Individual Championships

The 2014 US Individual Orienteering Championships hosted by the Rochester Orienteering Club. The Sprint Championships will be held at Genesee Valley Park. The Long and Middle Championships will be held at Letchworth State Park.


OUSA medals to top three US eligible in championship classes and awards to top three overall in each class. Special awards for fastest runners on each color Sprint course.

World Ranking Events

The Long and Middle Championships races will be IOF World Ranking Events. Only M-21+, and F-21+ classes are WRE classes.
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World Ranking IDs
The IOF has introduced new World Ranking IDs for all athletes taking part in World Ranking Events. The athletes need to give their World Ranking IDs when entering to the event. The IDs can be found here:

If you do not have a WR ID yet, please apply for one as soon as possible by sending this form: IOF Athlete ID request template to the address:

Check your own data
The new IOF World Ranking system only uses the Latin alphabet from a to z. It is very important for all runners to check that the information about them is correct. Please check the following: spelling of your first and last name, birth year, and nationality. If you find any mistakes, please report them to When reporting, please let us know your complete birthdate (day, month, year).

Club Championships

In addition to the individual championships we are introducing a club championship to the competition this year. Clubs will receive points based on the number of members registered in championship categories and the final results of their runners. Canadian clubs are also welcome to enter.
Competition Details


A cup will go to the winning OUSA club in each of three divisions based on club size.