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April 22, 2006. Letchworth State Park.
Letchworth State Park
April 22, 2006

"it was a dark and stormy night Ö"

After an absolutely gorgeous week in the Rochester area -- it was 81 while I was setting flags on Friday -- something had to give. And so it rained, and the temperature dropped -- which made it an absolutely normal day for a club meet at Letchworth!

Well, not exactly normal as we didnít have any thunderstorms or lightning at all!

As it was 43 individuals or groups braved the damp, misty weather - and the first hill! - to partake in an otherwise enjoyable day of orienteering.

Many thanks to those who helped out:
Kathy Bannister for showing up at 9:30 with hot coffee!
Joe Seyfried and Gil Robs for managing the meet
Lindsay Worner and Rick Worner for helping with results
Carol Moran for filling in as greeter - and Linda Kohn for taking over so Carol could get into the woods
Joel Shore (and Gil and Linda) for working registration.

JIm Russell
Course Setter


Robs, Gil                                47:14
Gorbold, Tim                             58:46
Korniliev, Pavel                         59:14
Holmes, Rob                              61:07
Dobretsov, Sergey                        63:23
Maslanka, Gary                           71:59
Dady, Peter                              73:00
Wagan, Tom                               77:02
Kohn, Linda                              77:15
Worner, Rick                             81:19
Collinsworth, Mitch                      83:10
Shore, Joel                              89:30
Robs, Ansis                              96:07
Zygo, Larry & Marilyn                    96:17
Barbehenn, Eric                          99:41
Dominie, Barb                           100:21
Bundy, Bob                              101:44
Slattery, Rick                          106:39
Goldstein, Michele & Doreen Fanton      116:14
Worner, Lindsay                          70:15
Lavine, Rick                             73:04
Bridgeman, Stina                         74:18
Brooks, Doug                             79:49
Seyfried, Joe                            82:58
Nareppa, Ravi                            88:48
Klasson, R. Victor                       91:18
Tylak, Steve & Rachael                   92:24
Bannister, Kathy                         95:50
Kennedy, Doug & Jackie Novkov           102:11
VanKerkhove, Dennis & Jeffrey            54:10
Finear, Michael & Elizabeth              67:10
Britt, Matt                              81:58
Klassen, Sylvia                          86:21
Kolva, Karl                             101:23
Hane, Elizabeth                         109:40

Cochrane-Turner                          45:00
Cochrane #2                              59:00
Wilson, Michael                          56:00
Moran, Carol                             66:00
Collinsworths                            67:00
Sack Of Noodles                          82:00
Cold People                              88:00
Lightning Squalls                       100:00
Gordan, F & P. Dardour                     DNF
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