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May 31, 2003. Letchworth State Park.
Letchworth State Park
May 31, 2003

What a day! Rain, Rain and more Rain -- coupled with some challenging, technical courses ... and of course this IS Letchworth ... and that means hills and climb. Well the good news is the new club shelters were well broken in!

Tina Bray set her first courses with the White and Yellow courses - and the reports from the finishers were all positive -- Carol Moran even came into to the finish all smiles, beaming ear to ear!

Segey Dobretsov set the Orange, Green and Red courses and provided a real challenge. My first inkling of what was to come was Sergey saying in passing "maybe everyone should run down one course" and then "you know the vegitation has really leafed out since I was here two weeks ago ... " -- uh oh!

Some hours later, as I circled the spot I was SURE held the control, I thought back on that and wondered if I SHOULD have run the Orange course! I'm sure many others felt the same. But on this day, and with this course, completing every leg was an accomplishment.

In the end everyone made it back, and all seemed to have a good time!

I want to give thanks to those who helped at the meet including Kay Sheehan (the muffins were great) and Kathy Bannister kept registration moving along. Ravi Nareppa and Dave Levine handled the epunching registration and results. Special thanks go to Tina and Sergey for taking on the course setting with very short notice, and to Dave Levine and Bob Bundy for staying quite late and helping to get the shelters down and packed up.

Jim Russell
Meet Director

White	1600m	50m climb
1   46:00  Andrea LeFeber, Deb Swink 
2   62:00  Doug Brooks, Karen Dunn, Christopher Baynard
Yellow	2100m	90m climb
1   61:00  Patty & Zak Borden
2   61:05  Tyler & Chad Borden
3   61:15  Hanni Haynes Darell Haynes
4   74:30  Dudley McConnell 
5   89:22  Carol Moran 
6  122:20  Jeord Clark, Sam Trapp, Jacqueline Clark, 
           Ray Clark, Lynn Widden
7  130:30  Divya Bevenahalli 

Orange	3900m	150m climb
1   83:35  Tom Blasiak 
2  105:17  Tom Cornell 
3  131:09  Karl Kolva 
4  132:27  Chris & Kate Haimberger
5  152:14  Chris Babcock, Julie Bohn 
6  DNF	    Alex Sorokine, C C Feng
7  DNF	    Mike Yunker 
8  DNF	    Mark Frey, Cort Frey
9  DNF	    Bob Williams, Barbara Erdle, Barbara Marsh
10 DNF	    Brian Tomaszewski, Michelle Eichelberger

Green	4900m	155m climb
1  109:34   Richard Slattery 
2  129:46   Ravi Nareppa 
3  130:52   James Russell 
4  139:19   Larry Colquitt 
5  146:37   Jackie Novkov 
6  174:13   Joel Shore 
7  210:12   Yarko Pryjmak 
8  212:26   Joe Seyfried Scott Seyfried
9  DNF	    Mike Lyons 
10 DNF	    Bob Bundy 
11 DNF	    Frank W. Armstron Zack & Mark
12 DNF	    Susan Davis 
13 DNF	    Louise Cook 

Red	6600m	255m climb
1   96:36   Linda Kohn 
2  101:54   David Levine 
3  107:47   Richard Worner 
4  115:40   Ed Despard 
5  168:09   Tom Lamme 
6  172:49   Alex Jospe 
7  DNF      Richard Detwiler 
8  DNF      Gary Maslanka 

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