyone!

See you on Saturday!

June 30, 2011
Results from the June 29th event at Basil Marella Park and updated Sprint Series standings are now available on the results page.

June 27, 2011
Our next orienteering event will take place on Wednesday, June 29th, at Basil Marella park in Greece. To get there take I-390 to Vintage Lane (exit 25), turn West on Vintage and then turn right at the next intersection (northbound on Fetzner Road) and drive about a quarter of a mile to the park entrance on the right hand side.

Three courses will be offered:
  White: 1.4km, 9 controls
  Sprint: 2.3km, 13 controls
  Score-O: 60 min limit, 22 controls

Sprint and White course will be open from 6pm to 7pm. Score-O mass start will take place at 7pm.

White course will use a normal map. On the Sprint course I took liberty to remove all of the trails from the map to make it a bit more challenging (although that may actually be a blessing in this park). For Score-O two classes will be offered: “Regular” will use a normal map, “Pro” will use the same map as the Sprint course (i.e. with trails removed).

Sprint and Score-O participants will have opportunities to get both wet and muddy (technically, it’s possible to get wet on White course as well but that would take some creativity and determination).

The North part of the park has some soccer fields which will likely have a lot of kid practicing at the time of our event. So they are marked as out of bound area on the map – you must go around. There is also a frisbee golf (a.k.a “disc golf”) course in the woods and some of the controls are placed near the “baskets” (the standard name for target or hole in frisbee golf) which are marked as “X” on the clue sheet. Please be aware of low flying frisbees as you make your way through the course and be courteous to freesbie golfers if you happen to come across them.

As always, please pre-register online to make it easier for everyone!

Hope to see you all on Wednesday!

June 20, 2011
Results from the June 15th event at Mendon and updated Sprint Series standings are now available on the results page.

June 11, 2011
Our next meet will be in a part of Mendon Park we do not normally venture into much, the Devil’s Bathtub area, just north of Pond Rd. We will have a white course, the second of the clubs summer sprint series, and a one hour score-O.

The white course will be open from 6-7:30pm. Sprints will be open from 6-7pm and the score-O will start at 7pm. PLEASE pre-register online if you can as this will save a lot of time at registration for you and us. Thank you!

Course setter notes

Course / Controls / Length / Climb
White 7 1.4 km 60 m
Sprint 13 2.0 km 105 m
Score-O 29 563 points 60min
Full Score-O 29 6.1-8.5 km

White - Start begins at 6 PM. Beginner course with points mostly on or near trails, some hills.

Sprint - Start begins at 6 PM. PLEASE COME EARLY so you can complete the course in time for the Score-O. The wood are still mostly open in areas for the sprint. The length is short but don't underestimate the climb. The will be a potential route across the marsh marked on the map using a fallen tree bridge. Crossing in the marshy water is not recommended as the water is quite deep.

Score-O - Mass start begins at 7 PM. Please come early so we can register everyone, explain the rules and start on time. A Score-O course allows you to select as many control points in any order within the hour time limit. Control points will have different point values for difficulty, distance and random selection. There will also be a small twist having to visit marked controls to learn the locations of extra controls worth more points not marked on your map.

Again, come early for full explanation of the rules, you will have several minutes before the mass start to look at the map and plan your strategy to collect the most points.

Tyler Borden, Course Setter

June 6, 2011
Executive Director of Orienteering USA with a 50% off offer to attend an A-meet. For those who have tried orienteering locally and are interested in experiencing an A-meet at a nearby club, this is an excellent opportunity. The A-meet will be in Western, PA in a few weekends and details ara available at the WPOC web site.

As it says on the flyer, "You've tried orienteering and liked it. Maybe you've run a couple of local meets. Now is your chance to step-it-up and participate in an A-meet.To sweeten the deal Orienteering USA will take 50% off of your entry fee. The offer is valid only if it is your first A-meet."

June 6, 2011
Results from the Sunday event at Lincoln Park are now available on the results page.

June 4, 2011
IMPORTANT: Please note that the time of the meet has changed, due to an event that the Bayview YMCA is holding which will make parking very tight until mid afternoon.

The new times of the event are as follows:
   3:00-4:30 p.m.: Sprint and White course start
   4:00 p.m.: Score-O (mass start) (one hour time limit)
   5:15 p.m.: All courses close, control pickup begins.

This meet will utilize Lincoln Park (formerly Irondequoit Bay Park East), as well as the YMCA grounds which adjoin Lincoln Park. We will be starting at the Bayview YMCA in Webster, in a building in the field west of the YMCA building. The Bayview YMCA is located off of Bay Road, a few tenths of a mile north of the intersection of Bay Road and Empire Blvd. The entrance is at a traffic light near Flaherty's Three Flags Inn and Wegman's.

The YMCA tells us that parking will be tight up to at least 2:45 p.m., so it is suggested that people avoid coming any earlier than necessary. Also, they request that orienteers park in the lot EAST of the YMCA building (note that this is not the lot closest to the actual starting location; it is about a 300 meter walk).

Three courses will be offered:

  • Sprint: 1.6 km, 90 meters of climb
  • White: 1.8 km, 60 meters of climb
  • Score-O: One hour time limit to visit as many controls as possible. There are 24 possible controls, some White difficulty, some Yellow difficulty, and some Orange difficulty. Controls have point values ranging from 10 to 40. One route (one of many possible routes) to hit all of the controls is about 7 km straight-line distance (exception to straight line distance is that any private land is avoided) with about 340 meters of climb.
The terrain:

This park is small (a little less than 1 square km in area), but it is not easy, either navigationally or physically. It is extremely hilly, with a lot of trails but few that go straight for very long, so the park feels much bigger than it actually is. Also, it is almost completely undeveloped (exceptions being the YMCA grounds; a boathouse and dock with a dirt road leading to them; and a new playground area on Empire Blvd). This tends to make the navigation more challenging, without things like roads, buildings, athletic fields, etc. to navigate (and re-locate) with.

There are a number of streams in the park, often with fairly steep banks. Where trails cross them, there is no problem getting across, but in many areas away from trails, it can be very difficult to cross them, not because of too much water in the streams, but because of the steep banks, the steepness of which is not always obvious from the contours. In the next major revision of the map, we'll attempt to do a much better job of using the “earth bank” symbol to indicate the (very many) areas where crossing is difficult or impossible.

The new playground on Empire Blvd has not been mapped accurately. There is an extensive set of trails in the playground area, and these have been mapped more or less accurately, but the whole area right now is just mapped as “open land with scattered trees” (a major oversimplification of what is there), and no playground equipment is show on the map. This should not create any problems; no controls are in the playground area. The most important thing to know is that it is possible to get out to Empire Blvd if anyone chooses to use that as a route choice during the Score-O (it wouldn't come into play for the White or the Sprint, unless someone is WAY off course!), and the map does an adequate job of showing how to navigate to Empire Blvs.

For the most part, the trails and woods are amazingly dry, considering what a wet spring we've had. There is a section of a flat, grassy trail near the YMCA grounds which has, as of Wednesday of this week, some standing water and mud, and this trail will be used by the White course, and possibly (depending on route choices) on the Sprint and Score-O courses. So don't expect shoes to stay totally dry and mud-free, but it would be fair to say 99% of the terrain is dry.

May 23, 2011
Results from the Sunday event at the Dryer Road are now available on the results page.

May 19, 2011
The next orienteering meet is on Sunday, May 22. Starts are from 12-2pm. It looks to be a beautiful day to spend in the woods! Below is a brief description of the park and the meet notes from Jim Russell.

The main park is dominated by one huge hill with lots of reentrants, most of which is open woods that is quite runnable. There are several large open/rough open areas. The trail network is very intense since this is a mountain bike park...lots of squiggles that are really hard to map and even harder to read. I think Dick did a great job of getting them on the map and as readable as possible. Of course that was last year so there may be some changes. The Gonandagan part is very similar but without the one big hill and without the MB trails. Linda described the park well in her post. It's two hills with a maze of trails. There are quite a few open areas, and the grass is generally low, making them very easy to cross. The woods are mostly open, but the boundaries are generally green - regardless of how they are mapped. In spite of all the rain, I found very few wet areas today. (It did pour right as I got in the car so who knows?)

Course Lengths:
white 1.6K 11 controls
yellow 1.8K 9 controls
orange 3.3K 10 controls
brown 4.2K 12 controls
green 5.2K 10 controls
red 6.9K 13 controls

The white (and quite possibly yellow) course is of above average difficulty. The trail maze makes it quite challenging to set these courses in this park.

For the rest of the courses --- think ski-O!

May 8, 2011
Results from the May 7th event at the Mendon Ponds Park are now available on the results page.

May 6, 2011
On Saturday (May 7) ROC will hold the second race in the 2011 Club Series at Mendon. The start is at Cavalry Lodge, off Douglas Rd in the southeast part of the park. This is the area of the park with the most complex glaciated detail, and I have taken advantage of the terrain to provide some complex navigational challenges for you. There are 44 controls all located in an area 750m * 600m in size. That means the opportunity for many controls and for plenty of difficult navigation for the advanced courses. It also means that there are many close controls, and we are stretching to the limit the rules on how close controls can be to each other. No controls are closer than 30m apart, and controls on similar features (for example, two controls both on reentrants or both on depressions) are never less than 60m apart - but still, please check your control codes to make sure you are punching the control you are supposed to be punching!

Advanced courses (brown, green, and red) work differently from usual. Those runners should make sure to read the notes below carefully.

Before I explain that, first, note that the easier courses (white, yellow, and orange) take the usual format. The orange course in particular takes a very snaky route around the area, with many rapid changes of direction. Make sure to keep yourself oriented, and remember that you have to visit the controls in the order the course indicates. On the white course, I have used orange flagging tape to help you navigate one leg where there is no trail: make sure to follow the orange flagging tape all the way to the following control. Runners on other courses (including yellow) may encounter this marked route, but it is not shown on your maps so you will not know where it goes and should be careful if you follow it!

Advanced courses (brown, green, and red) will work differently at this meet from usual. There are four shorter loops, which I have creatively named L1, L2, L3, and L4. You are welcome to do as many or as few of these loops as you like - they stand alone as independent courses. L1, L2, and L3 are each around 2.5km in length, while L4 is shorter, around 1.0km.

After doing a loop, you can take a break, refuel, and compare notes with other orienteers about how you did, for as long as you like - you are not on the clock in between courses. You can also do the loops in any order that you feel like. However, please make sure to download your SI e-punch finger stick after each loop, and then reclear it before going out on a second, third, or fourth loop.

This is a club series meet, so when you register for the meet at the beginning of the day, if you are interested in competing in the club series or comparing your results with others, you should select your intended course, brown, green, or red. (You can only sign up for one of the three.) If you sign up for red, then you have to do loops L1, L2, and L3. Your time for red is just the sum of your times for L1, L2, and L3 (which you can do in any order, and you can also do L4 as well if you feel like it - it just won't be counted as part of your result on 'red'). If you sign up for green, then you have to do loops L1 and L2. Your time for green is just the sum of your times on these two loops, which you can again do in either order. For brown, you must do loops L3 and L4.

Club series scoring for advanced courses is based on the combined time for the required two or three loops. That is, to get a score for a red course, we will look at all the people who sign up for red, and calculate their median time for the L1+L2+L3 combination. Similarly for green and brown. To make sure we get the right groups for scoring purposes, if you do more than the basic set of loops required for your course (for example, suppose you choose to run green, so you do L1 and L2, but then you decide at the end of the day that it was so much fun that you want to go out on L3 as well for fun), make sure that the results staff know which 'color' you want to be entered for (in the example, if you don't say anything we might assume you want a result for red rather than green, since doing L1. L2, and L3 qualifies you for a result in either green or red, whichever you prefer).

The terrain in this area of Mendon is glaciated and complex, full of random depressions, knolls, ridges, and reentrants. The map shows quite a lot of green 'difficult to run' vegetated areas; however, at this season of the year, these are not as bad as they look, and you can probably think of most of the green as 'one level less severe' than the map shows it. The boundaries of the green are no longer particularly accurate; it is much safer to use other features for navigation. Some clearings are now mostly overgrown. The 'white woods' are really nice to run through.

A few of the smaller trails are becoming less distinct over time, particularly early in the spring. Do not rely too much on the indistinct trails.

Water features are extremely wet, after the record April rainfall followed by more rain in the week preceding the meet. You shouldn't need to get wet feet, but you may find a couple of depressions filled with more water than you are expecting. (This applies particularly to one control on the orange course, which is mapped as a reentrant but is in fact the edge of a large seasonal pond!)

I enjoyed setting these courses a lot: hopefully you will have a lot of fun running them and comparing notes with other orienteers on how you did. With everyone never leaving an area of only a quarter of a square mile in size, you should see plenty of other orienteers out there! Don't follow someone who's not going to the same control as you...

Course lengths:
White: 1.8km, 85m climb, 12 controls
Yellow: 2.2km, 105m climb, 11 controls
Orange: 3.3km, 195m climb, 13 controls
L1: 2.4km, 145m climb, 9 controls
L2: 2.5km, 145m climb, 12 controls
L3: 2.5km, 150m climb, 12 controls
L4: 1.0km, 50m climb, 6 controls
Brown = L3 + L4: 3.5km, 200m climb, 18 controls
Green = L1 + L2: 4.9km, 290m climb, 21 controls
Red = L1 + L2 + L3: 7.4km, 440m climb, 33 controls

William Hawkins, Course Setter

April 17, 2011
Results from the Ice Breaker event in Webster Park are now available on the results page.

April 13, 2011
The opening meet of the 2011 spring-summer-fall orienteering season will feature a new starting location within Webster Park, and also a newly-mapped area west of the park which will provide the opportunity for people on the Green and Red courses to experience some new terrain and “enjoy” some longer-than-normal courses.

The meet will be Saturday, April 16, at Holt Lodge (starting between noon and 2 p.m.). Holt Lodge is on the east side of Holt Road, just south of Lake Road (this is essentially right across Holt Road from Parkview Lodge, the more typical starting venue at Webster Park). This will allow people on the White and Yellow courses to experience the terrain on the east side of Holt Road, which was added to our map a year ago. The area that has been added this year is the Whiting Road nature trail area, on the west side of Whiting Road. The Green and Red courses will venture into this area.

Courses are still being fine-tuned as of this writing, but approximate course lengths are: White 1.3 km; Yellow 2.1 km; Orange 4.3 km; Brown 4.0 km; Green 6.6 km; and Red 8.3 km.

We would like to encourage as many people as possible to pre-register on our new site set up by Tyler Borden. If you have any problems or comments please contact Tyler at

March 2, 2011
ROC 2011 Schedule is now available on the website.

February 22, 2011
Beginner Snowshoe Photo-O in the Island Cottage Woods, Greece, NY

The object of a Photo-O is to determine the location of controls on the map by looking at the photos. The title of the photo gives the angle that the camera was facing when the picture was taken. Click this link to see the map and photos. Print out a copy of the map to record your answers. The solution will be posted at the end of the month.

Sorry that the N lines are slanted but it fit better on the page. The actual scale is about 1:4500 or somewhere's a really small area. Controls are set for a random snowshoe event, some may be quite close. Remember that setting the control necessitates making tracks...not to be confused with actual trails which are tramped down. Address questions to Linda at Have fun!

PS. There are no prizes, just bragging rights.

February 1, 2011
We have a ski-orienteering event this Sunday at Cavalry Lodge in Mendon Ponds Park. Starts are from 12 to 1:30. This is a qualifier for the Empire State Games for this who wish to compete. The tentative courses and ESG classes are:

blue 8.9K MO
red 6.2K FO, MM, MG
green 5.3K FM, FG, Scholastic
white 3.1K recreational.

Recreational skiers may do any course. Fees are $3 for members of ROC or other orienteering clubs, $6 for non-members. There should be plenty of snow, but the state of grooming is uncertain. Ski conditions are posted on the RXCSF website. (You have to join (free) to see conditions.)

For this event we will be using e-punching and Pre-Registration. You can Pre-Register by going here and filling out the form. You can always register at the event but pre-registering allows you to skip the lines and forms (saving both you and the volunteers a lot of time), simply head to the pre-reg check-in, pay entry fee, sign the waiver and collect your SI-card if you need to rent one, and head to the start.

Polish up your skiis and come out, one and all, and enjoy a great ski O event!

Rick and Dayle Lavine, meet directors

January 19, 2011
Results from the Mendon Pond Ski-O event are now available on the results page.

January 14, 2011
We have an orienteering event scheduled this Sunday, Jan 16, as part of Winterfest at Hopkins Point lodge in Mendon Ponds Park. In keeping with the policy of Winterfest, there will be no charge.

It is snowing nicely at present, so skiing should be OK at least. Most of the trails we will be using are not groomed for skating, and some are narrow. Ski-o courses will be offered for ESG classes: male and female scholastic, elite, masters and veterans, as well as recreational. There will also be a score-o for snowshoers.

Starts are 12-1:30, with registration from 11-1:30. Controls will be picked up at 3:30, so start early if you think you may take a long time!

To get to Hopkins Point Lodge, from Clover Street (65) take the northern entrance and then take the first right turn. (The second entrance is closed in winter.)


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